Video: Keith Ellison – The Enemy Within

Minnesotans, 48 years of Democratic rule is enough. Islamic-guided rule will be even worse. Make a better choice:

3 thoughts on “Video: Keith Ellison – The Enemy Within

  1. Keith Elison (D) of Minnesota should be denounced and not allowed to run for any Political office. He is a radical Muslim in thought.

  2. he has the backing of the thousands of Minnesota muslims,the start of the muslim invasion I live in MN and it’s scary how nobody seems concerned and if you speak out your reported on a hotline that the state has setup and could face charges…..

    • That’s the problem here, blind America. the blind Americans that doesn’t have a clue at what’s going on in this country along with the American that are afraid to stand up are going to be like sheep led to a sloughter. And the other half of the Americas that are against America, there own Country are also trying to destroy American, there own country also, only God knows why. They are allowing these Immigrants into our country. I mean our enemies they are letting come over here knowing they are only here to destroy the white race and take our country over and turn it into a Muslim country. Even though these idiot Americans already see what they are doing to these other countries, but yet they are still welcoming them over here and taking away from “us” Americans to give to the same people that are destroying our country, the immigrants. Foreign enemy’s to them are more important to them than they are there own Country. So never give up your rites to these Immigrants. Tell them what you think about them over here, without being afraid. Stand up for your country and never bow down to anyone except God. We are loosing our country, we are loosing our rights, they are taking away our rights little at a time hopeing no one notices. So after they have taking so much to the point nothing can be done about it, that’s when we “America” will fall to there pray. So before it gets that bad we all, the true American Patriots need to stand up, take charge of our country,. This country belongs to us, the American people. We are the ones that vote these people in. So many people are confused about who this country belongs to. Well, it’s ours, we say how we want to live in our Country, and our country was built on Christianity, by the people, for the people. And those people are US, we are the people. Stop being brainwashed by these Jews, Liberals, and immigrants. Think about America and how it use to be. What Happened,,, it’s the American people is what happened. 30% has been brainwashed, 30% just don’t care, 20% are cowards and queer. And the rest of us TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS, and standing tall and ready to fight to the death for our country and future white generation. If you see a immigrant, let them know how you fill about them coming over here without holding back. That’s your rite, free speech, and dam what people say about it because it is our Constitution rite. We Haven’t Lost That Rite,, Yet. Stand up America, fight back, stop falling weak to these people and this shit will stop. As long as people are sitting back doing nothing, well then you are the weakest link. If your interested in joining the Ku Klux Klan, then I can also get you to the door. The door to the Imperial Palace. ACDK 14/311

If sharia keeps spreading, you will not only be silenced by the media and big technology, you will be jailed - or worse. Speak while you can!

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