Ohio: Muslim Immigrant Convicted of Hate Crime in Attack on Man He Thought Was Jewish

Source: Ohio Man Convicted of Hate Crime in Attack Outside Cincinnati Restaurant | OPA | Department of Justice

Izmir Koch, 33, of Huber Heights, Ohio, was convicted in U.S. District Court today for assaulting a man because he believed the man was Jewish in violation of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, and of lying to the FBI about his role in the religiously motivated assault.

Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, Benjamin C. Glassman, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, and Herb Stapleton, Acting Special Agent in Charge, FBI Cincinnati Division, announced the verdict, which was reached today by U.S. District Judge Susan J. Dlott after a bench trial that occurred between Nov. 13 to 15.

According to court documents and testimony, the assault occurred on Feb. 4, 2017, outside a Cincinnati restaurant, when Koch yelled out asking if anyone outside the restaurant was Jewish. The victim responded that he was Jewish and Koch then ran to the victim and punched him in the head. When the victim fell to the ground, Koch and others continued hitting and kicking him, breaking a bone in his face and bruising his ribs. A half-dozen of Koch’s friends joined in the assault. Before and during the assault, the defendant was heard shouting, “I want to kill all of the Jews” and “I want to stab the Jews.”  The victim was not in fact Jewish.

After the incident occurred, Koch made a voluntary statement to the FBI, accompanied by his attorney. Koch falsely told the FBI he was not involved in the fight and he had not said anything disparaging about Jews.

“All people should be able to live their lives freely and without fear of violence or aggressive acts of intimidation,” said Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband. “The Department of Justice is committed to prosecuting anyone who harms someone because of their actual or perceived religion and lies to law enforcement to cover up the crime.”

The media ignored this Islamic attack as they do all others, via Ohio: Muslim immigrant beat victim outside restaurant because he said he was Jewish

Izmir Koch, an Ahiska Turkish migrant who had already been in trouble with the law, allegedly demanded to know if there were any Jews around. A man who been at the restaurant replied that he was Jewish. Izmir punched him in the head, and then kicked him while he lay on the ground.

Izmir had already been facing two counts of felonious assault, one involving a deadly weapon, from 2016. He was found guilty a month after the Cincinnati assault, along with a number of comrades and family members. That assault had taken place outside their trucking company in Dayton, Ohio.

A former employee had come to collect the money that he was owed, and Izmir Koch, Baris Koch, Sevil Shakhmanov and Mustafa Shakhmanov allegedly assaulted him with crowbars, and possibly brass knuckles and a baseball bat. The victim, who apparently had a knife, fought back.

Izmir, Boris and Murad were Turkish Muslims from the former Soviet Union who had migrated to this country. A few years before that fight, the local media was talking up their “positive impact” on the community in Dayton. But it didn’t take long for the legal problems to begin. The benefits of bringing these Turkish Muslims to Dayton were quickly outweighed by the violence they had brought.

The immigrant Koch family and friends previous crimes: 6 indicted in Valley St. stabbing, fight.

These guys have some expensive vehicles and flaunt them online too – are they part of something bigger? Will anyone investigate?

8 thoughts on “Ohio: Muslim Immigrant Convicted of Hate Crime in Attack on Man He Thought Was Jewish

  1. Proscribe islam!
    No matter where they come from , moslems are vile, deceitful and dangerous to societies. We have no idea of how many murdered , missing were at the hands of these insane throwbacks. Attacking some one with a crowbar etc is attempted murder in every case. We know the fifth column of moslems are planning to attack our infrastructure and have training camps spread out in America. Why do we not attack them first???? Jihad can not be removed from islam just as the stink cannot be removed from a turd.
    Proscribe islam!!!!!

  2. When an ideology, culture and religion create 96% of Terrorists in the world,
    something is just not right. Do not Judge those with a mental illness due to
    recessive genetic disorder. When a group of people inbreed for over 1400 years
    mental illness will happen. When first cousins marry and have sibling the gene
    pool becomes corrupted, especially after 40 generations. Mental illness is an
    illness that affects one’s ability to perform the simplest of acts ranging from
    tying one’s shoe, speaking in complete sentences, to even passing as a member of
    society. The lowest living form of life created for the purpose of failing.
    Spelling, grammar, and punctuation all fall victim to mental illness. If the
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    is also been known to lower the IQ of all those in his presence if prolonged
    exposure is endured. There is no cure for mental illness but avoid at all cost
    to limit the damage this can have on your own ability to function properly. The
    effect of this will be Increased insane criminal behavior, Schizophrenia,
    Increased risk of insanity, Mental retardation, Lower IQ levels, Recessive
    genetic disorders, Slow development of social skills, Malignancies, Congenital
    abnormalities, Physical handicaps, Autosomal recessive disorder and limited
    understanding. This is just one of the reasons that they act the way they do
    and what they do.

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