Oklahoma: Muslim threatens explosion, ‘Hundreds are going to die in OKC’

Crazy talk? Source: ‘Hundreds are going to die in OKC’: Man threatens explosion, tak – KAKE.com

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOCO) – A man was arrested in Oklahoma City, on a complaint of threatening to kill by the use of explosive. Police said he was seen taking suspicious photos at the Oklahoma City National Memorial and that he called his sister in Iran to tell her that, “hundreds of people are going to die in Oklahoma City, and something very large is going to happen.”

Officials with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s joint Terrorism Task Force contacted Oklahoma City police on Oct. 30, regarding a suspicious person taking photos at the Memorial. Officials said the person, later identified as Amiremad Nayebyazdi, had been seen taking photos of unusual angles and places at the Memorial on several occasions.

Security forces were able to get the suspect’s Oklahoma tag number when he came back to the memorial, and tracked it to Nayebyazdi. Nayebryzdi had been arrested before on suspicion of possession of a controlled dangerous substance, driving under the influence, and public intoxication, and he had been taken into protective custody in 2014 on an emergency order of detention for a mental health evaluation.

Police said Nayebryazdi has a degree in petroleum engineering and worked for an Oklahoma City oil company.

Police said they received a call on Nov. 1 from a concerned person in California, who said Nayebryazdi had left a recorded message for his sister in Iran. Police said the recorded message was “loosely translated” by the caller, who said Nayebryazdi told his sister that, “Hundreds are going to die in Oklahoma City, something very large is going to happen, it will be on the news, and don’t tell mom and dad until it is seen on the news.”

The caller said they received the information from a high school friend living in Germany. All three had grown up together.

Police officers, along with a tactical team, a bomb squad, the gang unit and FBI agents, went to Nayebryazdi’s home near Northwest 5th Avenue and North Shartel Avenue. A bomb-detecting K9 checked the suspect’s vehicle and found no indication of of an explosive device.

Officers then went to Nayebryazdi’s apartment and knocked on his door. Nayebryazdi opened the door and allowed officers inside, police said.

Nayebryazdi, police said, admitted to officers that he did tell her sister that, “hundreds of people will be dead and something big was going to happen in Oklahoma City.” Officers asked him if he was talking about an explosion, and he said “yes.”

Nayebryazdi also told police that he “hears things,” and that he just told her this was going to happen. He said he had not made any explosive devices, according to police.

According to police, Nayebryazdi admitted to taking photos at the memorial, but he denied placing any explosives in any area that would hurt people. He told police that he did not want to hurt people, but he has had problems, authorities said.

Police said they asked the man if he had mental problems and if he was supposed to be on medication, and that he answered he was supposed to be, but he had not been taking the medications.

The K-9 cleared the apartment and did not find any explosives, according to police.

A Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) officer responded and performed a mental evaluation on Nayebryazdi. He was then placed in protective custody and taken to St. Anthony Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

An arrest warrant was also issued for Nayebryazdi for the charge of threatening to kill by use of explosive.

7 thoughts on “Oklahoma: Muslim threatens explosion, ‘Hundreds are going to die in OKC’

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    • We didn’t invite Rabies either but here you are……………….This is not your country if you don’t believe me check it out for yourself. Go to..Deagel . com……Go to bottom of front page and click on other info Countries, a list of countries will pop up……………The dates are for 2018 (current) and 2025 in 6 years…….Look at the population numbers, the population reduction and loss of income is catastrophic for all mainly white countries, with non white countries gaining in population and wealth……Guess who is going to disappear in the next 6 years…….Its not the Muslims mate

  2. So Amiremad Nayebyazdi has a degree in petroleum engineering. Why do we train potential enemies in skills that they will use to attack our country? At this moment we are training islamists in biological warfare that may be the cause of epidemics, We have medical professionals from filthy third world countries that likely cause thousands of deaths under cover of medical treatment.
    All muslims are sworn to destroy America and place it under sharia slavery.
    PROSCRIBE islam!!!

    • Not at all. Muslims will have no hand in the destruction of the USA as Muslims are a backward people(at least 500 years behind) read up what Christians were doing 500 years ago, then you will see how far Islam has to go before it starts to reach a certain level of maturity. Muslims are just too far behind.
      The USA will implode under its own weight of devilry,cruelty, rape,murder,sanctions that kill children,Supporting terror world wide,etc etc etc etc. per perpetuum.

      • Messed up on so many levels! So who’s going to supplant the decreasing “white” populations if “muslims will have no hand in the destruction of the USA”??? It’s the muslims that aren’t aborting all their future progenies! Seems to me, it’s the whites that are the clueless “backward” ones!

        Last I checked, I’d say they (the muzzlumz) sure learned mighty fast how to fly our 747’s (or whatever planes they hijacked) into the Twin Towers! It doesn’t take a whole lot of 21st century education to commit murder. Yes, America will pay for her sins…. And God knows who to use to make that happen! America’s only REAL sin is FORSAKING the God who breathed LIFE into her in the first place! You’re right–America is GUILTY, but NOT of murdering children “world wide”! She’s guilty of killing her OWN children!!!

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