Media and Democrats Completely Ignore Middle Eastern Women in DC to Share Horrors of Sharia Law

Source: WATCH: Middle Eastern Women Share Sharia Law Tales: It’s ‘Killing Us’

Rabia Kazan has witnessed first-hand the mistreatment and abuse of women in Iran who live under Sharia law, and she knows millions more are suffering and even dying from honor killings, female genital mutilation, child sex trafficking, and child marriage across the Middle East.

Kazan and almost two dozen other women from or with roots in the Middle East spent two days in Washington, DC., to share their stories and to take their message directly to President Donald Trump and Congress. They said they are grateful for Trump’s willingness to confront these issues and will do their part to help him get elected to a second term in 2020.

“Unfortunately, the whole world ignores our pain,” Kazan said on Tuesday at the National Press Club. “They torture our girls; they stone women; kill our women in the name of Sharia law under the Islamic regime.”

“We have to thank President Trump because in two years, finally, we’re getting help,” said Kazan, a native of Turkey and founder of the Middle East Women’s Coalition, the group that came to the nation’s capital to get their message out.

“We’re going to give a voice and endorse President Trump because silence is killing us,” Kazan said.

That help from Trump came in one concrete way on Tuesday when the president signed the Iraq and Syria Genocide Relief and Accountability Act of 2018 into law. The new law will, in part, fund humanitarian aid to religious and ethnic minorities in those war-torn and terror-ridden countries, including a break from the Obama-era foreign policy that will allow faith-based organizations to receive federal funding.

[CS: Will this funding go to corrupt Islamic organizations as it usually does?]

The women who belong to the coalition are Jews, Muslims and Christians. All said they shared the bond of wanting to advance the human rights or women around the world. 

Chiman Zebari, a Kurd who lives in the United States, spoke about the need to end honor killings both at home and around the world.

Ola Hawatmeh was born in New York but said that her Jordanian heritage led to a long and devastating marriage that ended in divorce after stress caused her life-threatening health problems.

Women in the coalition represent Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Libya, and Kurdistan.

The women also spoke out against Middle Eastern women whom they say are misleading Americans about human rights, including pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel Linda Sarsour, who is one of the founders of the anti-Trump Women’s March movement.

Speakers said that Sarsour works “against” the human rights of women in the Middle East because of her support for Sharia law.

The coalition went to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to speak to Congressional staff about their mission.

Kazan gave an emotional speech in which she shared how her activism journey started when she went “undercover” to Iran in 2006. She said she was exposed personally to abuse facing women there when she was asked if she would “marry” an elderly man for two days who was willing to pay $500.

Sigheh, or temporary marriage, is a controversial custom in Iran that allows men to “marry” a woman for a specified time frame.

“I want to tell you women in the Middle East are suffering,” Kazan said.

“Four-year-old Yazidis girls being sold to ISIS and we are silent,” Kazan said. “Why? Because of political correctness. Why? We cannot talk about Islamic religion. We cannot talk about Sharia law, which is untouchable.”

“People have to know,” Kazan said. “American people have to know the truth.”

Kazan and other coalition members hope that their insights can guide U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and beyond. 

The visit in D.C., however, did not gain attention from the left-wing media, and only one member of Congress showed up to speak with them at their event the Hill — Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA). The group did spend time going to Congressional offices to speak with lawmakers or staff.

More videos  below and at the link above.

6 thoughts on “Media and Democrats Completely Ignore Middle Eastern Women in DC to Share Horrors of Sharia Law

  1. Real people, real common sense!

    “To be a woman in a country where most of her people see women as a disgrace, and at best look at her from a sexual point of view, it is a heavy burden, but even worse when you are a Christian woman. It is hell!…. Sexual harassment can be described as an epidemic that spreads throughout Egypt. According to a 2013 study by the United Nations, more than 98 percent of all Egyptian women have been subjected to harassment. But the study did not show how harassment differs from a woman wearing hijab to another who reveals her hair. Most Muslim women in Egypt wear hijab and therefore, the others who do not wear it are most likely Coptic. This means that the Egyptian man thinks he has the right to harass her, simply because he sees her as a whore and a disbeliever. You may think that I am talking about a certain class of men, but in fact, most Muslim men (not all, but the majority) view the Coptic woman as easy prey. He thinks that he will have a religious reward if he can manipulate her emotionally and persuade her to marry him, or to convert to Islam, a phenomenon prevalent in Upper Egypt.”

    RCH October 24, 2013 | Log in to Reply
    “And I beg USA to please learn from the bitter lessons of history of Hindu sufferings due to Islaamic Jehaad. I beg the Americans to wake up to this pestilence, else it will completely ruin your great land. And U have to do this for ur American children so that they can leave in peace and prosperity, which the Jehaadis will not permit if they are given to thrive and multiply in your country. PS WAKE UP B4 IT IS TOO LATE and to hell with political correctness, esp towards INTOLERANT and MAD jehaadis.”

  2. American non Muslim females must take into consideration when reaching out to Muslim females most have not spoken out for Christian females in the Middle East, that is forbidden under Sharia, knowing this you simply do not hear from these Muslim females concerns for Christian females still under persecution in the Middle East, it appears they are more concerned about wearing a hijab victimization but that is nothing in comparison to subjugation daily at the hands of Muslims including Muslim females in the Middle East.

    It is ironic American females will be subject to this same treatment should they continue to embrace Muslims/ male and female before asking who have they ever helped in the Middle East that is Christian, what groups did they belong to on behalf of Christians, how many Christian friends did they have on a personal basis and you’d find silence, this is more important then reaching out to Muslims, it’s putting the cart before the horse and it is deadly.

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  4. I truly appreciate, value, and therefore take to heart these honest accounts of the reality we Americans are unaware of. We need a crash course in the realities. Not a hate bash, not a phobia based argument or divisiveness, but an honest review of what’s taking place, what’s permissible by law, what’s allowed to continue even if against their laws, and the perceived reasons as to why women are treated this way and how the men see this culture, how do they really feel, how much pressure is there, and to what desired end and by whom? Is this allowed to continue for some gain of some in positions of power? If so, the realities of what’s continued to take place, is actively suppressed by media heads, who is influencing the media heads? What people in power? We have to ask these questions or all of the world be, by apathy, by laziness, by chosen ignorance, and lack of personal integrity and following what should be an innate personal law of ethics, we will have failed to inquire and take action against what sets out to harm our innocent whom we are to protect and honor and desire to be free as humans, thereby denying ouy culture as humankind the inalienable rights our creator or manifestation has set forth for us. It is trials like these that test the human race, in the end, our actions on issues like this save us and elevate us, bringing in other areas of peace goals, or our inaction continues to break us, divide us, confuse us, dibikutate us, and ultimately incapacitate us.

    Silence to even dare discuss, question, review barbaric practices due to PC, fear of being wrong , fear of offending even when there’s no intention to offend or hate, only to inquire and save innocents. Silence is killing them. So, we must not be afraid to ride out this wave of breaking into the news via independent truth bias media, thankfully, due to the heroism of these women who came together to forge this coalition. Let’s do our part to understand what Middle Eastern women and girls are going through, and push for continuing to end barbaric practices, and give bipartisan support to those of our representatives are brave enough to tackle this issue, starting with US President, Donald Trump. This should not be controversial to anyone seeking humanitarian ethical standards.

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