New Jersey: Dem Governor postpones State of the State at mosque with imam facing deportation for Hamas links

Murphy is picking up where Rep. governor Chris Christie left off.

Source: NJ Governor Cancels Appearance at Pro-Hamas Mosque :: Islamist Watch

At 4:50pm this afternoon, the Middle East Forum sent out an urgent notice to our readers expressing our alarm that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy planned to conduct a State of the State town hall event at the Islamic Center of Passaic County (ICPC) in northern New Jersey tonight—a mosque with a long history of pro-Hamas leadership.

The ICPC’s imam, Mohammed Qatanani, has deep connections with terrorist groups. His own lawyer admits that he was a member of the student chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, and the N.J. Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness identifies Qatanani as a Hamas supporter. Qatanani is currently fighting deportation on the grounds that he lied to federal officials about his Israeli conviction for membership in Hamas.

Mere minutes after we sent our release, the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ New Jersey branch (CAIR-NJ) issued an announcement saying that the event had been postponed “due to unforeseen circumstances.”

We called both Governor Murphy and the ICPC to ask for comment on the postponement, and left messages with both offices.

We also contacted CAIR-NJ and CAIR-National to ask for comment on Qatanani’s terrorist connections, and his history of anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, and pro-Hamas statements. Neither CAIR-NJ nor CAIR-National has condemned Qatanani’s remarks. We will update this post with any CAIR comments.

The Middle East Forum welcomes Governor Murphy’s decision to cancel his appearance at ICPC tonight. Of all the mosques in New Jersey, it is vital that politicians do not embrace the one run by an anti-Jewish extremist cleric accused by the federal government of links to the designated terror group Hamas.

But according to, the event was canceled for another reason:  Phil Murphy cancels Paterson town hall at mosque amid protests over Jameek Lowery death

Murphy had planned to take questions from the audience at the mosque in Paterson, at an event organized by SiriusXM radio host Dean Obeidallah that was supposed to air on his show next week. About 700 people had registered for the event and many submitted questions in advance.

But as the situation escalated, local authorities advised that the event be postponed until a later time, said Salah Mustafa, outreach coordinator for the mosque.

The Hamas front group and terror-listed CAIR announced the postponement of Murphy’s mosque event.

Paterson, New Jersey, aka Paterstine is a Hamas and jihad hotbed.

8 thoughts on “New Jersey: Dem Governor postpones State of the State at mosque with imam facing deportation for Hamas links

  1. State of state at mosque? George McClellan, twice failed general of union armies, was governor there. Democrats are the party of slavery so that makes sense. In fact one of his sons was mayor of New York City if memory serves me.

  2. Between the anti-America Democratic Party and Islam, we are doomed unless we get off our asses, start hollarin’ and acting up to get the attention of the rest of the good, but too distracted, citizens.

    Midnight’s not creeping, it’s at a gallop!

  3. cant wait for the two muslima in congress to detonate themselves so they’re kill and be killed and allah will reward them as commanded in quran. then govt. will be moved to declare purge of american muzzies.

  4. Muhamad was a pedifile but his holiness most learned imam tawhidi said aisha wasn’t a child even though the hadith said she played with dolls.

    the imam said it was more important that muhamad married a virgin. in fact aisha wasn’t a virgin and was 21.

    either way we need to draw muhamad to know who were’re talking about since there are many people who are named muhamad:


    | |

  5. Threads responding to Islam in America continue to be frustrations.
    Why do we allow Islam to control the narrative in government and media.
    Government and Media are limited when both reach out to Muslims as their highest authority on Islam.
    Conservative Cable TV and national sydincated radio host are just as accountable as the left allowing Islam to control the narrative simply by inviting Muslims for interviews.
    As Americans we must demand non Muslim experts educate our youth and those in government the reality of Muhammad and Sharia as both relate to Kafirs.
    As of today Conservative host refer to Dr. Zuhdi Jasser as their go to guy or members of CAIR.
    That is where we (Patriots) are missing the ball and remain silenced, in unison we must contact these host with request to interview people like Dr. Bill Warner, John Guandolo, Phillip Haney, Dave and Christ Gaubatz, even one Christian scholar expert on Islam and Christianity who speaks both English and Arabic who we know the great Dr. Zuhdi Jasser refuses to be on the same panel or interview with Usama Dakdok because he knows Dakdok would expose his ignorance on reformation.
    These host seek sponsors and fear losing those sponsors by providing truth instead of deception, they choose to remain silent for sponsorship.

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