Oregon: Saudi who ran over, killed 15-year old girl escaped U.S. before trial with help from Saudi consulate

An update on this previous post ignored by the mainstream media, Oregon: Saudi who ran over, killed 15-year old girl skips bail week before trial.

Source: He was accused of killing a Portland teen. Feds believe the Saudis helped him escape | OregonLive.com

A black SUV pulled up to Abdulrahman Sameer Noorah’s home in Southeast Portland two weeks before his June 2017 trial.

Noorah, a Saudi national charged the year before in the fatal hit-and-run of a teenage girl crossing Hawthorne Boulevard, had a bag packed that Saturday afternoon.

The private car drove the 21-year-old Portland Community College student to a sand-and-gravel yard two miles away.

That’s where Noorah sliced off the tracking monitor he had worn around his ankle for months, according to interviews with federal authorities. He then discarded it at the scene before vanishing, leaving a victim’s family crushed and prosecutors furious and flummoxed.

Law enforcement officials now say they believe Noorah got an illicit passport and boarded a plane — likely a private carrier — to flee the country.

Despite unknowns in the ongoing investigation, officials with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Marshals Service are all but certain who helped orchestrate the remarkable escape: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

U.S. officials learned only recently from the Saudi government that Noorah arrived back home 18 months ago.

“We’re doing everything we can to get him back,” said Eric Wahlstrom, a supervisory deputy U.S. marshal in Oregon.

Prosecutors still hope to try Noorah in the death of 15-year-old Fallon Smart.

But the efforts might not amount to much.

8 thoughts on “Oregon: Saudi who ran over, killed 15-year old girl escaped U.S. before trial with help from Saudi consulate

  1. No muslim country should have an embassy in the US! Bail should not have been granted for a murderer and a flight risk!! I barely recognize my country anymore. President Trump is the leader of we who voted for and support him. For the leftists, President Trump stands in their way as they mistakenly and ignorantly champion the global evil empire of a dystopian totalitarian one world government. They beg to be enslaved. They foolishly believe they will have a place in it. They are terminally wrong! We fight to be free. Free of communism, of anti-American illegal invaders, and of violent muslim haters and of all of our enemies within.

  2. The Saudis are above the law. So are the Kuwaiti, Quatari, UAE. We are just “infidels”, “kuffars”. We are shit to them. Shouldn’t we put them in their place?

  3. In this case I wouldn’t call it an accident, the saudi swerved around stopped traffic for the girl in the crosswalk and hit her at high speed. That is MURDER. If we were a sane country we would treat that saudi as an American would have been treated in his country! ie: beat the scum to death right then and there.
    Also the saudi was on a scholorship to a community college where he was studying on how to destroy America. At this moment there are thousands of foreign nationals in our colleges studying how to bring down our infrastructure. We should put an end to it.

  4. Again, tragic and yet fake news operates with impunity and you all don’t react to it, thus giving them credit in their lies. Khashoggi was NOT a US citizen. If the fake news can’t get that straight, how much truth is in the rest of the article? How do we know whether or not public officials helped the perp escape. Oregon is known for letting Ilegals go from courtrooms and the such. I would dig deeper and not let this go…

  5. Every follower of Mohammed subscribes to sharia and Islamic doctrine that holds that Moslem men are better than all others and therefore cannot be held accountable for anything done to a f**cking Infide, a Kiafir, a Dhimmi. It is their right to abuse and kill us with impunity.

  6. Here we go again, Saudi Arabia. From the Ground Zero statue with shahada inscribed to aiding & abetting a felon flee the United States. The U.S. continues to be terrorized by a state who sponsors attacks on the West, including the United States of America!

If sharia keeps spreading, you will not only be silenced by the media and big technology, you will be jailed - or worse. Speak while you can!

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