UK: Mostly Muslim rape gang jailed for raping more than a dozen teen girls in Huddersfield

Source: Huddersfield Asian sex gang jailed for more than 200 years | Daily Mail Online

The abuse, which centred in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, took place ‘in cars, car parks, houses, a snooker centre, a takeaway, a park and other places’.

As with similar cases in a string of British towns and cities, the gang plied their victims – some of whom were as young as 11 – with alcohol or drugged them before carrying out horrific sex attacks.

The court heard evidence from 15 victims during the trials and the judge said he fears none of them will ever recover from their ordeals.

In victim statements the girls described coming into contact with the abusers after being bullied at school and said the relationship became ‘one of those things that you couldn’t get out of’.

EDL founder [Tommy] Robinson – who was jailed for contempt of court after posting a video in breach of reporting restrictions in May, a move which put the trial in jeopardy – claimed without providing evidence that one defendant on the run had fled to Pakistan.

The pattern of exploitation of mainly white girls by groups of men of mainly Pakistani heritage mirrors what has happened in a number of other towns around the country, including Rotherham, Rochdale and Telford.

The abuse, which centred in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, took place ‘in cars, car parks, houses, a snooker centre, a takeaway, a park and other places’, the court heard.

At least one of the victims attempted suicide and another had to have an abortion after becoming pregnant, prosecutor Richard Wright QC told the jury.

The men referred to each other using a series of nicknames – ‘Beastie’, ‘Dracula’ and ‘Nurse’ – which were also used as their monikers during the trials.

Ringleader Amere Singh Dhaliwal, 35, was jailed for life earlier this year and told he must serve a minimum of 18 years in prison by a judge who said: ‘Your treatment of these girls was inhuman.’

Dhaliwal, who is married with children and converted to the Sikh religion five years ago, carried out some of gang’s most sickening abuse.

He often took video footage of abuse taking place to share and distribute with other men. He also forced one victim to perform a sex act with a bottle during a supposed game of ‘truth or dare game’ that he organised.

Another member of the grooming gang Sajid Hussain, known as ‘Fish’, went on the run from the trial held at Leeds Crown Court and was sentenced in his absence.

He had been recognised by his victim in a shop after he had served her while she was wearing her school uniform. He was convicted raping one of the victims when she was just 14 years old.

The judge added: ‘They were taken to so-called parties at houses where there would be older Asian men.

‘Again, they were plied with alcohol and drugs, on occasion drinks were spiked and many times these girls were rendered senseless.

‘They would then be taken to a room where, one by one, men would go and abuse these girls sexually.

‘Sometimes no contraception was used, sometimes plastic bags were used as condoms; it was disgusting and degrading.’

The judge added: ‘It is likely that many, if not all, of these girls will never recover from the abuse they suffered’.

The Huddersfield sex gang and their vile nicknames

Amere Singh Dhaliwal, nicknamed ‘Pretos’, 35 – jailed for life, minimum of 18 years

Irfan Ahmed, nicknamed ‘Finny’, 34 – jailed for eight years

Zahid Hassan, nicknamed ‘Little Manny’, 29 – jailed for 18 years

Mohammed Kammer, nicknamed ‘Kammy’, 34 – jailed for 16 years

Mohammed Rizwan Aslam, nicknamed ‘Big Riz’, 31 – jailed for 15 years

Abdul Rehman, nicknamed ‘Beastie’, 31- jailed for 16 years

Raj Singh Barsran, nicknamed ‘Raj’, 34 – jailed for 17 years

Nahman Mohammed, nicknamed ‘Dracula’ 32 – jailed for 15 years

Mansoor Akhtar, nicknamed ‘Boy’, 27 – jailed for eight years

Wiqas Mahmud, nicknamed ‘Vic’, 38 – jailed for 15 years

– Nasarat Hussain, nicknamed ‘Nurse’, 30 – jailed for 17 years

–  Sajid Hussain, nicknamed ‘Fish’ 33 – jailed for 17 years

Mohammed Irfraz, nicknamed ‘Faj’ 30 – jailed for six years

Faisal Nadeem, nicknamed ‘Chiller’ 32 – jailed for 12 years

Mohammed Azeem, nicknamed ‘Mosabella’, 33 – jailed for 18 years

Manzoor Hassan, nicknamed ‘Big Manny’ 38 – jailed for five years

Niaz Ahmed, 54, nicknamed ‘Shaq’ – to be sentenced on November 1

Mohammed Imran Ibrar, nicknamed ‘Bully’, 34 – to be sentenced on November 1

Asif Bashir, nicknamed ‘Junior’, 33 – sentenced November 1

Mohammed Akram, nicknamed ‘Kid’ 33 – to be sentenced on November 1

4 thoughts on “UK: Mostly Muslim rape gang jailed for raping more than a dozen teen girls in Huddersfield

  1. It’s a shame that these rapists and child molesters can’t be tortured, raped and finally castrated, then beheaded! It’s what they deserve!

  2. Islamism is HATE based political doctrine, NOT religion.

    Remember all of the humanitarian food / shelter / medical outreach programs the Muslim “religion”
    supports ??? Think hard…

    Me neither.

  3. The kafirs want to withhold their daughters. Oh the infamy, oh the Islamophobia, oh the discrimination! Surely a Muslim judge would put an end to this, and maybe stone the girls in question too! Truly a difficult road lies ahead of those sent to bring down the West from within. And now the foes of Allah probably won’t even give these soldiers their sweet martydom either.

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