Florida: Fort Pierce Resident Sentenced to Prison for ISIS Related Threats

Source: Fort Pierce Resident Sentenced to Prison for ISIS Related Threats | USAO-SDFL | Department of Justice

A Fort Pierce resident was sentenced to prison yesterday for making ISIS related threats.

Charlton Edward LaChase, 28, of Fort Pierce, Florida, was sentenced yesterday to 18 months in prison, to be followed by three years of supervised release, by U.S. District Judge Robin Rosenberg, after previously pleading guilty to two counts of transmitting threats through interstate or foreign commerce (Case No. 18-24011-CR).

According to the court record, LaChase sent text messages professing his support for ISIS and threatening to kill several people while committing acts of terrorism and mass murder.  A search warrant for LaChase’s Facebook account revealed several attempts by LaChase to purchase firearms, as well as threats to commit mass murder, threats to kill politicians, and statements of support for ISIS.

LaChase received an enhancement at sentencing for obstruction of justice because he disposed of the cellphone he used to send the text messages, shortly after becoming aware that he was under investigation by the FBI.


Charlton was arrested on Feb. 4 after traveling in Costa Rica. I previously reported (from the article) that during this trip, Charlton texted a female family member that he would behead her and her children, rent a truck and hurt and kill people, that he wanted to be the first deaf terrorist in U.S. history.


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