Islamic groups in Pittsburgh pocket thousands in cash raised for Jewish community after mass shooting

Source: Islamists in Pittsburgh pocket cash raised for Jewish community in wake of mass shooting – Conservative Review

Jordan Schachtel

Islamic groups in Pittsburgh appear to have pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars from fundraisers set up in the wake of the horrific October mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue, which killed eleven Jews and injured several congregants and police officers who responded to the scene.

According to the left-wing The Forward, the Islamic group Celebrate Mercy has already funneled $155,000 — of over $238,634 that was raised supposedly for the victims of the shooting and the greater Jewish community of Pittsburgh — into the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh. Though the Forward article states that a document was posted signed by a representative of Celebrate Mercy, the director of the Islamic Center, and a “Tree of Life representative detailing exactly how the funds will be distributed to victims and their families,” the link to the document is dead.

As for the remaining $83,634, raised above the fundraiser’s $150,000 goal, it will go toward the vague goal of “projects that help foster Muslim-Jewish collaboration, dialogue, and solidarity,” Celebrate Mercy director Tarek El-Messidi told The Forward.

The Clarion Project, along with other groups, has documented how Islamists have used anti-Semitic crimes in the United States to raise cash for their priorities. 

Concerning the individuals behind the Pittsburgh fundraiser, there were already several red flags.

“There is a pattern of American Islamists pretending to be sympathetic to domestic U.S. Jews to build credibility that they are not anti-Semites. Several of these Islamists have been involved in crowdfunding campaigns to aid the Pittsburgh synagogue,” Ryan Mauro and Alex VanNess of the Clarion Project reported.

The Islamic Center of Pittsburgh is a mosque with deep ties to Muslim Brotherhood front groups in the United States. A former imam there was an overt anti-Semite who blamed Jews for the rise of ISIS, and he was ultra-cozy with anti-Semitic hate preacher Louis Farrakhan.

Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour in particular (who fundraised in the wake of the Pittsburgh attacks, through her Islamic advocacy group called MPower Change) has a long history of running Jewish “solidarity” scams, which resulted in raised cash simply disappearing.

Last year, Sarsour and El-Messidi raised over $100,000 for the purported goal of helping to repair Jewish cemeteries that were damaged by vandals. Months went by, and several cemeteries that were promised funds never received a check from the group. 

The legacy media has played a role in offering false legitimacy to the fundraisers set up by the perpetual scam artists. In the wake of the Pittsburgh shooting, countless media outlets celebrated their supposed noble fundraising activities without taking the time to investigate or caution readers about their past activities.

More on Sarsour’s profiting off of crimes against Jews here: NY State Democrat: Linda “Sarsour is a fraud”. Indeed she is.

4 thoughts on “Islamic groups in Pittsburgh pocket thousands in cash raised for Jewish community after mass shooting

  1. Masters of “The Big Con” at every turn, and in every area of their activities. No surprise here..

    …And of course, they are “Islamophobia Industry” victims as well – always – every day – and they never do anything to provoke the reaction to their anti-American / Anti-Constitutional Law / Anti-anybody-but-themselves behavior.. Just ask them.. Don’t forget that little wrinkle in their playbook..

    Just very nice thieves, beggars, con artists, propagandists, endless perpetrators of barbaric acts “for the cause” of course, and never ending VICTIMS..

    …And, it’s all our fault.. Just ask them..

  2. Is the FBI and DOJ too busy trying to pin false charges on Trump and associates to investigate and prosecute real crimes. I condemn the cult of Muhammad for their evil. I condemn law enforcement personnel who let them get away with it.

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