Obama judge grants 1993 World Trade Center bomber’s request for sharia meals in prison

Twenty-five years later, their jihad against Americans is ongoing – it never ends.

Source: 1993 World Trade Center bomber’s request for halal meals conforming to his Muslim beliefs is granted | Daily Mail Online

A Muslim man serving a life sentence for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing has been granted access to halal meals after he sued the prison for not accommodating his religious beliefs.

US District Judge R Brooke Jackson issued an order Friday requiring prison officials to continue providing Ahmad Ajaj with halal meals.

However, the judge denied Ajaj’s request for officials to provide him access to an imam in line with his specific religious beliefs, saying officials should not be expected to put in extra efforts to make that happen.

Ajaj started getting halal meals on the eve of his trial last month after he was transferred from a prison in Colorado to Terre Haute, Indiana.

He objected to attending classes with the Indiana prison’s imam because he believes the cleric is an adherent of Sufism, Islam’s mystical strain.

Jackson said it doesn’t violate Ajaj’s religious rights to meet with someone with different views and that he still could have phone or email contact with another imam.

Ajaj was sentenced in 1999 to more than 114 years in prison for his role in the blast in an underground parking garage on February 26, 1993, that killed six people, one of whom was pregnant.

It injured more than 1,000 and forced an estimated 50,000 to flee the trade center’s twin towers in a scene of smoke, fear and confusion that would be mirrored and magnified on September 11, 2001.

In late August Ajaj filed a lawsuit accusing federal prison officials, particularly staff at the Administrative Maximum, or ADX, facility in Florence, of failing to provide food meeting Ajaj’s belief that all animals used for food must be fed, raised and slaughtered according to Islamic law.

The lawsuit said Ajaj considered vegetarian and Kosher meals inadequate.

Thanks to this Obama-nominated judge, taxpayers will be funding a lifetime of sharia-compliant meals for a terrorist who helped kill seven Americans including an unborn baby and injured 1,000 more while causing chaos for yet thousands of others. On the judge:

President Obama renominated him on January 5, 2011. The United States Senate confirmed him by unanimous consent on August 2, 2011.[5] He received his judicial commission on September 1, 2011.[2]

Ajaj is a Palestinian Muslim who claimed refugee status to get into the U.S., and then traveled to the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region to attend a jihad training camp, then to Saudi Arabia before returning to the U.S.


6 thoughts on “Obama judge grants 1993 World Trade Center bomber’s request for sharia meals in prison

  1. Muslim prisoners demanding ‘Special Religious Meal Accommodations’ is a BIG problem. Its a big problem because of the cost to taxpayers for special meals. Jail officials allowing one group special privileges (better food) causes general unrest in a already stressful and violent environment. Lastly, it is a form of ‘resistance’ and making Islamic demands on non-Muslims – its a battle on a different war front.

    SOLUTION: If ANY prisoner requests special meals they will get a VEGAN diet. A Vegan diet will accomodate all religious requirement for ALL the world’s religions. The Vegan meal option will be a step down from the food options for the general population so there will be zero animosity if someone gets a Vegan diet. That will help to keep the Law Enforcement officers managing the jails safer..

    Plus it will save the taxpayers millions of dollars on an annual basis and stop all these frivolous lawsuits by CAIR and other agitation groups.

    This is an achievable goal and a Win Win for everyone plus it will be a true test of faith for those prisoners who find religion in jail.

    How do you think the Prisoners will respond if given a ‘Vegan Only’ option for special religious meals?

    • Give those requesting Halal meals vegan meals. If vegan is un-acceptable, DON’T EAT IT !!
      Within a couple of weeks of a “religious fast” of this nature, there will be no need for halal meals.

      These jihadists / muslims are in OUR prisons because they are KILLERS of innocent American
      I, personally, would allow them one surgical procedure of insertion of a 9mm round between
      their evil eyes.

    • I agree 100%. That was the first thought I had. I wonder what is done for orthodox Jewish prisoners? They have exactly the same dietary rules in fact that’s where the Halal rules stemmed from. Just turn this jerk into a soy boy. He’ll become a more docile prisoner in no time. Maybe even convert. lol

  2. Islamism is HATE based political doctrine, NOT RELIGION !!

    The religion most of us follow share love and compassion…not cutting others’ heads off !
    Execute these Medinist Muslims.

  3. Of course he objects to Sufi teachings. Sufi is one of the most peaceful forms of Islam. This guy prefers the fire and brimstone teachings of jihadist radical Islamic teachings. Just give him soy and a prayer rug and tell him to STFU!

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