Hyatt Hotels Corp complying with sharia law by banning groups that criticize Islam

If history is any indicator, the answer is a resounding yes. Hyatt has a history of enforcing sharia on non-Muslims and allowing terror-linked, hate-preaching Muslims to use their properties. See the Creeping Sharia archive on Hyatt here.

In fact, Two Years After a Muslim Killed 49 at a Gay Nightclub in Orlando, Hyatt Hotels in Orlando Hosted Muslims Who Preach Killing Gays.

Source: FFA – Will Hyatt actually comply with Sharia law by banning groups that criticize Islam?

Muslim groups have won their first major victory in censoring Judeo-Christian and patriotic groups that hold meetings in hotels.  Hyatt plans to ban certain “hate groups” after Muslim Advocates pressed hotels to stop doing business with them.   Such a ban follows the Sharia tenet which calls for strong punishment of anyone who criticizes Islam or Muhammad.  Sharia law, which is a combination of the Quran and fatwas, calls for punitive treatment of people who insult Islam. published an article titled Hyatt hotels won’t rent to hate groups, CEO says; Muslim group claims a victory.  The article states in part:  Hyatt Hotels Corp., one of the nation’s largest hotel companies, announced it will no longer host hate groups at its nearly 800 properties, a move that was praised by a Muslim advocacy group.   Act for America, a strong advocate for preserving America’s constitutional republic, was the subject of heavy Muslim contention reported in the LA Times article.  Act for America opposes the infiltration of Sharia law into America public policy and law. reports in part that CAIR wants Corporate America to ban associations with groups that openly criticize Islam. reports in part:

Derrick Morrow, Hyatt’s area vice president and general manager of the Hyatt Crystal City, implied to HuffPost that it would be illegal for the hotel to discriminate against the group by declining to hold their conference.

Robert McCaw, government affairs director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, tells DCist that isn’t true. He points to Airbnb’s decision to boot white supremacists from their platform before “Unite the Right 2.” And last year, white supremacist Richard Spencer had so much trouble booking a hotel for his conference that he had to hold it in his office in Alexandria.

McCaw argues that the Hyatt, and other hotels and event spaces, should treat this group the way they would any other hate group.  “I wouldn’t see the Hyatt providing rooms to the Ku Klux Klan,” McCaw says. “So why are they providing it to these guys?” further reported:  It was not clear from Hyatt’s statement how the hotel company planned to determine which groups promote hate, but it added: “This is a complex and emotional issue, but what we’ve concluded is that we need to commit to a higher level of vetting such that groups using hate speech, primarily seeking to disparage or demean a particular group, are not welcome in our hotels.”

The Council on American Islamic Relations has hundreds of articles posted on its news release web page that openly and aggressively attack government officials, companies, teachers, professors, candidates for office and individuals who dare say anything negative about Islam, Sharia law or Muhammad.

Where is Hyatt’s concern about the people CAIR attacks?

CAIR pushes an Islamist agenda which includes forcing Corporate America and Government Agencies to recognize various tenets of Sharia law.   Many tenets of Sharia law are antithetical to the rights afforded all Americans under the United States Constitution.

There are dozens of organizations and thousands of churches across American that openly express concerns about the Islamist political agenda and Islamic terrorism.

Muslim activists recently called on the United Kingdom Parliament to ban Reverend Franklin Graham entrance into Great Britain because he called Islam “evil” and “wicked.”

Will Hyatt ban groups led by Reverend Franklin Graham?

Given CAIR’s radical history, links to terrorism and hostility towards opponents of Islam it is outrageous that Hyatt has adopted such an anti-First Amendment, anti-America public policy.  Will Hyatt actually enforce its ban against groups that criticize Islam, oppose Sharia law and counter the Islamist political agenda?

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send to express concern to Hyatt officers and directors about its policy to ban groups that criticize Islam, oppose Sharia law and counter the Islamist political agenda.  Please feel free to change the Subject line and Email Content.

Click here to send your email to express concern to Hyatt officers and directors about its policy to ban groups that criticize Islam, oppose Sharia law and counter the Islamist political agenda.

Contact information:

Hyatt Officers

Mark S. Hoplamazian President, Chief Executive Officer and Director

Stephanie Lerdall
Corporate Communications
Tel: +1 312 780 5399

Hyatt Directors

Paul D. Ballew
Global Chief Data and Analytics Officer
Ford Motor Company
Email not available

Susan D. Kronick
Operating Partner
Marvin Traub Associates
Email not available

Mackey J. McDonald
Senior Advisor
Crestview Partners

Cary D. McMillan
Chief Executive Officer
True Partners Consulting
Not available

Pamela M. Nicholson
President and Chief Executive Officer
Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

Jason Pritzker
Investment Professional
The Pritzker Organization

Michael A. Rocca
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Mallinckrodt Inc  Blocking FFA server.

Richard C. Tuttle
Founding Partner
Prospect Partners

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4 thoughts on “Hyatt Hotels Corp complying with sharia law by banning groups that criticize Islam

  1. There is enough brave Americans that are willing to fight and die for this this country. And I mean the Patriots, the true American Patriots that are standing tall, and are ready to take this entire county to war with in itself. There are thousands of white organizations in this country alone. Not to speak of the KU KLUX KLAN! There are thousands of Klansman ready for, the call to come. Every White Supremacists organization there is in this entire county will comb this country clean. America was founded on Christianity, and by god it will stay that way if it takes every drop of blood to do, it will happen!! This is what I think about you Muslims, FUCK ALLAH!!

  2. The bottom line: the almighty dollar. When any business takes the leftist stand the one item they never think about is the loss of revenue, like Target stores Hyatt Hotels and others within their realm will feel the loss of money, the stocks will drop by selling them off, word travels fast especially by text, tweet, email and word of mouth.

  3. The country was founded by Deists, not “Christians”. If you can’t criticize someone’s religion, then it is a weak religion unworthy of respect. That includes Judaism and Christianity, not only Islam. And if you won’t identify yourself openly, then you are a coward. There is no one alive right now who has not already been digitally doxxed. Get over the anonymity, cowards. It’s long gone.

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