California: U.S. Air Force Grants Beard Waiver to Muslim Airman

Muslims are the exception to every American law, regulation and custom. It’s all part of Islamic supremacy. So much for uniformity in the U.S. military.

Source: Air Force Grants Beard Waiver to Muslim Airman |

An airman from the 821st Contingency Response Support Squadron at Travis Air Force Base, California, can now wear a beard in keeping with his Muslim faith, thanks to a recently granted religious accommodation waiver, service officials said.

Travis Air Force Base officials had previously said Staff Sgt. Abdul Rahman Gaitan was the first Muslim airman to receive such a waiver. But Capt. Carrie Volpe, an Air Force spokeswoman, told Nov. 27 that Gaitan was the sixth airman to receive such a waiver. One additional waiver has been granted since Gaitan was given the OK, and an eighth waiver is currently being processed, Volpe said.

According to a news release about Gaitan, the airman was raised Catholic but developed an interest in Islam during a 2011 deployment to Izmir, Turkey, where the Air Force maintains an air station. He continued his pursuit of the faith as he moved on to his next duty station in Hawaii, and ultimately decided to convert.

Getting authorization to grow a beard in keeping with his new faith, however, would require nearly four more years of effort, according to the release.

In 2014, the Pentagon released a new policy outlining how religious service members might apply for a waiver to wear otherwise-prohibited items — such as a turban, headscarf or beard — as a way of expressing “sincerely held beliefs.” The policy made clear that such accommodations would be granted on a case-by-case basis and could be denied if the request was seen to interfere with wearing a uniform or helmet, impede work or pose a health or safety hazard.

Since Gaitan was granted his own waiver, he said he has received some negative backlash, but also support from his chain of command, according to the service release.

“A month after I started growing my beard, someone shooed me away with their hand saying very negative things because I was a Muslim. A week later, another person from a different squadron felt comfortable enough to ask me if I had joined ISIS,” Gaitan said in a statement. “These two incidents weren’t the only ones. Earlier … someone openly questioned if I was a terrorist.”

However, he said, he was defended by his peers on the spot, and the matter was quickly elevated to senior officials, who reassured him he had their support.

“The incident shot straight to the commander, like a lightning bolt, and the following morning I was called into his office with the chief and first sergeant waiting for me,” Gaitan said in the release. “In my entire career, I’ve never had a commander look me in the eyes like he did … his look, tone, words and posture were shouting at me, ‘Don’t worry, we have your back.’ ”

The Army has led the services in granting allowances for religious troops. In 2017, the service streamlined the process for Muslims and Sikhs to obtain a waiver to wear beards and turbans and other religious headgear. While these troops are still required to receive case-by-case permission at the brigade level, the waivers, once approved, are now permanent throughout the soldier’s career.

The Army made headlines again earlier this year when it granted the first beard exemption to a self-professed Norse Pagan soldier.

Ahead of Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein’s confirmation hearing in 2016, he answered a number of questions from Congress on service policy regarding religious exemptions for troops. His answers gave no indication of any plans to broaden policies currently in place for observant airmen.

“The Air Force has granted dress and grooming religious accommodation requests in the past,” he said in written responses. “Such requests will continue to be carefully evaluated and accommodations granted unless doing so adversely impacts military readiness.”

Do military leaders ever so boldly have the backs of non-Muslim Americans who stand up to Islamic supremacy and sharia law?

11 thoughts on “California: U.S. Air Force Grants Beard Waiver to Muslim Airman

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  2. And invitation to sabotage! Teach them how to service an aircraft and there are mysterious crash’s.
    Show them how to fire a ships cannon and there can be a powder explosion. Show hem how to live in an apartment and you have ‘gas’ explosions. They are the experts at friendly fire!
    Proscribe islam

  3. We are watching our country fall apart right in front of our eyes. It is our fault because of apathy and when heads are being chopped off we have no one to blame but ourselves. No sympathy for those who won’t even fight for themselves and we ain’t done squat. Goodbye America, what replaces you will be dark and wicked but hey, that must be what we want

  4. What next? Is demanding the jizzya tax of other servicemen next? Does he get a special halal diet. Does The air force supply him with a Q’uran and prayer rug? Can he interrupt air force operations five times a day so he can pray? Does he get Fridays off?

  5. Military personal who convert to Islam should be discharged from service: once a convert you fore sake the Constitution for sharia law, once that is done a convert under Islam cannot serve a foreign government aka the United States Constitution and the military should never ever bend and make concessions for anyone: everyone in the military follows the same rules …NO EXCEPTIONS.

    • True;When you raise your right hand and say “I do” you pledge allegiance to the constitution and swear to protect and defend it. The constitution and sharia are gas and water.

  6. One more item : Muslims should never be allowed into any service of government : military, elected positions etc, for the same reasons listed above.

  7. I blame Obama for this. He brought Islam into our Military. Military Chaplains were let go for preaching Jesus Christ,as Islam was ushered and welcomed in. Now Chaplains can’t mention Jesus Christ in a regular Sunday Sermon,except Christmas and Easter. Just Google it. Franklin Graham was turned away from speaking at a Military Base before Obama left Office.
    There is a repercussion for all things wrong. We’ve cracked open the door,the Devil got his foot in,and now we’ve opened the door and let him come on in. Watch what happens.

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