Muslim Democrat Tlaib Did Not Use Infidel Jefferson’s Koran, Used Her Own

We’re sure that to Tlaib, Thomas Jefferson was just a “motherf***er” she’d want to impeach. Yet Rashida Tlaib initiated the fake news for her own publicity.

Source: Tlaib corrects news reports, says she swore in on personal Quran | TheHill

Freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) revealed Saturday that she swore in as a member of the House of Representatives on her personal Quran, rather than the historic copy owned by Thomas Jefferson, as news reports previously indicated.

Multiple news outlets including The Hill previously reported that Tlaib would swear in as one of the first two female Muslim representatives in U.S. history on a copy of the Quran once owned by Jefferson, the nation’s 3rd president, which is currently stored in the Library of Congress during the ceremonial swearing-in session with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

But Tlaib revealed Saturday that she instead used a personal copy gifted to her decades ago by a close friend.

“I used my own personal Quran that my best friend of 25 years gifted me to use for the ceremonial swear in (basically a photo with Speaker Pelosi),” Tlaib wrote.

“*Note: I did not use Jefferson’s Quran as reported. I wanted it to be more personal (and my own),” she added.

Daniel Greenfield elaborates: Why, Despite Media Fake News, Rep. Rashida Tlaib Didn’t Want to Use Jefferson’s Koran

The media had previously found Thomas Jefferson’s Koran to be a very useful propaganda stunt for making it appear that Islam is as America as… Thomas Jefferson.

But then Rep. Rashida Tlaib announced that she hadn’t actually used Jefferson’s Koran, but an actual Koran. Despite her announcement, many media outlets didn’t bother correcting their fake news. But that’s typical of the media, which acts as the communications arm for the most radical Democrat elements, without ever caring about truth or the facts.

It’s not surprising that Rashida Tlaib chose to opt out of Jefferson’s Koran. While it’s a great publicity stunt, Rashida Tlaib realized that she could gain the benefits of the propaganda, without actually having to soil her religion by using a book that no good Muslim would touch.

There are two problems with Jefferson’s Koran.

1. It was owned by an infidel. That’s a lesser problem.

2. Its translation is quite blasphemous.

Jefferson wasn’t reading the Koran in the original Arabic. His Koran was translated by George Sale in the 18th century. It contains his commentary and notes, some flattering, some rather less so.

Sale’s opening lines describe the Koran as a “manifest forgery”. He describes Mohammedanism as a “human invention” that was mostly propagated by the sword.

One reason Sale gave for his translation was that, “it is absolutely necessary to undeceive those who, from the ignorant or unfair translations which have appeared, have entertained too favourable an opinion of the original, and also to enable us effectually to expose the imposture.”

His entire introduction is essentially a guide to how to convert Muslims to Christianity. That’s not surprising as Sale was a lifetime member of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.

Jefferson’s Koran is really Sale’s Koran. And Sale’s Koran is a missionary text.

By the standards of the era, Sale viewed Islam somewhat favorably. He loathed Catholics and Jews, and believed that certain attributes of Islam might draw it closer to his own view of religion, but ultimately in order to convert Muslims to his form of Christianity.

It’s easy to see why Tlaib chose not to use it.

Despite the “Jefferson’s Koran” stunt, Thomas Jefferson disliked Islam and his Koran is filled with commentary attacking and undermining it.

More on Jefferson’s Koran in the Creeping Sharia archives.

Update: More #FakeNews about Tlaib – she’s not the first ‘Palestinian’-American in Congress:

11 thoughts on “Muslim Democrat Tlaib Did Not Use Infidel Jefferson’s Koran, Used Her Own

  1. Jefferson despised islam as a despicable cult of savages that were pirates and slavers that attacked American ships and were the primary slavers that sold slaves that ended up in America! And they are still the largest slave traders in the world today! These concubines that were ‘elected’ from majority muslim areas are nothing but false flags that are used to hide their true agenda of conquering America and enslaving all Christians or executing them! Alas, they are still the 7th century savages, only using deception to attempt their conquering of the modern world, but, are still the murderous cretins they have always been! Thomas Jefferson knew it, and we should look to history that proves it, with nearly 40,000 violent terrorist attacks since 9/11! Think about it!

  2. The day of retribution is at hand for radical Islam and progressive ideology. It has been taught for many, many years that a divided house CAN NOT stand. America is more divided today than since the Civil War thanks to Barry O. 9/11 was the last time American’s were generally united. Think about that and look at where we are today, scary thought.

  3. As long as the non-human Islamic education will continue on earth, peace can not be established in the world, do not read the faith and look.

    • Yes: when the world is Islamic then there will be peace. Unless you consider the war between Sunnis and Sheites. Islam is a political system disguised as a religion. It has been at war with the civilized world for 1400 years and will not stop until wiped out. This is a fight to the death we cannot afford to lose.

  4. Where will this pos put her allegience? She was allowed to illegally post allegience to the Quran which abhors any Infidel Nation. Now that we have many Nationalities in America that are Infidels, she is sworn to every Sharia Law and to uphold that law, and Sharia Law can not be put below any other Nations laws and morals. What our Government has just allowed for another Moslim to do is Swear allegience to the new Islamic Calaphate, and we have been subjudicated, and have been surrendering to the Enemy. We Americans did not Vote to surrender to Islam, and we demand that every Moslim sworn in on the Quran be either forced to swear allegience to OUR Nation on OUR Bible as every other government office had to do for over 200 years. I they refuse, then they must be deported, along with ALL who allowed and supported this atrocity and traitorous action. There are laws in our Constitution that was never repealed that bans ALL Moslims from being in our Government.

    • Good thinking! We have to reverse the cancers that B. Hussein oxxxx infected America and the world with!
      But look at the following lies Americas children have been taught about islam:
      This is outrageous, those who promoted it should be imprisoned! This is a NY high school test from the university regents:

      This is from page 13 of the test ” . . Wherever they went, the Moslems brought with them their love of art, beauty, and learning.
      From about the eighth to the eleventh century, their culture was superior in many ways to that
      of western Christendom.
      Some of the finest centers of Moslem life were established in Spain. In Cordova, the streets
      were solidly paved, while at the same time in Paris people waded ankle-deep in mud after a rain.
      Cordovan public lamps lighted roads for as far as ten miles; yet seven hundred years later there
      was still not a single public lamp in London!
      Some Spanish Moslems had homes with marble balconies and courts with lovely waterfalls.
      Bedrooms were vaulted with stained glass and speckled with gold. And metal pipes carried water
      into marble baths.
      Nearly every mosque had a public school in which the children of the poor were taught. Many
      Moslem libraries were excellent; the catalogue of one caliph’s library filled forty volumes. In
      addition, the followers of Mohammed achieved much in science, particularly in chemistry,
      astronomy, mathematics, and medicine. . . .
      Source: Daniel Roselle, A World History: A Cultural Approach, Ginn and Company (adapted)”

    • You cannot serve two masters. Muslim’s first allegiance is to the Koran and Muhammad. Swearing on ANY Koran shows that she values sharia over the constitution. She swore to defend the constitution and the USA against all enemies foreign and domestic. She is an infiltrator as are ALL Muslim government officials.

    • It is a law, but its not in the Constitution.

      Totally agree about their allegience, and that also goes for all the Israelis in our government, that are dual-citizens.

  5. The only Americans that understand Islam know it has no place on American soil
    Conservative radio and cable t.v host have no understanding of Islam period.

    Not one commentator mentioned both females that swore on the Koran were Muslims not did they mention both swore on a Koran.

    Sebastian Gorka skirted these realities by talking about the substance and the foul language without a mention of Muslim or Koran.

    This coming week Fox news host all will refrain from mention of this as well and will if need be call upon Dr. Zuhdi Jasser to provide details of the wonders of Muhammad and the wonders of Islam.

    With this, who is accountable for Islamic violence not only in America but world wide/ (Media of all stripes) and therein lies the biggest hurdle that if corrected we’d be talking about a full Ban of Islam on American soil.

  6. The custom of taking an oath of office on ANY holy book needs to be ended.
    All elected politicians should by sworn into office with their hand placed on The Constitution Of The United States Of America
    ONLY !!!

  7. Our concern has passed from the nose of the camel entering the national tent, as we are now in full possession of its anus.

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