Radical Muslim Group Operates Commune in Dunlap, California

Source: Radical Muslim Group Operates Commune in California

Clarion Intelligence Network has learned that a radical and militant Islamist group is operating a commune in California.

The Miraj compound, located in Dunlap, California, is home to a group of radical Islamists connected to the extremist Black nationalist Muslim group Al-Ummah (The Community).

The compound attracts a steady stream of affiliated individuals and families who camp on the compound’s property. Many who visit the compound — for retreats or year-round stays — are convicted felons released from prison and who converted to Islam in prison.

Who is behind the Miraj compound?

The leader and owner of the Miraj compound is Na’il Karim, who lives on the compound along with his wife and daughter(s). Karim does most of the building at Miraj.

Karim pledged 100% allegiance to Al-Amim and also to Abdullah before he was killed. Karim is also friends with Zaid Shakir, co-founder of Zaytuna College. Shakir has called for sharia law for America.

Read it all at the Clarion Project.

7 thoughts on “Radical Muslim Group Operates Commune in Dunlap, California

  1. Also compounds here in Florida. I observed a group of arab men in our local Aldi who only purchased about 60 gallons of milk. obviously a logistics purchase for the compound. These compounds are enemy camps within the USA and they should be exterminated and the enemies arrested. Better yet use them as testing grounds for new weapons.
    We are at war and all who give aid and comfort to the enemy are guilty of treason!

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