Illinois: MAS-ICNA Conference Hosts Islamic Supremacist and Terrorist Speakers in Chicago


Source: MAS-ICNA Hosts Several Islamist and Terrorist Speakers in Chicago | Homeland Security

By Martha Lee and Samantha Rose Mandeles

What do you get when you mix a group described by federal prosecutors as “the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America” with a group identified as the American front for South Asian Islamist movement Jamaat-e-Islami? The Muslim American Society-Islamic Circle of North America (MAS-ICNA) annual convention: A multi-day, 20,000-person Islamist conference featuring hateful speaker after hateful speaker — taking place right in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Founded in 1993 in Falls Church, Virginia, the Muslim-American Society claims to work for a more “virtuous and just” America while striving for “liberty, and justice.” ICNA, meanwhile, trumpets the work of its subsidiary humanitarian charities and its involvement with “many national interfaith organizations for the betterment of society.” But, while MAS and ICNA’s “About Us” pages are full of encouragingly progressive platitudes, a quick look through the speakers’ roster for the 2018 MAS-ICNA convention (held from December 28-30) is enough to show that MAS and ICNA are not the paragons of tolerance they pretend to be.

Among the dozens of extremist speakers at MAS-ICNA was Georgetown professor and Islamist convert Jonathan Brown, who came under fire in February 2017 for his speech defending Sharia-sanctioned rape and sex slavery.

Imam Omar Suleiman was also invited. He describes homosexuality as a “disease” and a “repugnant shameless sin,” and claims that women who are too close with their brothers are likely to commit incest.

Deobandi-educated hate preacher Abdul Nasir Jangda describes the Jews of Mecca as “really bad people” who were “very hateful, very spiteful,” and “the enemy,” and he also advocates for  the murder of apostates and adulterers. At the MAS-ICNA convention, Jangda spoke about “Change in the World”.

Islamic school instructor Hussain Kamani — he calls Western society “filth,” complaining that “[w]e are surrounded by filth … our environment is full of this filth, everywhere we turn” — delivered a lecture titled: “Anatomy of a Sound Heart” at the convention.

And Islamist darling Linda Sarsour — despite her friendly relationship with the notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, her claim that “the Jewish media” is responsible for her bad press, and her public praise for convicted terrorist mastermind Rasmea Odeh — gave a speech in Chicago about “Standing Firm in Justice”.

The article forgot to mention: UAE Designates American Muslim Groups – CAIR & MAS – as Terrorist Organizations

Back in the day, when few if any wrote or were concerned with the threat of Islamic supremacists in the U.S., we detailed the backgrounds of many of these conferences and speakers. They are typically held during major Christian holidays in the U.S.

See the Creeping Sharia archives for past conferences here or search on the names below.

A few of the lowlights from the image above:

Zaid Shakir – says U.S. military are acceptable targets of jiahd
Dalia Mogahed – even the Arab newspapers call her out for being Muslim Brotherhood
Esam Omeish – forced out of several high profile positions for preaching jihad
Nihad Awad – CAIR/HAMAS leader
Sabeel Ahmed– “Islam came to tear down the pillars of kufr”
Kifah Mustapha – Jihad-praising Imam Booted by Illinois State Police
Khalilah Sabra – recruited bin Laden’s mentor, referred to as the Godfather of Jihad!
Mohammed Qatanani – pending deportation for Hamas links
Mazen Mokhtar – al Qaeda webmaster
Abdul el-Sayed – Muslim Brotherhood prodigy and failed candidate for Michigan governor



3 thoughts on “Illinois: MAS-ICNA Conference Hosts Islamic Supremacist and Terrorist Speakers in Chicago

  1. Isn’t Chicago (grew up there in the 50’s-60’s) home base for banakbanama? or is it now caliphornia where he owns a multi-million house?

  2. all muzzie braintrust all the time.
    no new scientific invention
    no discussion of new philosophy of matter
    no new computer algorithms
    no improved methods for drone detection of muzzie traditional clothing for targeting purpose
    all political, all the time, geared toward fighting for profits

  3. When did it become legal to be openly seditious? Many groups like this have numerous immigrant memberships. How does the tripe taught at these meetings conform to the oaths they made to be eligible for citizenship. The goverment has gone into Christian churches and confiscated sermons and intimidated pastors for teaching the Bible on whose principles our country was founded. Yet I haven’t heard of a raid on Rev White’s church the Obamas attended for many years. or for some time now Farakan’s Muslim Brootherhood. Not only that, when did it become legal to contribute to known terrorist groupa like Hamas, which mamy groups in Ameroca have been wrongly led to do?

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