Why did Arabic Billboards Appear in the U.S. During Midterms Elections?

Why? Because that’s how sharia creeps in.

Source: Why did Arabic Billboards Appear in the US During Midterms Elections? | Al Bawaba

Around 150 Arabic-language billboards have been seen in the US lately in different parts of the country. One says: “إنسان” [Human] appeared first in Lansing, Michigan and the other is “أهلا وسهلا” [Ahlan wa Sahlan] in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The billboards appeared shortly before the US midterms that took place on November 6 as part of the 50-State Initiative, a nation-wide public art project funded and organized by “For Freedoms.” The two billboards were designed by a Lebanese-born, Germany-raised Jamila El Sahili and the American artist, Michael Rakowitz.

The organization that aims to promote “public discussions on civic issues and core values”, had raised $150,000 through crowdfunding to pay for the art project.

Their project coincided with Nov. midterm elections that witnessed the win of two Muslim women, one Arab and another Somali who entered history as the first two Muslim Congresswomen.

The billboards were deliberately offered with no translation, as Sahili said: “I don’t want people to see what it means, because it can be a conversation starter,” she said in an interview with The National.

Her participation in the campaign began with her project “Human” [إنسان]. She designed T-shirts, tote bags and buttons using the same word in Arabic for what she called a response to the “dehumanising” of the Muslim community in America after 9/11 and to promote the beauty of the Arabic language.

So she wanted it to be anti-partisan just in time for mid-term elections that had a record number of Muslims running? And it was response to the supposed “dehumanising” of the Muslim community in America after 9/11?

In a separate article, “She said the message, “human being,” is aimed at promoting an understanding of her faith.”

In other words, this was pure Islamic dawah and desensitizing infidels.

Allah is not simply Arabic for god. If it were, then explain this in Malaysia : Word Allah should not be used by non-Muslims

In the ruling, Judge Lau Bee Lan said use of the word Allah was constitutional as long as The Herald used the word to educate members of the Christian faith, Bernama reported Sunday.

Educate them about Islam. Otherwise, using it is unconstitutional.

Muslim groups in Malaysia have said the word Allah should be used exclusively by Muslims and represented a sacrilege of the Muslim faith when used by non-Muslim publications.

Who is dehumanizing who Jamila El Sahili?

PS: Terror-linked CAIR reports at least 57 Muslims elected to local, state, and national positions

11 thoughts on “Why did Arabic Billboards Appear in the U.S. During Midterms Elections?

  1. The signs represent their celebration of sharia success BEFORE the midterms because they knew the fix was in. The knew they got through the door and none of them would have if someone else wasn’t holding it open for them. Having this most corrupt congress in US history makes it easy to buy it and infiltrate it. Every low life anti-Americans that can form an organization can now buy or steal a seat in our government. Case in point.

    I don’t believe that the racists, socialists, communists, terrorists, “palestinians”, and other muslims “won” this election. I don’t believe that so many people, even liberal deadheads, would vote against their own prosperity, freedoms, liberties, and everything else they enjoy in America, to vote for its demise and their own subjugation.

    I do believe that if the recounts were accurate and honest (which they’re not) and all voter fraud and election rigging were exposed (which they’re not), the Republicans would surely take the House – back to their voter base.

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