Saturday Night Cinema: Trump at War – A Film by Stephen K. Bannon

If you haven’t voted yet, watch this then do so.

Trump at War – A Film by Stephen K. Bannon

2016 marked a revolution in American politics when a political novice upended the entrenched political classes on both sides of the aisle, and achieved a stunning victory for the forgotten men and women of the nation.

Running on a common-sense platform of America First, a revitalized economy, tax cuts, a reinvigorated foreign policy, and a promise to reestablish American sovereignty with immigration reforms, Donald Trump ignited a dormant passion in the hearts of his supporters, and won the presidency in what was arguably the most significant election campaigns in our nation’s history. Trump @War is a retelling of that story and a look forward to the high-stakes midterm election in November, which will help cement his legacy, good or bad.

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Watch the film in its entirety below.

TRUMP @WAR Explicit Version


TRUMP @WAR Clean Version


3 thoughts on “Saturday Night Cinema: Trump at War – A Film by Stephen K. Bannon

    • If you can’t watch it then you don’t have the fortitude to deal with, or want to know, the enemy that we face.

      Lower quality and Youtube versions added for easier playback.

      • My not wanting to watch this video is no reflection on you or your fine website and i’m thrilled you are educating the general public. I have thousands of videos, articles, documents, all in hundreds of folders dealing with this same issue and am fully aware of who our enemies are. To do the kind of research I so painstakingly engage in takes quire a lot of fortitude, once one knows exactly where these people are coming from, what their intentions are, and what nonsense they repeatedly spew, as well as those that have become traitors within Trump’s administration. I don’t have a website. You do and you are the watchman on the wall. I trust I am still welcome on this website and will be more careful to not vent anything negative, not about your journalism or videos, but about those within the contents of the videos. Creeping Sharia is one the best and most important websites we still have. Its investigative journalism is superb. Have faith – i’m on your side. PS: See, you even had the graciousness to provide versions for “easier playback.”

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