NYC: FDNY to pay $224k to Muslim firefighter who threatened colleagues

Another sharia shakedown.

Source: NYC settles FDNY ‘pork’ lawsuit filed by Muslim firefighter

It cost taxpayers $224,000 to put out this fire.

The city settled a federal lawsuit filed by a Muslim firefighter who claimed he was fed pork by racist Bravest, The Post has learned.

Firefighter Raheem Hassan also settled with a supervisor at Engine 309/Ladder 159 in Flatlands, Lt. David Hughes, who agreed to fork over another $1,000.

Hassan, 31, complained that he had been bullied and harassed at the Brooklyn station, nicknamed the “Friendly Firehouse,” since the summer of 2015.

He accused FDNY colleagues of serving him pasta sauce spiked with pork and cooking his food in bacon grease — meats his religion forbids.

Hassan also complained that fellow smoke-eaters took photos of their genitals next to his face while he slept and then texted them to him.

The feud reached its boiling point on Dec. 20, 2017 when Hassan, off-duty near his Staten Island home, telephoned Hughes, who called police and claimed Hassan told him, “I’m going to kill the guys in the firehouse.”

Hassan told cops: “All I did was call my fire officer and tell him I wanted to hurt myself and the people hurting me,” records show.

The alleged threat shut down the firehouse that day, and Hassan was charged with misdemeanor aggravated harassment.

Last February, the Staten Island District Attorney granted him a deal in which the charge would be dropped and the case sealed if he stayed out of trouble for six months and continued counseling.

Neither the city nor Hughes admitted any wrongdoing. “This settlement was in the best interests of the city,” said Law Department spokesman Nicholas Paolucci.

But Hassan’s lawyer, Aymen Aboushi, told The Post the settlement “is an acknowledgment that Hassan was subject to an inappropriate work environment.

“The fact that Hughes had to pay proves Raheem did not do what he was accused of,” Aboushi said, referring to the report that Hassan threatened violence.

Hassan is “content” with the cash settlement and “thriving” in a new firehouse, Aboushi added.

Hassan’s lawsuit continues against two other defendants, firefighters Joe Lankford and Tommy Donovan, who, like Hughes, did not receive legal representation by the city.

4 thoughts on “NYC: FDNY to pay $224k to Muslim firefighter who threatened colleagues

  1. The whole idea of the moslem “halal” food is a corrupt fraud. No moslem should be permitted in any governmental position because of their special requirements and the focus of destroying America and its constitution. There should be no special consideration given to moslems in prison or anywhere else.
    Proscribe islam or you will be enslaved by sharia!

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