Minnesota: Mankato Muslim Charged for Stabbing Man Outside of an Uber

Source: Mankato Man Charged for Stabbing Incident Outside of an Uber – KEYC.com

(MANKATO, Minn) – A Mankato man is in custody after allegedly stabbing someone after they shared an Uber.

Charges against Mowlid Abdi Ahmed include two felony counts of second–degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

According to the criminal complaint, Ahmed was taking an Uber home from a bar in Mankato when he attempted to start a fight with the victim over a relationship with a woman.

The driver told authorities that he had seen the two fighting on the ground before the victim informed him that he had been stabbed.

The victim was taken to the emergency room and was later unable to communicate with authorities due to being heavily sedated.

Ahmed could serve up to 29 years in prison if convicted.

6 thoughts on “Minnesota: Mankato Muslim Charged for Stabbing Man Outside of an Uber

  1. Ahmed doesn’t need prison, he needs a needle! Time to get real, there has to be a point when everyone has to admit that muzzies will never asimilate, and we need to cut our losses and rid America of these 7th century barbarians!

  2. First question, What was Mowlid Abdi Ahmed doing outside a bar ?
    Second question, Was he drinking against his Religion ?
    Winston Churchill proven right once again that Islam in man is the same as Rabies in a dog.
    You never know when they will strike out against others. Ignored by Liberals the world over.

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