Dem. Keith Ellison Wants to Flood Minnesota and the U.S. with 110,000 Refugees in 2019

Mostly Muslims no doubt. Source: Keith Ellison Wants to Flood Minnesota and the U.S. with 110,000 Refugees in 2019 – The Minnesota Sun h/t refugeeresettlementwatch

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) is leading an effort to try to force President Trump to boost the number of refugees permanently resettled in the United States over the next fiscal year by more than 300 percent.

Ellison is the Democrat nominee for the statewide office of attorney general in Minnesota. He holds a slight lead in the most recent polls over his Republican opponent, Doug Wardlow, and is currently entangled in allegations of sexual abuse by two women.

The issue of refugee resettlement has become a hot topic in the state’s gubernatorial race between GOP nominee Jeff Johnson and Democrat nominee Rep. Tim Walz (D-MN).

House Resolution 1073 was submitted by Ellison and more than 50 other Democrat members of Congress to the House Judiciary Committee, where it could receive a hearing or be ignored.

Minnesota and Ohio have ranked among the top five states for receiving refugees over the last 10 years, with the vast majority coming from Somalia. And both states have had problems with Somali violence, including knife attacks at two difference malls in Minnesota and a car-ramming and knife attack at Ohio State University, among the most bloody examples.

The list of signatories on the resolution reads like a who’s who of the leadership of the House Progressive Caucus, which is considered the most far left of the Democrat Party. Ellison is vice chair of the caucus.

According to the Refugee Act of 1980, only the president has the authority to determine the number of refugees arriving on U.S. soil each year.

He does this by issuing what’s called a presidential determination letter to Congress, setting a cap or ceiling on the number to be resettled in the coming year.

Trump, just days ago, set the cap for fiscal 2019, which starts Oct. 1, at 30,000 refugees.

This deceptive resolution fails to point out that even Obama didn’t set the cap at anywhere near the 110,000 mark called for by Ellison and his cohorts during his first seven years in office. Only his last year, when he knew he would only be in office for less than half of fiscal year 2017, did he set the cap at such an astronomically high level, and it was never fulfilled by Trump.

“That was pie in the sky, they were never going to resettle that many refugees, unless maybe if Hillary had been elected she probably would have tried to fulfill that number,” says Ann Corcoran, an expert on the refugee industry. But Obama didn’t do 110,000 till his final year.”

Corcoran, who has followed the refugee industry for the past 12 years, said Ellison and the others who signed this resolution are simply doing the bidding of the refugee contractors who get paid by the government to resettle refugees.

The federal refugee contractors get paid by the head, so the lesser numbers arriving under Trump means the contractors see less money flowing into their coffers. This has put a crimp on their business model, forcing them to lay off staff and close offices.

There are nine primary contractors, the biggest of which are the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, the International Rescue Committee, Church World Services, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

Much more on the subversive, anti-American Muslim Keith Ellison in the Creeping Sharia archives.

9 thoughts on “Dem. Keith Ellison Wants to Flood Minnesota and the U.S. with 110,000 Refugees in 2019

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  2. Each refugee already has access to the following:
    Temporary assistance for Needy Families
    Food Stamps
    Supplemental “Security” Income
    Social Security Disability Insurance
    Administrative Developmental Disabilities (ADD)
    Child Care and Development Fund
    Independent Living Program
    Low Income Housing Energy Assistance
    Postsecondary Education Grants
    Refugee Assistance Program
    Title IV Foster Care
    Title XX Social Services Block Grant Fund
    And from our lovely State Department…$2200 per month for every man, woman and child. Giving them huge purchasing power
    How much is the SSI check you receive every month……the SSI fund you paid INTO all of your working life?
    Hakim is a TRAITOR to America and the Black people. The importation of these primitive somalies will reduce the living standards of all and especially our minority groups.

    • Thank you for this list! If only people knew what our tax dollars went towards. When I see this list “what about our veterans?” is what comes to the forefront of my mind.

  3. Living here in Minnesota I parent an adult physically/mentally handicapped son. He is 40. I pay for as much as I can BEFORE I ask help. I am proud to sacrifice for him. Now if this guy has his way there will be even less for my son. Ellison will gather illegal votes to keep him as elected official of some type here in Minnesota.

  4. Let’s call our congressmen and tell them exactly how we feel about this bill. I can SEE BEFORE MY EYES the effects of Obama’s refugee quota from his last year in office here in NY. I have never seen so many Muslims on a daily basis as I do in these last 2-3 years. Halal popping in up in traditionally middle class suburbia.

  5. Sharia is incompatible with the Values of real American people.
    My President said it best, go back to you’re country and make it great again.
    If you don’t like it here, your free to leave and take tour laws, tradition and culture with you as it doesn’t fit in the United States of America.

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