Ventura County Sheriff’s Office negotiates with terror-linked group, will pay hijabi & adopt sharia policy

Submitting to the sharia. Source: Settlement agreement in hijab lawsuit reached, Ventura County Sheriff’s Office says

Settlement terms have been reached in a federal lawsuit against the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office concerning a Muslim woman whose head scarf was removed while she was in custody, officials announced Monday.

The civil rights lawsuit concerns Newbury Park resident Jennifer Hyatt, whose hijab was removed by deputies in Ventura County jail in January 2017. Hyatt had been arrested in Thousand Oaks in connection with a domestic violence incident and spent about four hours at the facility.

The sheriff’s agency and Hyatt’s legal team have reached terms of a settlement agreement through a mediator, said Capt. Garo Kuredjian. The agreement includes a $75,000 total payment to Hyatt and her attorneys as well as a policy manual update that formalizes accommodations for religious head coverings.

“We think this is a pretty fair outcome for both sides,” Kuredjian said.

Sheriff Geoff Dean’s office said in a statement that “the settlement was reached to save taxpayers the expense of further litigation, including exposure to attorney’s fees.”

The policy manual update states that arrested parties wearing a religious head covering can wear the covering “or an approved alternative such as a paper hijab” while in custody. The garment is used in the Islamic faith to cover certain parts of a woman’s body while in public view so they will not be seen by men who are not members of their immediate family, according to the complaint.

Standard practice when people are booked into jail calls for removal of clothing and items that can be used as strangulation devices, including belts, shoelaces, scarves and other items, according to the sheriff’s agency.

The federal suit, filed in May, drew widespread media attention. Hyatt’s complaint alleged deputies had “yanked off” her head covering and that she was “spoken to like trash.” The suit claimed the forced removal of the hijab violated her civil rights.

Dean has strongly disputed that portrayal of how his deputies handled the incident. Monday’s statement reiterated his stance.

“Video and audio footage from the jail’s camera system show that her hijab was not ‘violently yanked’ from her head,” the statement reads. “… Ms. Hyatt’s hijab was removed in a gentle and respectful manner to inspect an injury to her head and for safety and security reasons.”

The Star in May requested access to the video footage via the California Public Records Act. The request was denied. A sheriff’s official said Monday that the videos will not be made public.

In Monday’s statement, the sheriff’s agency acknowledged Hyatt should have been offered an accommodation such as an alternate head covering. The agency has previously said men were present at times when Hyatt was uncovered and that her booking photo was taken with the head covering removed.

A spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ Greater Los Angeles chapter, which represented Hyatt in the case along with Erin Darling Law, said Monday the settlement agreement had not yet been finalized. The group will comment after it becomes final, he said.

The Ventura County Board of Supervisors approved parameters of a tentative agreement Sept. 25, said Leroy Smith, the county’s top attorney. The final language has since been worked out. Now, both parties must sign the agreement and file it in court to finalize it, he said.




32 thoughts on “Ventura County Sheriff’s Office negotiates with terror-linked group, will pay hijabi & adopt sharia policy

    You cannot enter a foreign country and set up your own laws and regulations that contradicts most of the worlds moral and legal standards.

    • She didnt enter the US as a foreigner. Shes one of yours. Happens to be muslim of which sharia law is part and parcel of. Islam is protected as rights in US under freedom of religion act or clause or whatever. The argument is that Christians have something called the 10 comandments. Most seem to treat it as the 10 suggestions, however in islam faith, god commands women to cover up. She is just following to the letter whats demanded of her, as people of all faiths should be doing while claiming to be what they are not. Her rights should be respected and protected per your constitution even if you disagree. Thats democracy pure and simple, in case you forgot

      • Not when it attempts to subvert the US Constitution. Sharia is in direct conflict with our laws. That’s called Sedition. She should not have won this.

  2. There are laws currently against Muslim immigration and Sharia law dating back to 40’s/50’s

    Kick those out that insist on these laws. SOROS is behind this immigration push to destroy our freedoms. Close mosques down.

  3. Sharia law is not compatible with constitutional law. Oops, this is Mexifornia they don’t need, no stink’in constitution, right. Pure sarcasm folks, but!!! a lot of good folks live out there.

    • California is enormous with a population of at least 40 million, and about 40% are Constitutionalist – that
      is about 16 million, which is more than the entire state population of most states.

  4. Next thing we know, California residents will be footing the bill for public beheadings of infidels who tell truth about allah, Islam, and mohammed. Wake up America. We are at war.

  5. Can only imagine the muzslimes all sitting back at CAIR and around every Western Nation they infest laughing their hairy arses off at us, saying to themselves, if these Kafirs tried this in our lands they would have been butchered with their heads on poles saying do not spread your Western Values and religion here. Now they have every Nations leaders and liberals doing the Obama and bowing to Islam saying we will do everything possible to help your invasion and take over of the West, we will even imprison any detractors or offensive comments against your wonderful cult
    If and when this goes ugly and the people rise up and violently elect them at all costs, it will be the likes of Merkel, Macron, Trudeau, fault, and if Hillary had won, man you guys sure avoided a bullet with that election, America would be even more infested and an even more bloody outbreak in removing this infestation.
    Would like to think it wold happen here in Oz, but unless our Men unite and become One nothing will happen as the likes of Shorten and the Greens will never say no to Muslimes

  6. One can hope that many in the Sheriff’s office will seek employment else where instead of going along with the appeasement to Islam, California is lost to a lot of things but our nation should never be lost to a theocratic legal system.

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  8. Allah has been merciful for too long with many of you residents of Ventura.
    Listen , the time has come to surrender to Islam. Alllaha0a will be merciful on to you whom convert now, Don’t be fools , Do the right thing. Begin by taking your family to the nearest mosque. Begin by ridding your household of filthy images and icons that are not acceptable to Allah. Do not spend money on fruitless and sinful pursuits such as going to movies or drinking with your soon to be former relatives, co workers and so called friends! They are now to be considered unbelievers! It”s is Allah whom is your true friend, and He has been so very patient with you. After reading the Holy Quran for a month or two at that time you may consider offering donation to CAIR or the mosque in the amount you once would spend on vacations to amusement parks
    or non Halal foods and the like (that includes the money you often would waste on Christmas presents) so Donate that money immediately and recite your prayers, remembering to have the woman cover themselves at All times too
    If you begin to do these things Allah shall be most pleased my friends. See you at the mosque or at 99 cent store.or the BigLots Store (we like a
    Bargins too you know!) Saalam

  9. To hell with these MUZZTURDS!!!!! Will someone please tell me…. What became of the “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE” CHARGES that she was originally arrested for???? This is so pathetic!!! They lie their way out of all their sins and crimes against God and peace-loving Christians!!! And as for you, Abdul, YOU’RE THE ONE WHO IS CLUELESS AND “FRUITLESS”! TAKE A HIKE, TROLL!!!!! “Do the RIGHT thing”…..

  10. That’s ridiculous. She doesn’t deserve one cent. Sharia Law does not belong here. We should never back down to their so called religion.

  11. “”The agreement includes a $75,000 total payment to Hyatt and her attorneys””

    sure. $72,000 to her attorneys and $3.000 to to the woman.

    “”The Star in May requested access to the video footage via the California Public Records Act. The request was denied. A sheriff’s official said Monday that the videos will not be made public.””

    well that pretty much speaks for itself.

  12. Apparently the Mediator was a weakling. We have laws in place in our country that EVERYONE must follow. I would of never let that decision to happen. Someone needs to grow a set. Supreme Court would of ended up hearing that case.

  13. Allowing prisoners to wear any kind of headwear, that covers the entire head/neck area is a security risk, to corrections personnel, as prisoners could hide contraband and/or weapons in it. If the policy is adopted to allow the wearing of such headwear, the policy should allow for random searches of the prisoner’s person, for said contraband/weapons. Also, if the sheriff’s office is going to allow the wearing of hijabs, for Muslims, they would also have
    to allow for Sikhs to wear their headdress or Mormons to wear their religious garments. Where will this end. If Muslims don’t want to loose their right to wear hijabs, I suggest they not violate the law.

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