Vegas: Muslim UFC fighter and team go jihad after defeating Conor McGregor (video)

You can take the Muslim out of an Islamic country, but apparently you can’t take the Islam – and jihad tendencies – out of the Muslim.

Yesterday, we posted on the Islamic terror links of Khabib Nurmagomedov and after the fight, the Muslim fighter seems to have sought revenge for pre-fight trash talking that included supposed jabs at his Islamic faith.

After three of his team were arrested, Nurmagomedov – a devout Muslim – suggested at the post-fight press conference that it was all about Islam and sharia stating, “you can not talk about religion, you can not talk about nation, you can not talk about this stuff. This for me is very important.”

In a free society, you can talk about religion and nation. Under sharia law, however, you can’t question or criticize Islam. The penalty includes death.

Watch Khabib jump the cage and go jihad via this user’s amazing footage:

Or here:

Video of the larger post-fight brawl here:

And commentary and footage of the post-fight brawl here.

It’s been reported McGregor did not press charges and the three arrested have been released. Will visas be revoked?

Update: Indeed, it was all about Islam and like most Muslim claims – likely fraudulent: via Khabib Fans Started Religious Rumors To Justify Attack

“Khabib fans are attempting to smear me in an effort to justify his actions,” Danis told ESPN. “I have never and would never denigrate anyone’s religion. I look forward to the results of the Nevada Gaming Commission investigation which will reject this bulls–t claim and put the blame where it belongs.”


13 thoughts on “Vegas: Muslim UFC fighter and team go jihad after defeating Conor McGregor (video)

    • Well, obviously, they didn’t succeed, because it would have ended all the way up in SCOTUS. It violates the very premise of our 1st Amendment. Christians look the other way, when we’re scorned about our beliefs. Islamic followers, Muslims, don’t, because they are following their ‘prophet’s’ commands… to strike dead any who profane Islam. There’s the difference between Islam and Christianity/Judaism. Hate vs. Love… Satan vs. God. Bottomline.

  1. this type of action is supported by the DEMOCRAT PARTY,,Keep America free..Outlaw sharia law in gthe USA… is against OUR laws and does not support religious freedom

  2. He should be banned from MMA. Sharia has NO place in America! Don’t tell us what we can talk about dude, this is America not the middle east! Thats what happens when you bring these uncivilized people into our country! Fans should boycott the sport until this guy is banned!

  3. I’ll say what ever the fuck I want , fuck you fuck your Islam shit rapist religion ,fuck your rapist Mohammad, and fuck you kabib and you’re family , your a doscrace to the sport , your all cowards ,

  4. Islamic sharia is Islam! When jihad (so-called holy war) is taking place there is no rule of law to defend unbelievers and females, as good becomes evil and evil is good to commit crimes against humanity when spreading the vile evil oppressive barbaric pagan death rape cult, so Muslim men can go to Heaven to have their 72 virgins and all their former white sex slaves to rape for eternity! By the way the so-called holy Hadith per the last great fake white prophet Mohammad no Muslim females go to Heaven!

If sharia keeps spreading, you will not only be silenced by the media and big technology, you will be jailed - or worse. Speak while you can!

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