New Photos Corroborate Perjury Claims Against Rep. Ilhan Omar, as She Deletes Social Media Evidence

Source: New Photos Corroborate Perjury Claims Against Rep. Ilhan Omar, as She Deletes Social Media Evidence | Self-Evident

On Tuesday, one-term state Representative Ilhan Omar (D-60B) appears likely to replace the outgoing Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) by winning Minnesota’s pre-eminent House seat: CD-5.

In October, however, the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board opened a formal investigation of her after reviewing evidence of several violations. Omar has also made, and defended, anti-Semitic comments as direct and vicious as any spoken by a U.S. politician in a generation.

Yet those legal and character matters may only be secondary red flags.

In 2016, an anonymous writer on published verified photos and Minnesota state records suggesting that Rep. Omar is a serial felon and fraudster.

Since then, the additional evidence discovered to back these claims — and the absence of contradictory evidence — are almost as remarkable as Minnesota media’s refusal to lift a finger investigating her for two years.

Allegations against Rep. Ilhan Omar center around her 2009-2017 marriage to a British citizen named Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, who appears to be her brother. Omar is alleged to have married Elmi in the service of federal felonies: immigration fraud and student loan fraud. (While the latter may seem comparably minor, the penalties for a falsified FAFSA are severe: a $20,000 fine and up to five years in prison. Also, a falsified FAFSA implicates the accused in years of subsequent fraudulent filings with the IRS.) Additionally, there is evidence of state felonies: marriage fraud, and multiple instances of perjury during her 2009 marriage filings and her 2017 divorce proceedings.

The Backstory

New Evidence of Repeated Perjury, and a Family Relationship

After originally being exposed in 2016, Rep. Omar deleted evidence from her social media accounts that appeared to show her visiting a man named Ahmed N. Elmi in London in 2015. This was evidence that she had perjured herself by swearing to have never contacted him beyond June 2011. Omar also deleted evidence that showed her contacting him regularly on social media.

Ahmed Elmi, too, removed several posts from his accounts.

When reached by reporter Preya Samsundar of Minnesota outlet AlphaNewsMN, Elmi admitted to being the man in those London photos with Rep. Omar. However, he claimed to not know the woman next to him in the pictures — despite having the same name and exact birthdate of the man she married, and having been the only Ahmed Elmi to ever attend NDSU.

In August, I published additional evidence showing that Rep. Omar attested to falsehoods by claiming zero contact with Ahmed Elmi since 2011. In October, I published new evidence that Ahmed Elmi had known Rep. Omar long before then. He had graduated from a high school in Minneapolis in 2003, and sources confirmed that he lived with Ilhan’s father at the time.

Now, new evidence appears to corroborate both of those claims.

See the above Instagram post.

In her prior purge of incriminating evidence, Rep. Omar failed to delete this post, which is still live as of this article’s publication. “IlhanMN” is Rep. Omar’s verified campaign account. In the post, she exchanges messages with “AhmedNElmi”.

The below yearbook pictures were taken by PJ Media at a public library in St. Paul, Minnesota. “Ahmed N. Elmi,” born 4/4/85, is listed in the St. Paul Public Schools archives as graduating in 2003. The birthdate is precisely the same as the birthdate of the Ahmed Nur Said Elmi in the 2017 divorce proceedings. The resemblance to the man in the London photos — which originated on Rep. Omar’s Instagram account — is obvious:

Rep. Omar Is Still Deleting Evidence

Back in June 2018 — when I first became aware of Rep. Omar’s backstory — I took several screenshots of social media that depicted Rep. Omar in regular contact with “AhmedNElmi” years after the June 2011 date she attested to under penalty of perjury.

Last week on November 1, I revisited the posts.

As you can see below, Rep. Omar has deleted all of her incriminating comments and likes in the past four months:

Minnesota GOP Wants Answers. Omar Won’t Talk

Immigration fraud, marriage fraud, federal student loan fraud, several instances of perjury, tax fraud on every filing for eight years, even fraud on her disclosure forms while serving as a state representative: all of this could potentially be in the mix based on the current evidence.

Add that to an open investigation into her campaign finances.

And this bone-chilling, “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” anti-Semitism:

MN CD-5 GOP Chairman Jesse Pfliger sent PJ Media this response to the above new evidence:
It’s sad and disappointing that Representative Omar is continuing to refuse to respond to the real allegations against her. It’s clear to me — as it is to any reasonable person — that there are multiple credible allegations against her, including this real evidence of immigration fraud that questions Representative Omar’s ability to serve the people of Minnesota. I’m certain she is the wrong choice for the people of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District. I call on voters to make the right choice on Tuesday.
(Emphasis added)
The GOP candidate for CD-5, Jennifer Zielinski, sent PJ Media these comments after reviewing the evidence:


I hope this question of the history of Ilhan’s marriages can come to a successful conclusion. I have yet to hear her answer for her many campaign finance violations, and she tends to avoid questions regarding her ethics. This creates a pattern of corruption which makes me concerned about future actions she would take in Congress and in other political leadership positions.


I have offered Rep. Omar, the Minnesota Democratic Party (DFL) chair, and the DFL CD-5 chair three full days to respond to each of my prior three articles prior to publication. Not once did I receive a response other than the below tweet — which I did respond to, after which she went silent again. So I did not attempt to contact them prior to publishing this article.

Perhaps President Trump is seeking a case study to back his claims of a rotten, corruptible media and Democratic Party. If so, he could do no better than the Party’s promotion of Ilhan Omar, and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s subservient coverage of perhaps the most troubling candidate background the state has ever seen.

Read it all for full set of images and other evidence.

5 thoughts on “New Photos Corroborate Perjury Claims Against Rep. Ilhan Omar, as She Deletes Social Media Evidence

  1. Given the hostility and willingness to intimidate those who support Republicans, many folks aren’t counted in polling. They WILL vote today. Enough is enough. The Democratic party WAS the workingman’s party. Banak Banama put the coup d’ grace to that idea. I have lived in Minnesota more than twenty years now and I can feel the change.

  2. sad day in Minnesota after the elections, the state had become so radicalized that it is beyond hope, if you listen to all the new democratic rethoric,and to Ihan Omar she’s just try to establish her Muslim agenda, and Ellison is a disgrace to the state but their districts are all the Muslims and Minnesota is the leader of the eventual Muslim take over as they are starting to infiltrate into state and federal government

  3. Let’s watch to see if anything happens to her. Anyone want to bet nothing does? A Muslim and a politician, no way! That state is so enamoured of Muslims, that their Muslims, basically, rule that state now. Very powerful politically there, as they are becoming ever more so all over the USA.

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