Colorado: Meatpacker Cargill pays $1.5M to Somali Muslims who refused to work

This was not a prayer dispute, it was Muslim supremacists who were fired after walking off the job and demanding more sharia prayer time rather than doing the work they were hired to do.

Source: Cargill pays $1.5M settlement for Muslim workers at Fort Morgan plant fired in prayer dispute | h/t Refugee Resettlement Watch

A big U.S. meatpacker has agreed to pay $1.5 million to 138 Somali-American Muslim workers who were fired from their jobs at a Colorado plant after they were refused prayer breaks, a federal anti-discrimination agency said Friday.

Cargill Meat Solutions, a division of Minnesota-based agribusiness company Cargill Corp., also agreed to train managers and hourly workers in accommodating Muslim employees’ prayer breaks at its Fort Morgan beef processing plant, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said.

Wichita, Kansas-based Cargill denies wrongdoing but agreed to settle to avoid further litigation, the federal agency said. The dispute dates back to the firings of the workers in late 2016 after management rescinded policies allowing Muslim employees to take short breaks for prayer.

In 2017, the agency found that the workers had been harassed and discriminated against for protesting the unannounced policy change that denied them opportunities for obligatory prayer. Hundreds of Somali-Americans work at the plant in Fort Morgan, about 50 miles southeast of Greeley.

In a related announcement, a Teamsters union local that was supposed to represent the workers will pay them $153,000 to settle discrimination complaints.

The federal agency said it determined that Teamsters Local Union No. 455, based in Denver and in Fort Morgan, failed to advocate for the Muslim workers in their dispute with Cargill and even harassed them because of their race, religion and national origin. The workers were dues-paying union members.

Union officials denied wrongdoing, but the local unit agreed to pay the workers, undergo training in handling grievances, and publicize employee rights to be free of discrimination based on race or national origin.

“In its capacity as a bargaining representative for its members, labor unions have an obligation to represent their members regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability,” Elizabeth Cadle, the federal agency’s regional district director, said in a statement.

Like other U.S. firms that employ Muslim line workers at meatpacking and processing plants, Cargill managers must balance religious accommodations with demands of processing meat in an operation that frequently runs 24 hours. Managing possible disruptions not only slow production but can create safety issues for line workers.

JBS USA faces similar discrimination allegations from a 2010 suit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of hundreds of Muslim and Somali former employees who claimed the company engaged in a pattern and practice of discrimination and failure to accommodate the employees’ religious needs. The suit stems from a 2008 incident during Ramadan, when the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission began investigating JBS.

Muslim employees who went on prayer breaks were fired or disciplined for violating the union contract by walking off the job without authorization, according to JBS management. The former employees said they were going for post-fasting prayers in accordance with an agreement made with the company.

The suit was brought before a court in summer 2017 and a ruling is pending. After the 2008 incident, JBS officials set up prayer rooms for Muslim workers and began releasing them in short intervals around sunset to conduct prayers.

“Providing our employees with religious accommodation is an important part of engaging and supporting our employees, and our policy has remained consistent for more than 10 years,” Cargill Meat Solutions president Brian Sikes said in a statement.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, a Muslim advocacy group, and Qusair Mohamedbhai, a Denver attorney who represented the workers praised the settlement.

Mohamedbhai said in a statement that he welcomed “Cargill’s commitment to continue to communicate its longstanding prayer accommodation practices.”

Cargill already gives Muslim workers gender-segregated prayer space with prayer rugs, not to mention sharia prayer times and other special accommodations non-Muslims do not get. And they changed their changed their hiring policy…for Muslims. It’s pure sharia.

70 thoughts on “Colorado: Meatpacker Cargill pays $1.5M to Somali Muslims who refused to work

  1. Why do they get privileged treatment overwhelmingly, while we suffer consequences for them. If they’re allowed this time for their belief, we Americans should get extant break time. It’s unfair to US to be overworked because of them. They are an invading cult that seeks only to overrun our society, as they have done throughout history. This is our land, not theirs, assimilate or leave. We owe them nothing, yet we give them everything. WAKE UP AMERICA!

    • Amen! It’s total bullshit! this is their ammo they come to a new country say were a religion of Peace then they get special privileges then they get blasphemy laws we’re not allowed to even speak the truth about Islam and how evil it is like what’s going on in Europe right now and then they’ll get themselves voted into our public offices and then Bill use our democracy against us to vote themselves in and vote in Sharia law and vote out the Constitution that’s their plan and that’s what they’re going to do unless we stand up and stop them wake up America unless you want America to be an Islamic Republic and if you want to live in Islamic Republic and move the f*** to Saudi Arabia and leave America to the Christians and the people who don’t want to live by Sharia law

    • I will make it a point not to purchase anything Cargill from tis point forward.
      As for the board of directors….You losers need to fire your attorneys and hires some that have balls.
      Not a dime of my money will be going to pay the moslem mafia!

      • I have dealt with Muslim immigrants from the francophone countries of Africa who were good employees. Most had two jobs and performed well on those jobs.

  2. Cargill’s experience should provide about 1.5 million reasons for other employers not to hire Muslims. Islamic prayer in public spaces or within workplaces is less about personal deity worship, and seems to be more a separatist display of group power and intimidation. When those who’s doctrine calls for Warfare against us begin public “Calls to Muster” we should take notice and be concerned.

    • absolutely their whole plan is to get us Christians, kaffirs, everybody except the Muslim are to be second-class citizens and they want to established that fact that they are better than us because their book says they are the best of people’s and we are the worst of creatures and as such we should cross the street when we see them coming so that they can walk by we should defer to them and all things because they are better than us cuz they follow that fake Prophet Muhammad you know the one who married a six-year-old and thenf***** a nine-year-old after he f***** her thighs for 3 years. Yeah that scumbag they think they’re better than us and they wanted established by law and their next point will be then to establish a law where nobody can even speak the truth about Islam how they cut off female clitorises and they Stone women to death unless they have for male Witnesses after they’ve been raped they can kill their wives and daughter for going out of the house without permission or without their head covered wake up America and all you d****** feminist to think as long as for women and that b**** Linda sarsour the cockroach who says Sharia is reasonable will if you think it’s reasonable and you want to live by Sharia then go live by Sharia there’s lots of countries that do that already don’t try to bring it to my country and take away my freedoms that women have fought for and won over the last 200 years

      • Dont dare insult the prophet who much holy superior than any humanbeing ever existed on this earthly plan.. you really have no knowledge concerning Islam…we really need utmost respect for the Muslims… Be warned!!! or else Allah will take serious action against you!!! coz He is always there to defend His most loved prophet!!

        • Eat skit and die, b itch. You sound like a talking point, TROLL!!!!! All muslims need to understand something. When you get outside of the urban areas, it’s a different ballgame. If you come to where we live asking for trouble, you WILL FIND IT!!!

        • Where was your Allah when one the superior prophet’s Jewish slaves was poisoning him (to death)?
          Where was your Allah when Genghis Khan was slaughtering tens of millions of your Muslim brothers and sisters? (Genghis-akbar !!!)
          But most of all where was your Allah when your namesake, the real Abdul Rahaman was having his ass handed to him (aka, being killed) at the Battle of Tours by the Honorable Charles Martel?
          Appears to me your Allah doesn’t really have your back.

  3. I am beyond shock what has happened to America, for America to become Sharia compliant country to those who adhere to the cult called Islam. ISLAM IS BY THE DEVIL, OF THE DEVIL, FOR THE DEVIL AND MOHAMMED IS THE MESSENGER OF THE DEVIL. We must take charge to educate Muslims by teaching them the truth about Islam and save non-Muslims from being contaminated by the disease that affects the brain.

  4. “Islm has a prescribed formula to make up for missed, obligatory prayers. This is called “qadaa” قضاء . In Islmc countries Mslms regularly miss saying prayers on time because of employment commitments and employers are never found to be at fault. So why are kafir employees in the Civilised World severely punished for telling Mslm employees to do their job before saying their prayers? Mslms wage #jihad on the infidel at every opportunity in order to extract #submission.” C A-W

    • Thank you! There are far to many American Citizens in the Western world who are ignorant to what is truly going on when it comes to the increased Mslim/Islm population that is infiltrating the US.

  5. This will continue until corporate america and citizens realizes these socialist committees, boards, departments have no constitutional authority to even exist let alone make rules (laws) to penalize anyone. Wake up america. The longer you wait the worse it will get and there may be no turning back except by war.

  6. Sharia is an Arabic language legal system based on customs and traditions found in Islamic writings. It requires an Iman to interpret and apply it’s rulings it is yet another unsearchable law used to beleager mankind.

  7. Had a bunch of these Somalian idiots in attendance at the company I worked for which was SIS, a security company, that has the contract for Amazon in Seattle. Talk about worthless, they never show up for work or call out at the last minute. They’ve learned how to play the system just like in their own country, so no wonder they are a useless country and a failed state. All they want to do is suck off everybody around them. Just another do nothing people living off of EBT cards and welfare. Laziest people I’ve ever seen.

  8. The so-called ‘prophet’ Muhammed saw the angel of light, which was satan himself, in 6th century Arabia. Islam collectively is the Anti-Christ and the Anti-Christ is here.

  9. This is our country! What the blue blazes
    Is wrong? It is absolutely wrong to treat
    America born citizens and people from
    another country differently. Theses whiny
    folks have to assimilate to the American
    Way of life or go home. We the Americans
    Citizenry did not vote to bring these folks
    to America.
    Pray on your own time in your own home.
    That’s what is the practice in the United
    States of America ASSIMILATE or get out
    of our country.

  10. Jim Jones People’s Temple was not recognized under US Freedom of Religion. Neither should Islam. Islam is nothing more than a political system covered in a mystical cult (like the Nazis and Fascists ). Take away their religion status before they replace our Republic with a caliphate. Religions don’t treat other religions with barbarity. Religions don’t t treat women and children with barbarity.

  11. This is complete b*******Christians Jews Catholics Buddhists Hindus we don’t go to work in prey they don’t get to prey on the clock and get paid to pray while the rest of us have to continue working and and cover for them while they’re gone for their 10-minute prayer break they need to pray off the clock at the break times or praying home like the rest of us do

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  13. Cargil should consider opening a meat processing plant in a Muslim country and send all these slackers there. These are the Somalis brought in under cover of darkness by Obama. The US is getting screwed by its own fair hiring laws. CAIR must be so happy.

  14. These Somalis are here because our politicians use our tax money to bring them here.
    Our taxes are paid to greedy US Religious organizations to resettle these people once here.
    American employers are offered subsidies and tax breaks to hire these people.
    US tax payers provide them food, shelter, clothing, education and medical care once here.
    We are barking up the wrong tree.
    The problems created by government planned / taxpayer funded social engineered, forced multiculturalism is our fault.
    Redistribution of wealth and culture is alive and well.

  15. Stop eating animals. It makes us sick, it’s evil, and it’s fueling the need for slave wage labor that is destroying our country.

    The world is waking up. Watch “What the Health” & “Forks Over Knives” on Netflix. Go Vegan and live to fight the longer fight ahead.

  16. Americans! It is time to start learning some history about the Muslims going back to its beginning.
    Do you accept that their plan is to control the world?. If you don’t, you are ostriches with your heads in the ground. If you don’t wake up to this danger to mankind, your children and future generations will curse your souls for eternity.

    • better move it son, you’ve lost when an older more experienced culture comes and their ancestors been through countless wars by your kind.

      • May I remind you that the Japanese and Nazis got a small dose of our military. The muslims were on the Nazi side of WW2 and they have never seen the hell the American citizens would unleash on the muslims, if we had to respond.

      • More experience at what specifically? Rape, terrorist bombings, murder of individuals that follow a different religion? It is indeed a long list of things that they are more experienced at doing.

  17. I know, lets have Amazon/Washington Compost Bozo put the Somalis to work filing orders at the Amazon work house. They would last about 5 seconds with no settlement with the left wing billionaire.

    • Unfortunately virtually all non-Muslim world leaders today have adopted a Neville Chamberlain style policy of appeasement and concessions when threatened by the aggressive and culturally invasive ideology of Islam.

      Mr Chamberlain’s failed policy toward Nazism didn’t serve to avoid conflict, at best all it did was postpone the inevitable.

      We are witnessing the proverbial “feeding of the crocodile” hoping it will eat us last, on a global scale.

      In reality WW1 began in the 7th century and is still being fought thanks to countless Neville Chamberlains.

  18. these people are here because the wonderful USA just can’t stop bombing others countries YOU WANT IT TO STOP THEN TELL YOUR GOVERNMENT TO STOP CAUSING SO MANY PROBLEMS IN THEIR COUNTRIES… fro non warmongers and this immigration will stop….whenever the US wars on others they end up hauling home a whole bunch of them who then bring over their buds

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