New York: Muslim Stops Car, Brutally Assaults 62-year-old Jewish Man Walking to Synagogue (VIDEO)

Source: SHOCKING FOOTAGE – HATE CRIME: Jewish Man Walking To Shul Assaulted By Middle-Eastern Man in Boro Park | Yeshiva World News h/t Geller Report

A Jewish man walking to synagogue was attacked and beaten by a Middle-Eastern man on Sunday morning in what has been confirmed as a hate crime.

Sources tell YWN that at approximately 7:30AM a 62-year-old Jewish man was walking to Shul on 13th Avenue near 46 Street, carrying his Tallis and Tefillin. Suddenly, a vehicle screeched to a halt; the driver got out and ran towards the victim. He began punching him in his face and screaming at him – all in a totally unprovoked attack.

The man broke free from his attacker and began running towards 46th Street, but the suspect once again assaulted him in front of TD Bank.

The NYPD responded to reports of the assault and took the suspect into custody. The vehicle he was driving said “Church Ave Car Service” on it. Boro Park Shomrim were on the scene as well assisting police.

37-year-old Farrukh Aszal has been charged with a hate (bias) crime, criminal mischief and harassment. The Staten Island man has multiple arrests in his history.

Boro Park Hatzolah transported the victim to Maimonides Hospital with facial trauma, where he was treated and releases.

NYS Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) praised the NYPD following the quick apprehension of the suspect.

An important detail left out of most mainstream news lines: New York cab driver shouting ‘Allah’ brutally beats man, 62, on his way to synagogue in the middle of the road in anti-Jewish hate crime.

Update: Apparently the hate crime charge has been dropped and it was being considered a case of road rage and then the story changed to mistaken identity. Wrong Jew, same Islamic Jew hatred. via Gothamist:

According to CBS New York, police also believed Afzal mistook Schwartz for someone else. Speaking to Gothamist, the NYPD listed the charges against the driver as hate crime assault, criminal mischief, and harassment. At Afzal’s arraignment on Sunday, however, he was ultimately charged with second-degree attempted assault, third-degree assault, and harassment and menacing.

And now the hate crime charge has again been levied.

5 thoughts on “New York: Muslim Stops Car, Brutally Assaults 62-year-old Jewish Man Walking to Synagogue (VIDEO)

  1. I’m old, like this poor guy. The main difference is this clown would have a couple of new holes in him when the police officers arrived. These muslims better wise up while they have the chance. If they get outside of urban areas specifically, they need to be better careful.

    • I agree completely Chaz! Try that in areas that are red not blue the end result would likely be very different! As a retiree, odds on he’d be sporting at least one if not more 0.45 dia holes and just as likely if he tried this shit on my wife, same size holes a lot more attitude! in all truthfulness it’s going to happen sooner or later, they refuse to assimilate and act like humans, so eventually there will come a reckoning!

  2. A hate crime, yep Muslims hate Jews are taught from birth to kill all non Muslim, top of the list The Jewish and Christian faiths then all others. If America does not deport these Middle eastern migrants that our government has brought in for years we will be fighting like Europe is right now, but we the people have an advantage: the 2nd Amendment if the government will not protect us from the people than we WILL protect ourselves and our nation. Ban Islam in America, it once was until the democrats changed the immigration policy.

  3. First thing we should do is deport him back to where he came. If he was born here exile him we have no need for more criminals

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