NYPD Says ‘Muslim Community Patrol’ is Not Sanctioned

Source: New York ‘Muslim Community Patrol’ Vehicle Looks Just Like a Police Car, But the NYPD Tells PJ Media They Did Not Approve It. Any ‘Creeping Sharia’ Will Not be Sanctioned by the Police

In late December 2018, New York residents spotted a white and blue “Muslim Community Patrol” (MCP) vehicle that looks like an official NYPD vehicle. Yet in a statement to PJ Media on Wednesday, the NYPD disavowed any link to the Muslim Community Patrol. Any attempts to enforce Sharia (Islamic law) would not be sanctioned by the police.

“This is not an NYPD vehicle,” Sergeant Jessica McRorie told PJ Media. “The NYPD did not outfit or label this vehicle. This group is not officially sanctioned by the NYPD and they are subject to the law.”

The New York Post reported on the Muslim Community Patrol vehicle on Christmas Eve last year. The Muslim Community Patrol joined the Jewish population’s Shomrim and the Brooklyn Asian Safety Patrol, longstanding religious and racial community groups that provide security for local minorities.

The Post found the patrol car — a white Ford Taurus with the MCP insignia nearly identical to those of an NYPD patrol car with the words “Muslim Community Patrol” where an official police vehicle would read “Courtesy Professionalism Respect” — cruising on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge, a local community with a growing Muslim population.

[Read Creeping Sharia’s Bay Ridge, Brooklyn: ‘Little Palestine’]

According to state records, the Muslim Community Patrol was incorporated in November 2018. The Post‘s calls to the MCP went unanswered.

When the Brooklyn Asian Safety Patrol (BASP) launched in 2014, it had close ties to the police department. “They are our eyes and ears,” NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant, who helped start the program, told the Post in 2014. The group received civilian-observation-patrol training from the NYPD, as well as support from the volunteer Jewish watch group Shomrim.

The BASP launched with a team of 15 Asian-American residents, walkie-talkies, uniforms, and two NYPD-style patrol cars. Its members — like those of Shomrim — do not have the authority to stop and detain people, but they call 911 if they witness a crime or spot someone acting suspiciously. NYPD officers will then come and stop, question, and frisk people if warranted.

These community groups work as part of “broken windows” policing, targeting small-time crimes in order to prevent more serious ones.

The BASP uses cars with an official NYPD logo, unlike the Muslim Community Patrol cars.

Given this background, the NYPD’s full-throated insistence that there is no link between the Big Apple’s police and the MCP suggests that the Islamic group does not enjoy the same status and training as Shomrim or BASP.

If the Muslim Community Patrol is off-book and does not coordinate with the NYPD, it may apply specific readings of Sharia (Islamic law) in its community monitoring. Since some forms of Sharia advocate honor killings, child brides, and other abuses, they may directly violate some American or New York City laws.

20 thoughts on “NYPD Says ‘Muslim Community Patrol’ is Not Sanctioned

    • Since when, Islam is getting away with a lot of BS because NOBODY wants to offend so they give up their rights to complain,and not serve justice just to keep the Muslims happy to avoid law suits, riots etc.

    • Don’t you get it, moron. If THEY’RE calling in the crimes, then they are deciding who the criminals are. If they see Muslims beating up non muslims, you think they’re going to call it in? What if it’s just a protection racket, that ensures that Muslims get away with upholding Sharia Law?

    • Sharia doesn’t apply to ANYTHING in America, moslems included. Do you really believe that people who come to this site can’t see through your moslem bullsh*t and fake avatar name?

  1. Slowly, patiently the moslems chip away at out fundamental rights. Like many fatal diseases, they mimic the functions of the healthy while destroying the host. islam is a disease.

  2. They are testing the Laws in our country to see how far they can go before being more aggressive and forcing submission. If people start accepting this, it will keep going one step more until full submission is obtained. This is taqia to confuse and deceive the majority for the agenda.

  3. I wonder what would happen if someone had a car made up just like the MCP’s but replaced all Muslim references with Christian ones??? Somehow I don’t think NYC politicians or police would be as “accommodating.”

    • Well for starters there’s CAIR, Council for American Islamic Relations, other Islamic groups: all of which have brainwashed people in government, then you have the whole it’s a religious right which is total BS as Islam is a theocracy and people refuse to acknowledge that which s a big problem according to the 6th Amendment, have doubt read it, then you have immigration laws changed to accommodate Islam by the democrats in the late 1960’s, before that Islam was not allowed to be operating inside America because it is a theocracy. a legal/judicial system that ONLY applies to Muslims and a direct threat to our Constitution.

  4. I say that islam is a religion of coward’s and rapists. Their false prophet mohamed was a pedophile. If Sharia is implemented in America, there WILL be a war. Occupants of large cities are generally too docile and weak. But, the people of middle America, or fly- over country, will fight the musslim invasion with every weapon we have.

  5. It’s called impersonating a Law enforcement officer and is in it self a crime! Many, nation wide over the years have been arrested and convicted of this crime, time for NYPD to step up and do their job, arrest them impound the cars and push for conviction!

  6. Sharia patrols are illegal. At first they’ll stop and tell people they can’t drink alcohol or wear “improper” clothing in a “moslem area”, maybe give them a leaflet. Next they’ll stop and beat people up and hack them to death with machetes. “Gypsy Gail”, this is not about enforcing sharia on moslems, it’s about enforcing sharia on everyone they deem to be in a “moslem area”. You really need to get a clue or become apostate from islam.

  7. “……. the NYPD’s full-throated insistence that there is no link between the Big Apple’s police and the MCP …….”. Odd Choice of Words.

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