UK police “recklessly ignored” decades of sexual abuse by Pakistani Muslim gangs on British Sikh women

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POLICE “recklessly ignored” decades of sexual abuse by predominantly Pakistani Muslim gangs on British Sikh women because of “political correctness”, a bombshell report claims.

Girls were often groomed before being passed to other family members, according to the Sikh Meditation and Rehabilitation Team charity. The group’s The Religiously Aggravated Sexual Exploitation of Young Sikh Women Across the UK” report” looked at alleged abuse against Sikh girls from Indian backgrounds. The alleged abuse dates back to the 1970s, according to the Daily Mail.

The report said: “The research has found verification demonstrating a history of predominantly Pakistani grooming gangs targeting young Sikh females for over 50 years.

“The over representation of such perpetrators in selecting non-Muslim victims would appear to be indicative of a wider acceptability in certain sections of the community towards the targeting of young females from outside of the Pakistani community and/or Muslim faith.

“Due to the failures of law enforcement agencies and local authorities in addressing the problem, such networks have continued to flourish.”

One 1971 complaint allegedly involved an 11-year-old who was jailed for imprisoning a Sikh girl in Slough.

Sikhs also reported girls being “used as sex slaves”.

In a bombshell claim, the report attacks police for failing to act on the abuse allegations.

It said: “Over the course of three decades, Sikh community leaders in the West Midlands repeatedly assert that when families or community representatives contacted the police regarding the abuse of children, their information was consistently met with disinterest and their claims met by inaction.

“With the emergence of multiple similar cases across the UK, the perceived failure to act has now been attributed to the ‘political correctness’ that inhibited authorities and agencies from addressing the racial and cultural dimensions understood as causative factors behind the abuse.”

The report has been backed by Labour Party MP Sarah Champion.

She demanded a full investigation into claims of abuse of Sikh girls in Britain.

Ms Champion said: “I was shocked when I first heard about the organised abuse of Sikh girls by mostly Pakistani men.

“When I started speaking to Sikh women, I could not believe how widespread the grooming and abuse was – and that this has been going on for decades. All forms of sexual exploitation must be prevented.

“We need to speak of the abuse of Sikh girls to take it out of the shadows and make sure the authorities take it seriously.

“There needs to be a full investigation into the systematic abuse of Sikh girls.”

A Home Office spokesman told “Child sexual abuse has been declared a national threat and the Government is investing millions of pounds to enable officers to actively seek out and bring offenders to justice.

“Group-based child sexual exploitation is a complex issue and the Government is working to improve our understanding of how to prevent this heinous crime.”

2 thoughts on “UK police “recklessly ignored” decades of sexual abuse by Pakistani Muslim gangs on British Sikh women

  1. The British government has known about this and who does it for decades. It’s too late to prevent things from the past,but action MUST be taken. Maybe old fashioned mass marches on police stations with hundreds of enraged parents will wake local governments from their slumber. They are terrified of what Muslims will do if confronted. What is needed is for the (Muslims) to be terrified of the consequences of continuing their barbaric practices. This entails more than sexual abuse but must include the banning of all aspects of sharia. They are not in their original countries. They are in Britain. They need to act like civilized people,not ruthless barbarians. Muslims can’t be reasoned with. They only respect strength and brute force. British authorities should stand up to them like Churchill stood up to the Nazis in stead of acting like whipped puppies with their tails between their legs. The time for action is now before the flag of Islam is raised over Buckingham palace. If they can’t be controlled then they must have their citizenship revoked and be deported.

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