Grinning 9/11 terrorist gets hero’s welcome in Morocco after early release from prison

Source: Grinning 9/11 terrorist gets hero’s welcome back home after serving just 15 years for attacks

A TERRORIST jailed over the September 11 attacks has been mobbed by supporters back home in Morocco after being freed early.

Mounir el Motassadeq was sentenced to just 15 years behind bars for accessory to murder in 2006.

He received credit for time served after his initial arrest in 2001 — and was freed shortly before finishing even that stretch to be deported to his homeland.

Now twisted El-Motassadeq, 44, is back in a suburb of Marrakesh where he is living in the family home with his wife and children.

He was seen meeting old friends as he returned from prayers at his local mosque.

El-Motassadeq said he was too busy to speak when approached outside his three-storey semi-detached home.

But his sister is said to have replied ‘hamdullah’ – Arabic for ‘praise be to God’ – when asked if she was happy he was home.

And one neighbour told The Daily Mail: “We are very happy.”

The neighbour added: “His family were coming from different cities to greet him. They were really happy that he is back. His mum was crying tears of joy. His siblings were really happy.”

There were reported jubilant scenes with people said to have come from all over Morocco to see him.

German courts ruled that he was part of the so-called “Hamburg cell” with ringleader Mohamed Atta and two of the other extremists, and was aware the three planned to hijack and crash planes — if not all the details of the plot, which took 2,997 lives on Sept. 11, 2001.

El Motassadeq, who admitted to training at an al Qaeda camp in Afghanistan, helped “watch the attackers’ backs and conceal them” by paying their tuition and rent so they could keep up appearances as students in Germany as they plotted, the court found.

He was described as the ‘treasurer’ for the 9/11 hijackers and is one of only two men convicted for Sept. 11.

Zacarias Moussaoui is serving six life sentences in a maximum security prison in the US after admitting to being part of the plot.

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