Michigan: Muslim Gets 3 1/2 Years Prison for $1.8M Fraudulent Tax Preparation Scheme

Is Michigan ground zero for Islamic fraud schemes?

Source: Fraudulent Tax Preparer Sentenced To Prison | USAO-WDMI | Department of Justice

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGANFaheem Olugbodi, also known as Faheem Abdul Nichols and James Moore, 48, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, was sentenced to 3 and ½ years in federal prison, U.S. Attorney Andrew Birge announced today. Olugbodi pled guilty to conversion of government property for preparing fraudulent tax returns from 2011 through 2013. In his plea agreement, Olugbodi admitted collecting personal information from taxpayers and then reporting false income listed as household employment in order to generate tax refunds based on the Earned Income Tax Credit. Olugbodi acknowledged that he obtained $1,827,450.00 by filing approximately 322 fraudulent tax returns. At the sentencing hearing, the evidence showed that Olugbodi utilized multiple bank accounts, including one in the name of local mosque Baitul Shukur to conceal his fraud scheme.

United States District Judge Gordon Quist directed that Olugbodi pay $1,827.450.00 in restitution and ordered two years of supervised release following the prison term. In imposing the sentence, Judge Quist remarked that there is both “a social cost as well as a financial cost” to such fraud schemes which appear to be on the rise in this district.

“Tax preparers who abuse the Earned Income Tax Credit are just engaged in theft by another name. My office will continue to work closely with IRS Criminal Investigation to limit theft from the U.S. Treasury and to punish those who obtain monies through fraudulent tax filings,” said U.S. Attorney Birge. “As the tax filing season approaches, I strongly encourage taxpayers to be wary of utilizing unregistered tax preparers who promise guaranteed refunds. Taxpayers should make sure to get copies of any tax return prepared on their behalf and be sure that all the information, including income and any dependents that are listed, is correct.”

Interestingly, there is a Faheem Nichols on Facebook, and he reviewed a mosque in Grand Rapids, Michigan, writing: “Myshallah very nice Masjid that sits in the Heart of Southtown Grand Rapids, Mi.”

And just like another Muslim fraudster in Michigan, a Faheem Nichols was profiled in local news site for his thriving business.

Coincidentally, “His family said he is a good family man and owner of a small business…”


4 thoughts on “Michigan: Muslim Gets 3 1/2 Years Prison for $1.8M Fraudulent Tax Preparation Scheme

  1. There are a bunch of Muslim businesses guilty of this crap. Where is Mueller? Where are the FEDS? I’m sure some of the ill gotten gains can be traced to the Mid east.

  2. The 1952 McCarran Walter’s Act forbids any group of people who come to the U.S. with the intention of overthrowing the government from entering the country and mandates they be deported back to their own country. These are very dangerous thugs who want to wipe out our civilization and do to our country what they did to their country. We cannot allow this. We must get these bastards out or there will be war here.

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