Barron, Wisconsin – another Somali Muslim enclave in America

Numerous puff pieces promoting the joys of Somali Muslim refugees in America at the link below.

Source: Welcome to Barron – A Media Milwaukee special project

In the late 1990s, Somali immigrants fleeing war and famine came to the United States seeking a stable life and knowing anything was better than what they had left behind. Some of them settled into small towns across the country like Barron, Wisconsin. What followed was a culture shock for a town that is nearly 90 percent white and has a population just under 3,500, according to the latest census in 2010.

See our list of Muslim enclaves along the right side of any page…scroll down until you see the list.

7 thoughts on “Barron, Wisconsin – another Somali Muslim enclave in America

  1. This is quite disturbing. If a woman wants to wear a burqa, why did she come here? A burqa is not consistent with our cultural values and norms. Neither does sharia law. It will be interesting to see what happens when someone challenges the wearing of the burqa. Covering of the face is totally inappropriate.

    • When they are the minority they will demand minority rights. When they become the majority there are no minority rights for anyone.
      They despise our culture and values but insert themselves in America to subvert and overcome us. They have been told to have as many children as possible. As such they have the highest birth rate in America.

  2. Lewiston, ME has a population of @ 36,000 with an East African population of 7,500 (5,000+ are Somalis). Using round numbers, that equates to 20% of that one city no longer being of French Canadian-American heritage.

    Portland’s Population is about double Lewiston’s with a similar figure of 7,500 “new immigrants”.The two main rival high schools, Portland and Deering, have played 107 Thanksgiving Day football games. Because both schools now can’t field enough players, the geniuses in charge are suggesting to make one team. They blame CTE and the game being injury prone for the lack of participation. The same scenario applies with fielding golf teams which isn’t a rough sport.

    Could the low numbers be that the schools are now filled with Somali immigrants who played soccer and are not familiar with football? Their rosters are overflowing with players. The multiculturalists, of course, think this is wonderful while we diminish our own culture.

  3. What do you expect with Obama bringing these people into our nation with promises and the dumping them in community’s across the United States in the dead of night. These enclaves are dangerous, law enforcement avoids them, FBI/CIA etc know about them and do nothing….the set up to engage in war on our homeland has been forming for years as one living close to these areas can hear the gun practices and know they are training camps for terror hits within.

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