Texas: Notorious Mosque Covered Up Abuse of Children, Allowing Suspected Pedophile to Flee Country


Source: Fiery sermon alleging child misconduct cover-up ignites outrage among Irving Muslims | Irving | Dallas News  h/t religionofpeace.com

The Islamic Center of Irving is facing backlash from the North Texas Muslim community after allegations surfaced about a man behaving inappropriately with children at the mosque.

The center issued a statement Sunday, saying it had filed a police report Friday after two families reported separate incidents to mosque leadership. The mosque did not provide a timeline for when the incidents occurred.

Community members took issue with the mosque board’s decision not to file a police report immediately, a decision critics say allowed the accused man to leave the country before an investigation. Others were outraged that it took leaders so long to inform members of the mosque about the allegations.

The mosque — one of the biggest in Texassaid it did not originally file a report because the children’s families did not want to involve police and because it did not think the descriptions of the incidents fit the guidelines for mandatory reporting.

According to Texas law, any person aware of harm to a child is legally required to report the crime, even in cases where victims or families may not wish to press charges.

An elderly man is accused of kissing two children, the mosque said. He was said to have kissed a 16-year-old boy’s cheeks, and on a separate occasion, the man kissed a 10-year-old boy on the mouth, the statement said. The mosque said the two incidents took place in an outside walkway and the main prayer hall.

The mosque filed a police report for “guidance from law enforcement” though it maintains that no unlawful conduct occurred, according to its statement.

The accused man, who was visiting from abroad, is a relative of a member, the mosque said, and he left the United States days after being identified to mosque leaders.

In a separate statement Thursday, the mosque said that it regretted not sharing information more quickly. “If ICI had reason to believe that any crime or molestation had occurred or that any child or member of the community was in danger, we would have notified the community,” it said.

Irving police have declined to comment on the case, citing the ongoing investigation.

Mosque officials held a town hall meeting Sunday night. Nikos Barbaressos said the gathering became heated after a board representative said the group had determined that the children were not molested.

Lee said that it was “absurd” for a group of untrained board members to claim they could investigate the charges and that he supports Pelletier fully.

“My hope is this can start a #MeToo movement for masjid kids,” Lee said, using the Arabic word for mosque. Lee said plans were in the works for protests at the mosque.

The incident comes about a week after a lawsuit alleging sexual exploitation against the mosque’s former imam made national headlines. The accused in that case, Zia Ul-Haq Sheikh, is now employed at the Grand Prairie Islamic Society.

The advocacy group FACE said it is is working on guidelines for conduct, process and protocol in situations involving abuse at a place of worship. Alia Salem, founder and president, said FACE will host its first workshop on the guidelines by late November.

“People focus on protecting institutions and individuals instead of protecting victims and the safety of the community,” Salem said. “We cannot put the safety of victims and the community second string. That has to be the priority.”

The Islamic Center of Irvine is the mosque that runs a sharia court and where an imam was recently forced out after years of grooming at least one young girl for sex. More here.

2 thoughts on “Texas: Notorious Mosque Covered Up Abuse of Children, Allowing Suspected Pedophile to Flee Country

  1. I wonder what kinds of weapons are hidden inside. Time to seize the property and throw open the doors to show everyone the true nature of mosques and community centers.

  2. The dangers out this kind don’t just effect Muslims but effect the american people. Why is it that these people get so much protection from the police & the media for the things they do? If it was a white or black person it would be the headlines on every fucking newspaper & newstation! This needs to be taken care of not just for now but for our children & the future generations it may effect. I’m so sick of this religion getting so much protection from who the American people expect to inform us from the dangers these Muslims are doing to the American people. This is AMERICA not the middle east. They do things their own countries don’t have any problems with it. We have laws that it seems don’t apply to these people. If any American person did what these Muslims are doing they would be locked up for years. They all need to go back to their own countriesb & rebuild their own countries. These Muslims are born into mobey so they don’t have to work for a living, we are not. All they do in our country is learn how to manipulate our laws & I see to many times how it’s rewarded instead of enforced by these Muslims who do nothing but use their relegion to get away with all the illegal shit they do. How many other people use theirs? How many other religions get a pass if they did what these Muslims do? There Muslims are acting like they are God when they don’t even believe in God. The more these people get a pass the more they feel they are better than us Americans & they are getting ready in their Mosques to attack us Americans & us Americans will be on the news when it happens saying they had no idea it was going to happen when it’s right in front of their face. We have more mosques in our country than churches! In AMERICA!

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