Ohio: Muslim indicted for Fourth of July al-Qaida car bomb plot in downtown Cleveland

Source: Fourth of July terrorism suspect indicted, accused of plotting attack on downtown Cleveland in name of al-Qaida | cleveland.com

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A grand jury indicted a man on terrorism charges Wednesday, following his arrest last year on suspicion that he plotted to park a van full of explosives near a downtown Cleveland park where spectators planned to watch 4th of July fireworks.

Demetrius Pitts, 49, is charged with attempting to provide material support to al-Qaida. The FBI said Pitts corresponded with an undercover agent and scoped out an area to park a van full of explosives near Voinovich Park on Independence day.

He also liked this location because it was near a U.S. Coast Guard station, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Celebrezze Federal Building, according to federal prosecutors.

Pitts also goes by Abdur Raheem Rafeeq and Salah ad-Deem Osama Waleed, authorities said. He previously lived in Cincinnati and Philadelphia and who was living at a Maple Heights rehabilitation facility at the time of his arrest.

Grand jury indictments are generally supposed to be filed within a month of a person’s arrest on federal charges. However, defendants can grant extensions to that deadline, and Pitts did so. Prosecutors and Pitts’ federal public defender indicated in July that they had some discussions though did not say what the discussions entailed.

Pitts also underwent a competency evaluation, and a federal magistrate judge deemed him competent to stand trial. He also tried to fire his court-appointed federal public defender Charles Fleming, though he withdrew that request on Monday.

Fleming did not immediately respond to a voicemail left Thursday.

Pitts has criminal convictions stretching back to 1989, including for robbery, domestic violence and theft.

The statements the FBI said Pitts made about violent attacks or an allegiance to al-Qaida were mostly to agents or confidential informants, according to court filings. An informant gave Pitts a bus pass to travel downtown and scope out potential targets, as well as a cellphone he later used to text an undercover agent, authorities said.

He told an undercover agent that he wanted to “destroy the government,” and had expressed a desire to kill Americans, according to federal prosecutors.

Then-FBI Special Agent in Charge Stephen Anthony declined to say during a news conference announcing Pitts’ arrest whether the suspect had access to, or was capable of making, an explosive. Pitts had the “desire and intent” to conduct the attack, Anthony said.

Pitts’ case is assigned to U.S. District Judge Solomon Oliver Jr.

To read the entire 30-page complaint against Pitts, read our previous post and scroll to the bottom.

4 thoughts on “Ohio: Muslim indicted for Fourth of July al-Qaida car bomb plot in downtown Cleveland

  1. Peaceful Huh? Can anyone name me one Wedtern Country that the influx of Muslims has helped the local population ? Can anyone name any Western Country that Muslims aren’t living off of public assistance and demanding to have Islamic Sharia rules put un place ? Can anyone name any Western Country or City with 5% or more Muslims than doesn’t have No Go zones for Non Muslims ? Can anyone name any Muslim country where Non-Muslims are free to worship ?

    • Non Muslims are allowed restricted worship rights as long as they accept dhimmidom and pay the jizyya tax/ransom. Muslim immigrants to the USA consider the USA to now be Muslim land. That means that any welfare or other assistance is OWED to them as the jizyya. Thomas Jefferson paid the Muslim Barbary pirates ransom to get ship captains back. (most crew members were kept as slaves). The pirates considered that the ransoms to be owed to them by the “dhimmi” USA. Islam isn’t a religion. It is a political system disguised as one with sharia as it’s constitution. As such it doesn’t deserve the protection of the first amendment. It is more like a cult than a religion and should be BANNED in the USA as a dangerous,homicidal cult and an enemy of the state!!!!

  2. Story in Fl. today where an American is being charged with hate crimes for allegedly offending a moslem neighbor. Don’t know all the details but I bet they are not good.
    I was offended in a Walmart when I bought some American lamb, only to find that it had a halal certification logo meaning that I have paid a tax to islam to fund their conquering of our country.
    Next trip I will pick up some bacon to leave on top of the lamb.
    We are making a big mistake thinking that islam is not a religion but a political force. islam is a CRIMINAL mafia that is using politics and religion as their weapons. Americans have no defense against the lifelong infusion of hate, deceit and treachery of the moslems. Too bad the West has no stomach for what has to be done.
    Proscribe islam of be their slaves or worse!
    The American-American

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