Creeping Sharia’s Islam in America, 2018: Part 1 (Jan – Jun)

2018 was a banner year for Muslims and those who aid and abet Muslims in spreading sharia law in the U.S.

Two big themes emerged: Big technology companies enforcing sharia on users and Muslims making a huge push to take control through elected office. Low-lights below followed by the monthly recap.

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Islamic invasion: More than 90 Muslims, nearly all Democrats, running for public office across the U.S.
Muslim group: Over 150 Muslims across the U.S. have filed to run for public office this year

Silicon Valley Sharia

Twitter Suspends Bosch Fawstin Over Criticism of Marvel’s Muslim Superhero
American ISIS supporters are organizing on Facebook
Google demonetizes Christian website’s Sharia law and Taqiyya pages
Google Fired Conservative for Questioning Muslim’s Anti-Trump Rant
Google Plus hosting scores of pro-ISIS accounts, including overt calls to violence
Google Plus ignored flagged posts of jihadist content for more than 9 months
Google’s doodle on Memorial Day praises Bin Laden sympathizer (video)
Superhero Comic Books, From Fighting America’s Enemies to Submitting to Them

Read the monthly recap of headlines below – scroll to the end – to see how your state was affected.

January, 2018

 No denying Muslim population explosion in U.S.
Arkansas: Gun range owner who banned Muslims announces candidacy for governor
California Prosecuting Man for Insulting Comments on Mosque’s Facebook Page
California: Muslim immigrant (honor) kills two daughters following custody dispute
California: Muslim killed patrol officer, charged with 2nd degree murder
California: Terror-linked CAIR ‘appalled’ 7th-graders see version of Islam that isn’t sanitized
Chicago: Judge Reinstates Hamas/AMP Lawsuit
Chicago: Muslim refugee’s defense claims ‘combatant immunity’ – fought with Obama’s Syrian “rebels”
Connecticut: Muslim court interpreter tried to kiss, lure 12-year old girl from Superior Court
DC: Muslim ‘Journalist’ Buried Photo of Obama with Racist Nation of Islam Leader to Help Elections
DC: Obama’s ICE Didn’t Follow Procedure For Checking Illegal Immigrants’ Ties to Terrorism
Florida: Another Muslim hate crime fizzles – cops say girl fight over a boy not ‘race’
Florida: Jihadi’s wife ‘knew he was going to attack the Pulse Night Club’
Georgia: Terror-linked CAIR Forces Jail to Allow Hijabs, Now Demanding More Sharia
Iowa: Judge forces Univ of Iowa to recognize Christian student group same as Muslim group
Kansas City: Somali Muslim Immigrant Investigated for Terrorism, Sentenced for Passport Fraud
Kansas: Company Launches Line of Halal-Certified Sliced Meats
Long Island: Hewlett-Woodmere School Board won’t add Muslim holidays to school calendar
Maine’s first Somali Muslim police officer arrested, facing five charges
Maryland: Is opposition to Muslims-only Maryland housing development just “Islamophobia”? Video
Michigan: Muslim attorney drops frivolous $100M Little Caesars halal lawsuits
Minneapolis: Muslim woman arrested for setting 8 fires at St. Catherine University
Minnesota: Democrats tried to prevent Muslim woman from speaking to lawmakers at Capitol
Minnesota: Mohamed Now in Top 3 Baby Names of 2017 at St. Cloud Hospital

Minnesota: Muslim admits arson was jihad attack: ‘You guys are lucky I don’t know how to build a bomb’
Minnesota: Muslim Tells Court Mall Stabbing Was “act of Jihad in the way of Allah”
Minnesota: Muslim Who Stabbed 2 at Mall of America Pleads Guilty…to Assault
Minnesota’s “Little Mogadishu” celebrated at
New Hampshire: Despite no permits, mosque opens for worship in single-family home
New Hampshire: Proposed Legislation will Criminalize ‘Female Genital Mutilation’
New Jersey Middle School Sued Over Islamic Propaganda, Explicit Call to Convert to Islam
New Jersey: Albanian Immigrant Confirms Her Son is ISIS ‘Senior Commander’ Who Grew Up on the Jersey Shore
New Jersey: The terrorist pizza place next door
New York: de Blasio spends $50M to install 1,500 security barriers to prevent Muslim car attacks
New York: ISIS supporter takes selfie outside Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York: Muslim pleads guilty to providing support to Islamic State terrorists
New York: Muslim who killed 8 in Halloween jihad attack refuses to stand for judge; seeks plea to avoid death sentence
North Carolina: Immigrant Imam Incites Hate with Jew-Killing Hadith
NYC jihad bomber: ‘My Judge, my lawyer, my prosecutor, and my jury are all kaffirs’
NYC Muslim protester holds sign telling ISIS: “America hates Muslim America” (photo)
Ohio: Muslim convicted in terror plot asked for deportation over prison
Ohio: Muslim immigrant gets 22 years for plot to kill US troops at Texas base
Oregon: Quran instructor arrested on 7 counts of sex abuse on underage girls; police suspect more victims
Pennsylvania: Democrat’s Bill Would Make Female Genital Mutilation a Felony
Philadelphia: Muslim who shot police officer was ‘lying in wait’, will only plead to ‘Allah’
San Diego School District Defends Notorious Islamic Syndicate (CAIR) Against Parents’ Lawsuit
San Diego: Brother of ISIS jihadi lied to FBI, gets 10 years in prison
South Dakota: Why would Governor & Muslim activist oppose Senator’s panel to assess cost of refugees?
Tennessee: Christian university submits to terror-linked CAIR, cancels speakers critical of Islam
Texas: Muslim professor goes on ‘frightening Islamic rant’, students call 911 (VIDEO)
Texas: School district says teacher did not call police on 6-year-old Muslim boy
Vermont: Machete Attacker is Foreign-born Muslim Chain Migrant
Vermont: Muslim arrested after using machete to attack 73-year-old Burlington woman
West Virginia: School district ok’s mosque’s ‘indoctrination’ of teachers
American Islamic Charity Openly Partners with Designated Terrorists

February, 2018


 Welcome to America, Terrorists! Right This Way for Student Visas!
 Why hasn’t this Muslim Brotherhood fugitive in the U.S., wanted for murder, been arrested?
Arizona: Maricopa County Recorder is fangirl of pro-jihad Linda Sarsour
Arizona: Muslim gets just 1 year in prison for planning ISIS-inspired jihad attack in Phoenix
California: 43-year-old youth counselor converted to Islam, joined ISIS
California: Emails Expose Terror-linked CAIR’s Ongoing Influence in San Diego Schools
Colorado: EEOC Loses Again, Company Did No Wrong Not Hiring Hijabis

Colorado: Muslim gets life for killing Denver transit guard who was also a pastor
DC:  U.S. to resume refugee admissions from 11 mostly Muslim, ‘high-risk’ countries
DC:  US Designates 2 Egyptian Groups as Terrorists, But Not The Muslim Brotherhood
DC: State Dept Adds 7 Islamic State-Affiliated Groups to Global Terror List
DC: State Dept Embraces Islamic Cleric Who OK’d Killing Americans in Iraq
Florida ex-Professor & Deported Muslim Terrorist Calls U.S. ‘Our Enemy’ at Turkish Conference
Florida shooter “sympathized with Syrian terrorists and how people who opposed them should be killed”
Florida: 3rd Muslim set for guilty plea in West Palm terror bust
Florida: Muslim arrested, groped at least four women at the Univ of Central Florida
Florida: Muslim Tries to Get @UCF to Expel Student Who Refused to Try On Hijab
Florida: West Palm Beach Muslim pleads guilty to federal charge of aiding ISIS
Georgia: Barrow County sheriff defends “Islam in America” training
Idaho: “anti-Sharia” bill passes, with just 2 ‘no’ votes
Illinois: Citizens protest school homework claiming Christians, Muslims and Jews all believe in same God
Iowa: Are public school officials giving Islam special treatment in Iowa City?
Kansas: GOP rep introduces bill to save Muslim visa scofflaws from deportation
Maryland: Muslim Was Looking to Bomb Federal Buildings in Baltimore
Minneapolis: Somali refugee takes oath of office…on gigantic Koran
Minnesota: Democrat’s Muslim Congressmen Met with Iran’s president & NOI’s Farrakhan
Minnesota: Muslim running for Rochester mayor started org backed by terror-linked CAIR
Minnesota: Muslim who set univ. fires, told students to ‘join the jihad,’ is charged with terrorism
Minnesota: Muslim Who Told Court Mall Stabbings Were “Act of Jihad” Gets 15 Years
Minnesota: Super Bowl city was home to dozens of ISIS, other Muslim terror suspects
Missouri: Feds seek citizenship of Islamic charity leader who violated Iraq sanctions
Missouri: Muslim diversity visa recipient sent $1M to terrorist in Jordan
Nebraska: Muslim arrested for masturbating at Lincoln Burger King
New Jersey: Muslims, Feds bully Bayonne into accepting first mosque
New York: Muslim Immigrant Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Join Islamic State
New York: Muslim immigrant who bombed NYC injuring 30, gets life in prison
New York: Muslim Pleads Guilty to Material Support of ISIS, Passport Fraud
New York: Muslim sentenced to 18 years for supporting ISIS
New York: Muslim with ISIS propaganda from Chelsea bomber laughs in court
NYC: Al Qaeda Terrorist Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Killing U.S. Soldiers Overseas
NYC: Manhattan College: Catholic school overrun by Islamic proselytizing, says Muslim student
Ohio: Terror-linked CAIR Moderating Event for Ohio’s Democrat Candidates for Governor
Oklahoma: ‘Allah’ shouting Muslim stabs man because he didn’t follow Islam
Oklahoma: Saudi Muslim Immigrant Who Attended al Qaeda Training Camp Arrested
Oregon: Convicted Muslim rapist sues state over failure to provide sharia meals
Pennsylvania: FBI Investigating South Philly Hit-and-Run as Possible Terrorism
Philadelphia: Muslim convicted of attempted murder in ambush on cop
South Carolina Imam Warns Muslims: ‘If you have a teacher who is gay or lesbian…you’re going to catch the disease’
South Dakota: Sioux Falls mayoral hopeful criticized for calling out terror-linked Muslim org
Texas: Councilman Pressured to Quit for Wanting Islam Out of Public Schools
Texas: Muslim parents get light sentence for lying to FBI about son’s jihad activities
Texas: Muslim substitute teacher sent his resume to, then joined ISIS
Texas: National Guard Exploited with Food Photo-Op by Terror-Related Islamic Groups
Utah: ISIS flag found in place of American flag at local high school
Video: FBI Asst Director for DC Field Office Lauding Terrorist Mosque and its Leaders
Video: Muslim plan to infiltrate U.S. schools, book publishers & force Islam on American students
Virginia: DC Metro cop who converted to Islam & tried to aid jihadis gets 15 years
Virginia: Muslim who wanted jihad tried to join military, pleads guilty
White House ID’s 15 Muslim Terrorists Who Entered U.S. via Chain Migration, Visa Lottery Scams
Wisconsin: Muslim mother beat daughter leading to her death, but judge rebukes absent father

March, 2018


Alabama: Muslim Who Plotted Jihad Pleads Guilty to Supporting Islamic State
American who escaped al Qaeda says FBI, under Mueller and Comey, betrayed him
Arizona Dept of Education hosts radical Qatari Islamic org for public-school teacher training
Average of two suspected terrorists arrested every week in the US.
California Democrats’ endorse grandson of Munich Olympics terrorist for Congress

California Dept of Ed sides with terror-linked group, rules lesson on sharia law was discriminatory
California Man Arrested For Trying to Join Islamic State
California: Convicted Muslim refugee terrorist admits he tried to slit prison warden’s throat
California: Golden West College Cops Crack Down on Questions about Islam
California: Muslim immigrant drove flaming car with propane tanks and gas cans into Travis Air Force Base
College warns “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Easter,” and “God bless you” are microaggressions against Muslims
Florida: Devout Muslim yelled ‘Allah Akbar’ as he killed daughter, wife, set home on fire
Florida: Islamic State sympathizer guilty plea in Miami mall bomb plot
Florida: Muslim running for Broward County Commission and his terror-linked pals
Florida: Muslim teen fatally stabs 1, injures 2 in Koran-inspired knife attack; was known to FBI
Florida: Muslim who killed teen was known to FBI, about to be charged for jihad activities
Florida: Muslim woman crashes car with accelerants into police substation, charged with arson
Florida: Ocala man arrested after mother reported finding ISIS material, Koran, in son’s room
Florida: Terror-linked Muslim group wants Islam 101 classes at Crystal River Middle School
Florida: Wife of Muslim Terrorist Who Killed 49 at Gay Club Acquitted On All Counts
Foreman: Jury ‘convinced’ wife of Pulse jihadi knew he was plotting attack, but couldn’t convict
Illinois: Islamic group buys suburban Plainfield church, converts into a mosque
Illinois: Muslim arrested in terror plot to bomb Loop bar found mentally fit for trial
Imams are spewing hate in mosques across the U.S. with impunity
Indiana: Saudi from Tunisia in U.S. illegally arrested on gun & battery charges
Kentucky: Muslims Buy Paducah Church, Convert to a Mosque
Massachusetts: Holy Cross college removes ‘Crusaders’ mascot over ‘Islamophobia’ concerns
Michigan: Muslim charged with terrorism after stabbing officer in neck while yelling “allahu akbar”
Michigan: Muslims gets special use permit to build mosque in Coldwater
Minnesota: After 2 sex cases dismissed, Muslim tries to rape student at Minneapolis college
Minnesota: Muslim refugee nearly chokes woman unconscious in Waite Park motel
Minnesota: Somali Muslim Cop Charged in Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Woman; Chief Says Officer No Longer With Dept
Missouri: Muslim Woman Pleads Guilty, Threatened Military & Families On Behalf of ISIS
Muslim immigrant gets plea deal for supporting jihadists who killed 5 U.S. soldiers
Muslim on ‘jihad’ admits killing New Jersey student, 3 others
Muslim tells judge: NYC jihad plot an acceptable response to rejection of “Islamic system”
Muslims for ‘Palestine’ Invade Washington, DC – Meet With “over 100 members of congress”
New Jersey: Muslim jihadist pleads guilty in NY pressure cooker bomb plot
New Jersey: Seattle Muslim accused of terrorism standing trial in 1 of 4 jihad killings
New York City to pay Muslims $180k for removing hijabs for mug shots
New York: ‘Violent deportee’ from Senegal who escaped custody at JFK airport is caught
New York: Court Rules Yemeni Muslim’s Felony Precludes Him from Holding Public Office
New York: Democrat Keith Ellison keynotes terror-linked CAIR gala
New York: Muslim firefighter who threatened to kill colleagues will have charges dropped
New York: Muslim woman who accused Women’s March founder of sexual harassment cover-up being sued
North Carolina: Muslim immigrant guilty of killing wife and 2-year-old daughter, posted dead bodies on Facebook
Ohio: Columbus PD Appoints Muslim to Work With Growing Muslim Population
Ohio: Jury finds Muslim guilty of trying to create ISIS-inspired terror cell in U.S.
Ongoing Islamization of America – Muslims Going Hyper Political
Rhode Island: Mega mosque coming to Pawtucket
San Antonio: Muslim teen who refused arranged marriage endured nearly daily beatings
San Diego School District Must Produce Records of Collusion with CAIR, Judge Rules
San Francisco: Muslim opens fire on police, one officer and five others injured
South Carolina: Muslim arrested after feds find explosive devices and letters warning about jihad
Terror-linked CAIR wages legal jihad to force NYPD to allow hijabs during mug shots
Texas: Moore County had 5th-highest per capita Muslim population in the US
Texas: Muslim “Clock boy” father loses Islamophobia lawsuit against city, school, and police
Texas: Muslim chiropractor molested woman just days before she gave birth
Texas: Muslim parents arrested – beat teen daughter, poured hot cooking oil on her for refusing arranged marriage
Texas-born Muslim Student Association (MSA) Leader Gets 45 Years for Conspiring to Murder U.S. Soldiers for Al-Qaeda
U.S. Mosques Are Secretly Giving Sanctuary to Illegal Immigrants
Univ of Cincinnati professor forced out after telling Muslim student “Muslim females are safer in America”
US judge rejects Saudi Arabia’s motion to dismiss 9/11 complicity lawsuits
Utah: ISIS-inspired teen tried to blow up high school, raised ISIS flag weeks earlier
Video: 5 U.S. Jihadis You Haven’t Heard Of
Video: Confronting Islamic Indoctrination in American High Schools
Video: Five lethal converts to Islam in the U.S.
Video: Michigan Mosques & Imams
Virginia Mosque Declares: Politics is Our Weapon
West Virginia: Government ‘Fusion Centers’ spying on patriots concerned about Islam
Wisconsin: Former Presbyterian church becomes mosque
Wisconsin: Perp Arrested in Mosque Burglary CAIR Blamed on Islamophobia…Was Muslim

April, 2018

 Hardline Islamic Cleric to start U.S. Speaking Tour
 Syrian Imam Who Endorsed Suicide Bombing Tours U.S. Mosques
California: YouTube Shooter Was Wearing Headscarf, Identified as Nasim Aghdam
Connecticut: Historic Christian Church Converted Into a Mosque
Connecticut: Muslim pleads guilty to forcing woman into prostitution, threatening to harm her child
DC: 44 Dems, Including Wasserman Schultz, Exempted Pakistani IT Aides From Background Checks
DC: Carter Center Sued for Providing Support to Hamas Terrorists, Defrauding Taxpayers
DC: Feds expose network that smuggled illegal immigrants from Syria to U.S.
DC: Feds Strip U.S. Citizenship From Somali Diversity Visa Winner, Her Fake Husband & “Kids”
DC: How the Federal Govt Proved the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a Front for Terrorism
DC: Muslim group wages legal jihad against DOJ and DHS, want report on immigrant terrorism deleted
DC: Supreme Court rejects appeal from American victims of Mid East terror; Trump sides with PLO
DC: U.S. Funds Scandinavian “Humanitarian” Group that Helps Islamic Terrorists
Delaware: State gives Middle Eastern company control of Port of Wilmington for next 50 years
Florida Middle School to Host Syrian Sheik Who Called For Gays and Jews to Be Killed
Florida: Cop Threatens to Arrest Reporter Exposing Islamic Event feat Extremist Imam (video)
Indiana Woman Says Muslim Husband Kept, Raped, ISIS Sex Slaves in Their Syrian Home
Maine: House Democrats Kill Bill to Ban Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
Maine: Lewiston GOP Mayor Appoints Somali Muslim Immigrant Activist to Library Board
Maryland: Muslim who plotted jihad on targets in the U.S., gets 20 years prison
Massachusetts: A timeline of Islamization in Worcester
Michigan Candidate for Governor – “Brave Enough to Stand Against Sharia” (video)
Michigan: 18-year-old from Dearborn extorted 13-year-old girl for nude photo
Michigan: Dearborn Man Accused of Groping Male Customers at Livonia Uniform Store
Michigan: Feds raid suspected Dearborn pill mill, Muslim doc at large
Michigan: Immigrant from Sudan caught masturbating inside Tim Hortons in Farmington Hills
Michigan: Muslim Pharmacists, Doctor, and Patient Recruiter Charged in $5M Insurance Fraud, Opioid Racket
Minnesota: Misleading Islamic dawah exhibit touring rural Minnesota (and Wisconsin)
Minnesota: Muslim Arrested in Threat to Bomb St. Cloud City Hall
Minnesota: Muslim cop who shot and killed unarmed woman to plead not guilty
Minnesota: Republican Liberty Caucus to Hold Convention at Notorious Terror Mosque
Muslim Brotherhood and allies lose important mouthpiece as Huffington Post Arabic closes
New York: Mother arrested, used large kitchen knife to behead her 7-year old son
New York: NBC’s CAIR-Less Coverage

North Carolina: Muslim in Charlotte Sentenced To Life In Prison For Sex Trafficking Young Girls
North Dakota: Judge dismisses lawsuit by Muslim criminals who claimed jail fed them pork
NYC to pay Muslims $1M in legal fees and $75K in damages although courts “did not find any unlawful activity”
NYC: Historic churches install metal detectors to prevent (Islamic) terrorism
Ohio: Convicted Muslim terrorist fails in bid for early prison release
Ohio: Muslim arrested for threatening voicemails left at Jewish houses of worship in Cleveland
Ohio: Muslim immigrant beat victim outside restaurant because he said he was Jewish
Ohio: Muslim in Toledo pleads guilty in terrorism case
Ohio: Two more Muslims plead guilty – used university to conceal terror financing
Pennsylvania: HAMAS-CAIR Hosting Muslim Capitol (Invasion) Day in Harrisburg
Pennsylvania: Refugee – Mohammed Jabateh – who raped, murdered and mutilated victims gets 30 years for lying to gain U.S. asylum
Pennsylvania: Susquehanna Univ drops Crusaders nickname to appease Muslims
Tennessee: Muslim physician and wife get prison for opiod pill mill, Medicare fraud
Tennessee: Nashville Police Chief Exposes Cadets to Radical Mosque
Texas: At Least 24 Bangladeshi Nationals Caught at Border in March; 160 Since October
Texas: Muslim migrant and wife enslaved African girl in their home for 16 years
Video: Islamist Influence in Hollywood
Video: It’s Dangerous to Oppose Islam in Texas Public Schools
Video: Welcome to the Islamic States of America
Video: When Lying Jihadis (Who are also U.S. Politicians) Speak Nicely
Virginia: Muslim teen charged for false report man attacked her, removed hijab, called her ‘terrorist’
Washington (Univ) professor on probation for mentioning her Christian faith in front of Muslim student
Washington, DC: Iranian cursing in Farsi pistol whips employee, smashes windows at Iran consular office
Wisconsin & Minnesota: Marxist & Muslim Groups Shut Down Events (video)

May, 2018

Alaska: Jihadi Cult Member Files to Run for Congress in Dem primary
Arizona: Muslim student jokingly names self ‘most likely to bomb the U.S.’ in school yearbook
Boston police captain’s son pleads guilty in ISIS-inspired jihad plot
Brooklyn: Arrests made after 25 people collapse in the street, bad reactions to K2
California: Hamas-linked CAIR Enraged by ROTC Exercise Featuring Jihadis as Enemies
Chicago: Imam Calls On Women To Not Be Led Astray By Western Notions of Equality
Colorado: Muslim who had pipe bombs in downtown Denver hotel pleads guilty
DHS: More than a dozen known or suspected terrorists try to enter US each day
Documentary: Undercover in mosques and Muslim enclaves across the U.S. (VIDEO)

Florida: Muslim who killed 5, wounded 6 in airport jihad attack pleads guilty, avoids death penalty
Florida: Three Palm Beach County Muslims sentenced for providing material to support to ISIS
Florida: Why is a HAMAS supporter on Crime Stoppers of Miami-Dade’s Board of Directors?
Georgia: “Demented,” knife-wielding Somali Muslim killed in altercation with police
Georgia: First nonprofit surgical center for female genital mutilation victims opens in Metro Atlanta
Illinois: Aurora public library will get sharia “sensitivity training” from terror-linked Muslim group over satirical poem
Iowa: Catholic university opens gender-segregated mini-mosque for Muslim students
Kansas City: FBI investigating likely fake hate crime reported by Muslim woman
Maine: Gang of Somali Kids Attack Park Goers in Lewiston (VIDEO)
Maine: Muslims arrested for Medicaid fraud, received health care kickbacks for more than 2 years
Massachusetts: Muslim from Terror-linked CAIR & Jamaat ul Fuqra Makes Ballot in Democratic Primary
Massachusetts: Woman slashes throats of two bus passengers, then prays to Allah
Michigan: Another church becomes a mosque…run by an imam who wants U.S. to enforce sharia blasphemy laws
Michigan: DOJ/FBI quarterly meeting with (terror-linked) Muslim groups turns into anti-Trump rally
Michigan: First-ever Muslim candidate for Governor comes unhinged over question about Sharia (VIDEO)
Michigan: Katie Hopkins visits America’s largest mosque, in Dearborn (VIDEO)
Michigan: Muslim Capitol (Invasion) Day in Lansing May 9
Michigan: Muslim Lyft driver arrested for sexually assaulting woman; suspected in earlier case
Michigan: Muslim tailor charged with seven criminal sexual conduct cases
Minnesota Army National Guard celebrates ‘month of jihad’ with ‘Blessed Ramadan’ lawn sign
Minnesota: Democratic party District 62A House candidates include 5 Somali Muslims
Minnesota: Muslim who set fires at Christian univ. says influenced by Malaysian imam
Minnesota: Somali Muslim daycare fraud costing taxpayers as much as $100 million a year
New Hampshire: Somali Muslim gang from Ohio causes “chaos” during wedding brawl
New Jersey: Muslim gets 10 years, lifetime supervision for plotting attacks on behalf of Islamic State
New Jersey: Muslim gets 8 years in prison, lifetime supervised release for support of Islamic State
New Jersey: Muslim on ‘jihad’ sentenced to life without parole for murder of New Jersey student
New Jersey: School board member calls police chief ‘skinhead’ during traffic stop
New York: Muslim women banished from Islamic center’s groundbreaking in Hudson
NYPD Counterterrorism Ramadan Dhimmitude
Ohio: Muslim Professor at Kent State Fired, Pleads Guilty to Lying to the FBI
Oklahoma: Muslim woman stabbed 11-year old daughter “50 to 70 times,” hit her over head with a pick-axe
Pennsylvania: Muslim Who Disrupted Church Services Taken Into Custody, in U.S. Illegally
Pennsylvania: Sale of 143-acre State Property to Shady Islamic Org Terminated, Lawsuit Filed
Public school emails teachers Islamic propaganda, suggests “Educating our non-Muslim students about Ramadan”
San Diego Schools Still Give Terror-linked CAIR Preferential Treatment
Terror-linked CAIR Asks U.S. Marine Corps to Drop Books About Muhammad & “Arab Mind” From Reading List
Texas Commission on Law Enforcement bows to Muslims, rejects credits for training on sharia and jihad
Texas: Muslim student arrested in plot to ‘kill the kuffar’ in Frisco mall attack
Texas: Pakistani Muslim Immigrant Elected to the Euless City Council
Trump releases Gitmo jihadi to Saudi Arabia under Obama-era deal
Trump Sends Message to Muslims on Ramadan
Video: Documentary Exposes Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S.
Virginia: Muslim ‘tried to poison his estranged wife and kids with donuts’
West Virginia: Public-school students urged to ‘try fasting’ during Ramadan
West Virginia: School Gives 7th Grade Students Assignment to Write Islamic Declaration of Faith

June, 2018

Alabama: Muslim Sentenced to 15 Years & Lifetime Supervised Release for Islamic State (ISIS) Involvement
American Taxpayers’ Money Going to Islamic Charity With Ties to Terrorist Groups
Another Immigration “Loophole” – Importing Radical Imams
Brooklyn: City councilman announces gender-segregated beach days for Jews and Muslims
Brooklyn: Jewish councilman gets $1M taxpayer funds for halal, kosher meals in NYC schools
California: $12M 60,000 sqft mega mosque coming to Irvine
California: Muslim who plotted Pier 39 jihad attack pleads guilty to supporting Islamic State
California: Muslim Women (Legal Jihadists) to Dismiss Lawsuit Against Urth Caffe
Colorado: Uzbek refugee found guilty of supporting Islamic terror group
Connecticut: Another Muslim Terrorist Sues the Bureau of Prisons
Cummings Foundation grants $100K to CAIR so it can sue American businesses to comply with sharia law
Detroit: Muslim gas station clerk shoots and kills black man, unearths “decades-old turmoil” between groups
Florida: Mega-mosque being built in “strategic location” between major Orlando tourist sites
Former CAIR intern: “I learned about Islam from Islamic scholars” (VIDEO)
Houston: Muslim immigrant begins death penalty trial in pair of “honor killings” and plotting to kill his daughter
Illinois: Muslim convicted of supporting ISIS headed back to custody for violating supervised release
Imam that frequents U.S. mosques: “The reason we fight is in order to spread Islam” (VIDEO)
Islamization in American Schools
Jammal Harraz charged with bomb threat “prank” at Univ of Washington
Jihadis and Drug Cartel at U.S. Border
Katie Hopkins: How sharia law is creeping into the U.S. (VIDEO)
Maine: Man dies after Somali Muslim mob smashes his head with a brick near Kennedy Park
Maine: Muslim brothers sentenced in $1.4M welfare-for-cash scheme at halal market
Maine: Somali Muslim mob strikes again, shoot bb guns at crowd, attack others – kill one
Maine’s first Somali Muslim police officer resigns after arrest investigation
Maryland: Muslim Sentenced to 35 Years for Providing Material Support to Islamic Terror Group al-Shabaab
Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia “raced” to celebrate Ramadan with terror-linked Islamic group
Michigan: Muslim candidate for governor touts doctor credentials – but never practiced medicine
Michigan: Palestinian Dem tax fraudster running for Congress claims a “blue Muslim wave” coming
Michigan: Public university organizes Muslim religious celebration, claims it’s ‘cultural’ (and secular)
Minnesota: Amazon Builds Prayer Rooms and Lowers Work Quotas For Muslim Employees During Ramadan
Missouri: Muslim woman gets 9 years; used Twitter to solicit jihad against ex-military and their families
Muslim “diversity visa” jihadi who killed 8 in NYC tells court ISIS “fighting to impose sharia on earth”
New Jersey: Judge refuses to dismiss case against public school’s Islamic indoctrination
New Jersey: National initiative at airports to deter Muslims who take daughters abroad for female genital mutilation
New York: Devout Muslim immigrant arrested in bludgeoning death of university professor
New York: Judge gives leniency to Muslim immigrant who joined Islamic State
New York: Lackawanna Muslim gets 15-year prison sentence for supporting Islamic State terrorists
New York: Muslims pushing for Yonkers public school closures on Islamic holidays
NYC: Lesbian couple says Muslim Uber driver kicked them out over a kiss
Ohio: Muslim gets 16 years for providing material support to the Islamic State
Ohio: Opposing Groups Rally at Columbus Terror Mosque
Ohio: So-called religion of “peace” seeks to shut down bowling alley over owner’s anti-Islam comments
Oregon State Univ’s library asks students to “avoid eating in shared spaces” during Ramadan

Oregon: Halal cart owner hurls Gatorade bottle at black woman, uses racial epithet
Penn: Twitter user threatens to “destroy Christianity” at Lafayette College (Pa.), “Allah will prevail”
Philadelphia: Schools Add Muslim Holidays by Cutting Jewish One
Photos Show Islamic Relief USA’s (IRUSA) Chairman’s Muslim Brotherhood Support
South Carolina: Muslim clerk shoots customer at Columbia’s Obama gas station
Texas: Slaughterhouse to be built in Tyler County, despite citizen opposition, claims it’s no longer halal (updated)
Texas: Univ of Houston engineering student who tried to join ISIS in Syria gets 18 months prison
Treason: Attorney General refusing to charge Dem’s Pakistani IT workers who hacked Congress (VIDEO)
Trump hosting Ramadan dinner at the White House
Video: Congressional Leadership Development Program (for Muslims only)
Video: UConn Muslim prof requires students to remove shoes, say “Bismillah” on entering his office
Washington: King County schools accommodate sharia, as Muslim population grows
Washington: Muslim immigrant attacked woman on bridge, held on $100,000 bond
West Virginia: Father Gets Legal Help to Fight School’s Islamic Indoctrination of 13-Year Old Daughter
Why are ‘Iftar dinners’ being promoted by schools, churches and official government offices?
Wisconsin: Arab-Israeli arrested – used social media to encourage ISIS terrorist attacks on U.S. soil

It only got worse from July to December. Part II coming soon!

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