Muslim Rutgers student who falsified quotes to slander journalist as Islamophobe is intern for Dem congressman (VIDEO)

“Adeel Ahmed started this petition.”

According to Adeel Ahmed’s profile, he is a Legislative Intern for Democratic Congressman Frank Pallone and was a Bernie Sanders volunteer coordinator in New Jersey in 2016.

Democrats (and Muslims) simply don’t believe in freedom of thought, speech or the press. That is what they call “progressive”.

Adeel Ahmed and Bernie Sanders


Source: Critic of radical Islam shuns Rutgers after its ‘last-minute PR attempt’ to explain ‘postponed’ event – The College Fix

University caved to ‘students who slandered my good name based on falsified quotes’

Rutgers University spent last week refusing to explain why it “postponed” a university-sponsored event with the Iranian-born journalist Lisa Daftari, an outspoken critic of radical Islam opposed by some students.

Though the state university has since contacted her to “clear up any confusion regarding your invitation” and offered Daftari new dates to speak on campus, she’s not satisfied with the response or the timing of the offer.

Daftari told The College Fix in an email Tuesday that the university “share[d] our correspondence publicly without my knowledge” and called the new offer “an insincere, last-minute PR attempt to mitigate the appearance of bias.”

Rutgers didn’t look into “baseless allegations and falsified quotes” – apparently referring to the petition branding her an Islamophobe – before “unilaterally” canceling the event, she wrote.

It only offered her new dates because of “considerable media and campus attention,” she said: “The real question is, why did the university ‘postpone’ the event giving off the impression that they submitted to a slanderous petition if there was any genuine intention to reschedule the talk?”

Daftari shared her reply letter to Vice Chancellor Ben Sifuentes-Jáuregui, who had offered her four dates next month to speak to make up for her postponed Tuesday event.

Their previous correspondence clearly communicated that “the university unilaterally decided to cancel the event,” she wrote:

To come back after the damage has been done to my reputation and suggest that this was some misunderstanding and to continue with the premise that the event was merely postponed, lacks the integrity and respect that I would have hoped for from my alma mater.

Just as the university was sensitive to the concerns of a group of students who slandered my good name based on falsified quotes, I would hope that the university would now demonstrate the same level of consideration as we move on.

I wish you and the Rutgers community much success in all your future endeavors.

Outside observers are also not satisfied with the university’s response.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has concluded that “she was disinvited,” Zach Greenberg, program officer in FIRE’s Individual Rights Defense Program, wrote in a statement provided to The Fix.

“This is problematic because universities should be places that promote the free exchange of ideas,” he said. “A university would best serve its student by allowing them to engage with a wide array of speakers, even those that some or many find objectionable”:

When universities disinvite controversial speakers, they display a disturbing disdain for the intellectual capabilities of its students, many of whom would welcome a chance to listen to and question their ideological adversaries.

Behavior that is rewarded gets repeated. There will be a continued push for disinvitations until colleges stop giving into these demands.


“A small handful of campus bullies decided that they can throw around the word ‘Islamophobia’ in an unethical and irresponsible way, because it is one of the social justice buzzwords, and get their way,” Daftari told Shannon Bream Friday on “Fox News @ Night.”

The petition calling on the school to block Daftari misquoted the 2015 speech she gave at the Heritage Foundation when she said “Islamic terror claims to take its teaching from the Quran.” The petition left out the word “claims,” changing the meaning of her words and claiming she was “hate-mongering” by “equating Muslims everywhere with ISIS.”

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