Canada: “Islamic Party of Ontario” coming soon, now officially reserved as political party under elections rules

The sharia party of Canada is coming.

Source: FATAH: Coming soon, believe it or not — Islamic Party of Ontario | Toronto Sun

As people around the globe celebrate the New Year, for me 2019 is beginning just the way 2018 did — with a threat against me.

Leading up to 2018, the threats against me were quite blatant, leading last year to the arrest of two would-be assassins in India.

Even in Toronto, a Muslim cab driver pointed his fist at me in pistol fashion saying, “I have a special gun for you,” as he sped away.

Yet towards the end of 2018, a much more subtler death threat was addressed to me, this time by the head of Canada’s newest aspiring political party, the Islamic Party of Ontario.

In case you have not heard of the Islamic Party of Ontario, its name was officially reserved under Elections Ontario rules in October 2018, with more steps required before it becomes a formal party.

It operates with a mandate to introduce Islamic rule in Ontario and Canada because, according to the fledgling party, “We understand and believe that Islam is the native DEEN (religion) of Ontario and Canada.”

The Islamic Party of Ontario is headed by one Jawed Anwar, who operates out of the Toronto neighborhood of Thorncliffe Park.

In a column posted at the end of October targeting American activist Laura Loomer, Anwar described me as “… Islamophobe Tareek (sic) Fatah in Toronto Sun. Tareek is an open enemy of Islam and a hate-purveyor.”

Non-Muslim readers, even police and politicians, would not know the significance of the allegation, but every Muslim on earth is aware of the implications of accusing a Muslim of being an ‘Islamophobe’ or being “open enemy of Islam.”

An allegation such as the one labelled against me is the equivalent of declaring me an ‘apostate,’ which makes it a duty of other Muslims to kill me and thus secure a place in Paradise for themselves.

For those who are living in 2019 and the 21st century, this may sound like a joke. But those who are still living as if it is 1019 in the 11th century, the beheading of an alleged Muslim apostate is part of their heritage and faith.

After all, the first Muslim vs. Muslim war broke out within a year of Prophet Muhammad’s death when one section of the community was declared ‘apostates’ by the Caliph and the ‘War of Apostasy’ led to thousands being killed over an issue of religious taxes.

Petty cowards inside the Muslim community are prone to hang Islam’s Sword of Damocles over their opponent’s head and swing it to deadly effect. This was best captured in the story of the 10th century Baghdad philosopher Mansour Hallaj, who was beheaded for the sacrilege of merely uttering the words, “I am the Truth.”

Islamists universally agree that it is essential to put the Muslim apostate to death. They base their blood lust on a supposed command of Prophet Muhammad who is recorded to have said: “Whoever changes his religion, put him to death.”

Death threats do not intimidate me, but here we have in Anwar the leader of an aspiring Ontario political party who is playing coy with Premier Doug Ford by supporting the PC Party’s approach to ‘gender politics.’

I wrote to Jawed Anwar to seek his perspective and clarification, if any, but he didn’t respond to my repeated requests.

Before this Trojan Horse can enter the gates of mainstream Toronto and Ontario politics by the ever-eager diversity-seeking politicians, perhaps you, the voters need to know what the Islamic Party of Ontario claims to desire in Canada, according to their posted principles and policies.

  • Establish Islam as the natural religion of Ontario.
  • Quash LGBTQ rights because “God made Adam and Eve –not Adam and Steve.”
  • A complete ban on abortion except in a situation when a mother’s life is in danger.
  • End the concept of “gender identity” or “seven-colour gender,” a false concept.
  • Ban liquor, drugs, adultery, and gambling.

Happy New Year Canada. Let us weed out the merchants of misery who seek death as a means of salvation.

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9 thoughts on “Canada: “Islamic Party of Ontario” coming soon, now officially reserved as political party under elections rules

  1. Of course Canada is a sovereign country and Americans have no say in their politics. If the islamic party forms it should be used as a list of persons to be exterminated as enemies of civilization. Should that vile party form it could bring armed conflict between Canada and the citizens of the USA and untold bloodshed . islam must be proscribed or our children will become slaves to sharia.

    • Hey jerrys;the only two countries mentioned in the article are Canada and India. No one claimed that the USA had the right to meddle in Canadian affairs. That being said,if Canada actually elects people from this new party, before you know it you can kiss Canadian freedom goodbye.

  2. At best, Canada is setting themselves up for failure, at worst increased violence from the followers of the 7th Century lifestyle and people with 21st Century values since Canada is trying to ” Please everybody “. Canada now has over 30 things you can claim to be for what used to be ” male ” and ” female “. So now Canada is trying to say two groups who will never get along both have ” Rights “. The big problem is once you give ” Rights ” to the followers of the 7th Century Lifestyle they use their rights to destroy and harm others. Shown over and over again in every Western Society that has let large numbers into their country. Liberals are too ignorant to see they are fueling their own destruction.

  3. If something isn’t done soon this presentation shows what will happen to Canada

  4. Islam is a Cancer, as thus it must be Eradicated, World Wide ASAP!
    Islam is NOT a religion, maybe a cult at most, but more of a Political system then a Religion
    Since the start of islam, 270 million People have been killed by muslims world wide, it is not a religion of peace.
    To back up my facts watch this video and see for yourself –

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