Egypt: Christian sentenced to 3 years prison for Facebook post comparing Jesus with Muhammad

Source: Coptic Christian convicted of blasphemy, jailed for Facebook post – Mission Network News

Egypt (MNN) — A Coptic Christian in Egypt was recently sentenced to three years in prison for a Facebook post. The courts ruled the post on social media by Abdo Adel, 43, was blasphemous and convicted him of “insulting Islam in the first degree.”

Adel was first accused of blasphemy in July when his Facebook post compared Jesus with the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He was arrested and soon afterward, a mob attacked the homes of Coptic Christians. Police arrested 90 Muslims in the mob, then released most of them after a “community reconciliation session.”

While the Egyptian government has spoken against violence targeting Christians, Floyd Brobbel with The Voice of the Martyrs Canada says that doesn’t stop Muslim extremists from persecuting believers in other ways.

“I think what we’re seeing is that you have a number of groups that will use a number of tactics at their disposal to silence a Christian minority in the country. Some will go through a legal route, some will take more hostile forms — whether it’s attacking Christians [or] whether it’s martyring Christians. Some places even restrict church activities. Certainly, they can meet in a church, but any proclamation of the Gospel outside of the church is forbidden.”

Blasphemy accusations and laws, in particular, are becoming more popular among Middle Eastern and South Asian countries. Egypt is no exception.

“Egypt is an Islamic nation and so they will be ruled by Islamic law,” says Brobbel. “They would allow the legal system to prosecute anybody that would speak out against Islam. We see that in Egypt taking place now. We certainly see that in other places like Pakistan, for example, where blasphemy laws are used frequently to imprison Christians while they are waiting for their trial. So it seems to be a pretty popular tactic used to silence the Christian voice within an Islamic nation.

“Now we’re seeing more and more changing of the Constitution within a nation over religious restrictions and governments taking an active role in that. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that more happen in Egypt as well, where you may see [the government] start rolling out policies and new laws that would restrict religion or religious activities.”

Some sources that elaborate on the differences between Jesus Christ and Mohammad.

Jesus Christ vs Muhammad Comparison


7 thoughts on “Egypt: Christian sentenced to 3 years prison for Facebook post comparing Jesus with Muhammad

  1. In Western Nations where Patriots are concerned about Islam and the violence they see on social media that does not match what they watch on cable news things are difficult to put in order.

    Here is the weak underbelly : non Muslim experts who debate/accept invitations rarely to go onto a cable news outlets for an interview, interfaith leaders involved with multi faith sharing with Islam/Jewish and Christian faith leaders, those elected in Government/ organizations like Act for America or the Clarion Project both of whom have what the call moderate Muslims within their organizations on and on it goes.

    These individuals and groups take no responsibility for a case in Morocco where two young females were butchered and a video was sent to the parents. All for the love of Allah and members of a Muslim community.

    These two young ladies accept the following B/S from those above mentioned: “You can’t paint all Muslims with a broad brush” ‘Not all Muslims are terrorist” or ‘ you must reach out to your Muslim community to help fight against radical Islam.

    News outlets invite so called moderate Muslims like members of CAIR who seem to pass as a moderate organization, or someone referred by one of those organizations above or even a faith leader who has participated in what is called Alliance of Virtue for the common good, all only serve Islam.

    I realize I am but one person and the majority of Western Patriots will find the above offensive to them and to Islam but, I am pointing fingers at who is to blame for those two young ladies that were butchered who believed this nonsense mentioned above. With that, one man’s opinion.

    Ask yourself, if these two young ladies were your daughters who would you blame for their being butchered by Islam.

  2. President Sisi has recently made statements of inclusiveness for all religions including spending millions of LE to frstore synagogues and building a tremendous cathedral in the new administrative capital. Sentences handed down initially are routinely reduced or struck down on appeal. The courts are harsh but, I surmise in this case, it’s to send a message. Religious fanatics in Egypt are constantly stirring the pot but rational minds do prevail in most cases.

  3. Sunni murders Shia and Shia murders Sunni as they both cry ‘Al Akhbar’. They have DONE THIS FOR 1000 years!!! If Allah inspires brother to murder brother then the Muslim is the worshiper of the “Great Satan’. Your Quran is violent and your practices ARE SUBHUMAN!!! 1) “Fight against those who do not obey Allah and do not believe in Allah or the Last Day and do not forbid what has been forbidden by Allah and His messenger even if they are of the People of the Book until they pay the Jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued.” 9:29
    (2) “When the sacred months have passed, then kill the Mushrikin wherever you find them. Capture them. Besiege them. Lie in wait for them in each and every ambush but if they repent, and perform the prayers, and give zacat then leave their way free.” 9:5
    3) “They ask you about fighting during the sacred months. Tell them, fighting therein is a great sin but a greater sin is to prevent mankind from following the way of Allah, to disbelieve in him.” 2:217
    (4) “Kill them wherever you find them and drive them out from where they drove you out. Persecution is worse than slaughter.” 2:191
    5) “When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks.” 47:4
    The image of ISIS marching Christians along the beach before beheading them is one of the most disturbing snuff films of all time (although it can’t hold a candle to the guys being burned alive in cages). The Islamic State has committed hundreds of beheadings in the past two years despite it being such a cumbersome and time-consuming way to kill someone. This is likely because firing squads were unheard-of when 47:4 was written.

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