New York: Muslim Community (Sharia?) Patrol Spotted in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Look closely, that’s NOT an NYPD car.

How long until they are enforcing the sharia in Brooklyn?


Source: New York Muslims have a new security patrol group h/t

New York’s Muslim community has a new security group watching over it.

A car from the new Muslim Community Patrol has been spotted around the city, joining the Jewish enclave’s Shomrim and the Brooklyn Asian Safety Patrol among New York’s culture-specific security groups.

The white Ford Taurus bears insignia nearly identical to those of an NYPD patrol car — with blue horizontal stripes down the sides, a shield on the front driver’s side door and the words “Muslim Community Patrol” descending on the rear door, where a department vehicle would say “Courtesy Professionalism Respect.”

The vehicle was recently spotted cruising along Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge, home to a burgeoning Muslim population.

Calls to the Staten Island-based group — which, according to state records, was incorporated last month — went unanswered Sunday.

The Muslim patrol car replaced “Courtesy Professionalism Respect” with Muslim Community Patrol. A blatant and intentional change not to be overlooked.

It also has Arabic writing where an NYPD vehicle would have the precinct number.

We told you about the Islamization of Bay Ridge years ago via: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn: ‘Little Palestine’. More posts here.


21 thoughts on “New York: Muslim Community (Sharia?) Patrol Spotted in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

      • When these Muslims get out in the countryside, they’ll find out, they aren’t wanted. Country folks WILL do what is necessary to protect America. The muslims only sanctuary is the big city.

  1. Very dangerous for Americas citizens. Stop them immediately, many laws must be broken by their activities . We can expect a disaster if we perrmit their takeover of our cities.
    it is like enemy armored vehicles in our streets. STOP THEM NOW!!!!

  2. Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile!
    This must be stopped immediately, before it’s to late. Once the Muslim population rises to the point of 25 percent, they will be demanding the
    right to implement sharia law.

  3. This is ridiculous…and is there a Christian Community Patrol…or how about a Beheading Patrol??? Wasn’t it “one nation, under God, with liberty and JUSTICE for ALL”….all but them…

  4. It’s time to exact some vigilante justice on this town’s elected officials. The sooner the better. People, you’re on your own. Run these muslims out of town and hold your representatives accountable. Can’t let this cancer spread!!

  5. More proof of the conquest of Islam and its followers. This should be banned because they are imposing rules against the Constitution of The United States of America. The followers of Islam’s goal is to conquer the world and force Sharia Law on everyone. It has been that way for over 1400 years but ignored by Liberals and the Lamestream media the world over. All you have to do is look at every Western Country that has allowed the followers of Islam into their country. They take over and force their way onto others.

  6. Another example of authorities not enforcing the law established by the constitution. It is us that are failing and allowing this activity to exist. These people hate our freedoms and that ingrained hatred has festered into population centers leading to political power that is now newly elected to Congress. The battle has just begun. They are taking advantage of our generosity and we are too stupid to see or do anything about it. Don’t believe it?? Look at the wasteland called the Middle East! They are like a swarm of locusts looking for another land to devastate and here they are.

  7. Pretty soon there will be large targets painted at the foot of tall buildings so that they have something to aim for when they start throwing NYC homo’s from the rooftops…

  8. An Iranian pastor who was formerly muslim was speaking to some somalis at the Mall of America so they handcuffed him to a chair for over two hours.

  9. Let them muzzies move out to middle America & watch what happens to them muzzie POS………… They better bring body bags for those muzzies………………………

    • They damn well better keep their skit in the cities, because they’re not welcome in rural America. You can’t figure out who’s moderate, or who’s radicalized, so I assume they all mean harm to the western civilizations.

  10. Ya’ll haven’t even looked at the tip of the iceberg!!!!!!
    Time to grow the hell up.

    Please share the link @the bottom proving:

    3] & Obama appointed 10,500+ muslims into the U.S. Government! So far Trump has not removed more than 10.

    2] 39 more come from a list at www>.CAIR<.com ….. See image on this post

    1] 61 muslims won elections in 2018 for Congress, State, County & City offices!!!
    ….. [[[See link below]]]

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