Boston Imam: “Islam is America’s future. Without Islam America will meet its demise”

With Islam, it will meet its demise much faster.

Source: Boston Imam: US Is Land Of Coward And Home Of Slave | MEMRI

In sermons in late 2016 and early 2017 at the Mosque for the Praising of Allah (Mosque Praise Allah) in Roxbury, Massachusetts – “Boston’s Oldest Continually Operating Masjid,” according to its website[1] – Imam Abdullah Faaruuq asserted that American leaders have “the wrong system… following the ways of men” because “everything that Allah told us is forbidden, they permit – homosexuality, gay marriage, marijuana, alcohol, prostitution.”

He went on to invite President Trump and Hillary Clinton to “submit to the will of God” and become Muslim. Referencing the “Appeal to the Great Spirit” statue at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, which depicts an Indian mounted on a horse looking heavenward with his arms widespread in, he said, “supplication to Allah,” he added, “This is the land of the coward and the home of the slave… Islam is America’s future” and that without Islam “America will meet its demise.” He concluded: “Submit to the will of God, or this country will fail… America, be Muslim, and open the doors of this nation.” \

Faaruuq, a former Northeastern University chaplain,[2] has made headlines because of his controversial sermons and the Boston-area terror suspects attending them. One such worshiper at the Mosque for the Praising of Allah was Usaamah Rahim, a terror suspect killed as he brandished a knife at police as he allegedly sought to behead them.[3] Rahim’s family worshiped at the mosque and referred to Faaruuq as  a “close friend”; [4] Faaruuq condemned the police killing of Rahim as “reckless” and “dangerous.”[5]

Faaruuq has delivered sermons at a Cambridge mosque operated by the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) and at the ISBCC itself. Several convicted terrorists reportedly worshipped at the Cambridge mosque – among them Boston Marathon bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, as well as Aafia Siddiqui, who plotted a chemical attack on New York City, and Tarek Mehanna, sentenced in 2012 to 17 years in prison for conspiring to aid Al-Qaeda.[6] Faaruuq publicly defended Siddiqui and Tarek Mehanna; he was active in a movement seeking to free them, and called on Boston Muslims to defend Siddiqui because “after they’re finished with Aafia, they’re gonna come to your door.” As a result, he was dismissed from his position as Northeastern University chaplain.[7] An ISBCC founder, Abduraham Alamoudi, was sentenced in 2004 to 23 years in prison for his role in a plot to kill Saudi royal officials; he too allegedly worshipped at the Cambridge mosque.[8] A 2010 video of Faaruuq preaching at the ISBCC showed him exhorting worshipers to “grab onto the rope, grab onto the typewriter, grab onto the shovel, grab onto the gun and the sword.”[9]

Nevertheless, a December 2016 titled “Out of Many, One,” billed as “an interfaith call for dignity and diligence with Senator Elizabeth Warren and [Boston] Mayor Marty Walsh” and sponsored by the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, was held at the ISBCC.[10] Additionally, in 2009, the Mosque for the Praising of Allah was part of the Pluralism Project through Harvard University.[11]

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Islam is America’s future. Without Islam America will meet its demise. Islam means submission to the will of God. This is one nation, under God. I believe that even if you lied about ‘we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,’ and you never believed that, and you didn’t consider your fellow men as being equal or fair.  You’re a bunch of cowards because you don’t want to get on the basketball courts with us, because we’ll whip you. You don’t want to let us on the baseball field because we’ll whip you. You don’t want to let us in the board rooms because we’ll whip you, or at least give you a run for your money…”

15 thoughts on “Boston Imam: “Islam is America’s future. Without Islam America will meet its demise”

  1. Islam is at war with America!, America is at war with islam!
    Anyone giving aid and comfort to our enemy is guilty of treason and should be prosecuted.
    If you will remember anything about the historical significance of Islam (its political effect), then remember this, namely, that over the centuries no faith, no body of ideas, no society of practitioners of beliefs other than those of Islam under Islam’s badge of pride has been killing the Westerners and attacking the symbols of Western life with poignant hate and deliberate intent to destroy the West for being itself. KHAZOUK.

  2. seriously doubt that i-mam every said God. likely it said ‘allah’ which is the moon god of islam/muslim folks. the ‘left’ wants americans to think it is the same God, BUT it ain’t. for one, i don’t bow before some ragheaded moongod.
    there is only one GOD and that is the great ‘I AM’ from the ‘european Christian Bible’!!!!!

  3. When Dawkins book THE GOD DELUSION was translated into Arabic and put up as a free download, it got ten million downloads in Muslim Countries. If you consider that for every person who downloaded, there are ten more who feel the same way, it is evident that as soon as Muslims become educated and well-informed, very few continue to believe in the tenets of the Faith. Many still remain nominally in Islam for socio-economic reasons. Even some prominent Imams in Africa admit that they are losing millions each year to Christianity.

    If you take a group of Muslim teenage girls in the U.S., and surround them with a group of angry, hostile, and close-minded Imams, of course they will all say, “Yes, revered sirs, we believe!! But if you were to look into their minds, it is a different story. Growing up here, they see that a society which is based, even nominally, on English Common Law, affords them much greater rights and a better chance at personal safety than a culture based upon Sharia Law.

  4. This has been the plan of the left for a very long time. It’s also been the plan by the bankers who managed to heist our government through their Ponzi scheme called the Federal Reserve Act in December during a lame duck session while most of Congress was home for the holidays. I for one believe that regardless that it has been over one hundred years ago now that we need a lawyer that would take up the case against the FED on the basis that in order for any law to be enacted there has to be a 2/3 vote. That didn’t happen because during the lame duck session there weren’t enough members of Congress present to constitute a 2/3 vote. That’s a fact.

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  6. need to remind him about the arab countries. they themselves regard everyone ,espec. foreigners as slaves. only the ruling elite / families enjoy the wealth of these countries. everyone else are living in poverty. oh its Gods will they will tell you. Patheic bunch of hypocrites. islam is medievil and backwards. from a south african muslim.

  7. Ah, lets now focus on what you permit –

    Child marriage (aka pedophilia)
    Bacha Bazi boys (aka pedophilia and homosexuality)
    Rape of non-muslim women and children
    Oppression of women and FGM
    One day marriages (aka prostitution)
    Multiple wives
    Honour Killings
    Murder of innocent non-muslims
    Barbaric cruelty to animals both in meat production and your sacrifices at your bloody Eid festivals
    Need I go on?

  8. Native America Here This FALSE PROFIT DOES NOT SPEAK FOR NATIVES! WE Have Fought In Every War America Has ever Had. And Win or Lose You knew you Had Bean in a Real Fight! So Don’t Count on your Hate Dividing Us From Our White Brothers! “Cowboys & Indians Fist Fight in Heaven”, But At Least there’s a Heaven! iSlamE Is the Religion Of Hate, Horror and Subjugation! In other Words HELL! We Native Americans Never BOWDOWN, thats Our Problem. Hard Headed I Guess.

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