Terror-linked CAIR reports at least 57 Muslims elected to local, state, and national positions

September 11 was just the beginning of their jihad.

Source: Jetpac: Building American Muslim Political Infrastructure

In this historic election year, 49% of eligible voters voted in the first midterm election ever to have more than 100 million voters. We haven’t had a turnout percent this high since 1966, and you’d have to look all the way back to 1914 to find an election with more than 50% participation. With some votes in GA, TX, and FL still being counted there’s a chance this election will break that record.

It was a record year for Muslim involvement, too. Jetpac has confirmed at least 128 American Muslims ran for office in this cycle. Numbers haven’t been that high since 2000, when about 700 Muslims ran, and 153 were elected. Jetpac is working on a full report to be released next week, in partnership with CAIR.

Below, we’ve broken down the campaigns of American Muslims across the country at the Federal/Statewide, State Legislative, County, Judiciary, and Municipal levels. Click the links to jump to those sections.

We’ve pulled this information from a number of sources—let us know if we’ve made a mistake, or forgotten to add anyone. We’ll be updating the list as we get more results.

Federal and Statewide Races

Candidate District Result
Agha Khan (R) NJ 10th Congressional District LOST
Andre Carson (D) IN 7th Congressional District WON
Ilhan Omar (D) MN 5th Congressional District WON
Keith Ellison (D) MN Attorney General WON
Omar Qudrat (R) CA 52nd Congressional District LOST
Rashida Tlaib (D) MI 13th Congressional District WON
Mahmoud Mahmoud (NWF) NJ 8th Congressional District LOST

Of the above wins, we have a lot of firsts for American Muslims: Rashida Tlaib is the first Palestinian-American woman to be elected to Congress, Ilhan Omar will be the first Somali woman, and—without getting into the exact times their races were called—they’re both the first American Muslim women to be elected as members of the House of Representatives. Keith Ellison will be the first American Muslim State Attorney General, and the first American Muslim elected to statewide office.

State Legislative Races

While we didn’t get all the wins we wanted, it can’t be stressed enough that each and every one of these candidates had a victory—regardless of the numbers that came in yesterday. These are our community leaders, and they fought so hard for their voices to be heard. Congratulations to each and every one of you.

Quick note: Amir Malik’s race in MN’s 37B District is within 100 votes. While the unofficial results are predicting a win for his opponent, it’s still very close.

Candidate District Result
Abbas Akhil (D) NM State House District 20 WON
Abdullah Hammoud (D) MI State House District 15 WON
Aboul Khan (R) NH State House Rockingham 20 District WON
Aisha Yaqoob (D) GA State House District 97 LOST
Ako Abdul-Samad (D) IA State House District 35 WON
Amir Malik (D) MN State House District 37B 50/50
Annisa Karim (D) FL State Senate District 28 LOST
Charles Fall (D) NY State House District 61 WON
Hana Ali (D) TN State House District 45 LOST
Hodan Hassan (D) MN State House District 62A WON
Jason Dawkins (D) PA State House District 179 WON
Johnny Martin (D) AZ State House District 25 LOST
Mohamud Noor (D) MN State House District 60B WON
Mujtaba Mohammed (D) NC State Senate District 38 WON
Nasif Majeed (D) NC State House District 99 WON
Naveen Malik (D) SD State House District 31 LOST
Rizwan Ahmed (D) FL State House District 111 LOST
Robert Jackson (D) NY State Senate District 31 WON
Safiya Wazir (D) NH State House Merrimack 17 District WON
Sheikh Rahman (D) GA State Senate District 5 WON

There were dozens more in the County and Municipal elections and you can view the results  at the Jetpack website. To help Muslims further implement the sharia, six of the seven Muslims running for judicial positions WON.

Judiciary Races

Candidate District Result
Adel A. Harb MI Wayne County Circuit Court WON
George Abdallah Jr. CA Superior Court of San Joaquin County, Office 12 WON
Halim Dhanidina CA Court of Appeal, Second Appellate District, Division Three WON
Rabeea Collier TX District Courts, 113th District WON
Sam Salamey MI District Courts, District 19 WON
Shadia Tadros NY Syracuse City Court LOST
Shahabuddeen Ally NYC Civil Court, NY County WON

Jetpac, the organization that compiled the information above – and is building infrastructure that helped these Muslims and more in the future to get elected – has partnered with terror-linked CAIR to report on the mid-terms. More on Jetpac in this post: Muslim Brotherhood’s U.S. Political Infiltration on Steroids

“We partnered with CAIR to produce a report on American Muslim Election victories and voter attitudes. Click below to check it out!”

Click here to view the report in PDF.  States infiltrated the most are:

California – 11

New Jersey – 10

Michigan – 8

Minnesota – 5

As we noted on Twitter (click to watch video):

9 thoughts on “Terror-linked CAIR reports at least 57 Muslims elected to local, state, and national positions

  1. No muslim should be permitted in government office. Their allegiance is only to islam, the koran and sharia. They are sworn to conquer and enslave Americans. No American could get a just decision from them. moslems are trained from birth in taquiya and the many other methods of lying, deceit and treachery.

    ISLAMOPHOBIA = fear of islam. The koran commands its followers to instill fear in those it wish’s to conquer.. All right thinking people have islamophobia as that is what islam demands!!!!

    Wake up America !!!!!!!
    “Farewell to England”
    This is an interesting “Farewell to England” list of Islamic accomplishments in that country that I thought might give you a better understanding of the insidiousness of Hijrah; that’s the takeover of a nation without going to war. Don’t think for a moment that America is not a target or that there are no American cities where Islamic and Sharia victories and takeovers have already occurred. It’s time for border control, or start planning for a very big goodbye America party
    Here’s what has already happened to England within a few years of opening their borders without entry control:
    How the British have passively succumbed to the Muslim invasion:
    Mayor of London .. MUSLIM
    Mayor of Birmingham .. MUSLIM
    Mayor of Leeds … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Blackburn … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Sheffield … MUSLim
    Mayor of Oxford .. MUSLIM
    Mayor of Luton …. MUSLIM
    Mayor of Oldham … MUSLIM
    Mayor of Rochdale … MUSLIM
    All the following achieved by just 4 million Muslims out of the 66 million population:
    Over 3,000 Muslim Mosque
    Over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts
    Over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils
    Muslims Only No-Go Areas Across The UK
    Muslim Women.. 78% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing
    Muslim Men… 63% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing
    Muslim Families… 6-8 children planning to go on FREE benefits/housing and now all UK schools are ONLY serving HALAL MEAT!
    Check your groceries, if a product carries the halal symbol it means tribute has been paid to muslims as a jizya tax
    PROSCRIBE islam!!!!

    • JerryS That was well written! Thank you for sharing, and hope you don’t mind that I copied and pasted this comment (minus your name) to fb.

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  4. In 1960 conservatives said John Kennedy should not be elected president because his allegiance was to the Pope and the Catholic Church.

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