Kansas: Muslim leader who illegally stored hazardous waste costing taxpayers $760k gets probation, fine

It cost more than $760,000 to clean up Muslim immigrant El-Sherif’s hazardous waste, yet he was only fined $544,000 and won’t do any time. Taxpayers picked up the difference. And it’s unclear if el-Sherif will ever pay back a penny.

Source: Lab owner told to pay $544,000 for environmental violation

KANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) — The owner of a defunct laboratory in Lenexa has been ordered to pay $544,287 for storing hazardous waste without a license.

U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister announced Tuesday that 63-year-old Ahmed El-Sherif was found guilty of storing the waste at Beta Chem Laboratory.

Kansas health officials took control of the laboratory in 2013. Environmental Protection Agency agents found numerous containers of hazardous wastes and radiation contamination during a search in January 2014.

During a bench trial, U.S. District Court Judge Julie Robinson found that Beta Chem was a defunct operation by 2012 and hazardous chemicals were being stored rather than performing decommissioning and decontamination at the facility.

El-Sherif was found not guilty of obstructing a federal investigation. He will serve two years of probation.

From a previous Creeping Sharia post: Prominent Muslim Leader Convicted, Illegally Stored Hazardous Waste

EPA determined there to be 1,138 containers at the lab, of which 886 had intact manufacturer labels with no handwriting, which showed many of those to be hazardous. The other containers were field tested for hazardous characteristics before being disposed of. In total, EPA determined there to be over two hundred pounds of hazardous waste, some of which was acute hazardous waste. All of the containers tested were radioactive, and forty-five percent of the contents tested were radioactive.

EPA’s Superfund program spent over $760,000 to remove and dispose of the hazardous waste.

“The public expects and deserves that those in the business of using dangerous radioactive materials do so in compliance with law,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey H. Wood for the Justice Department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division. “This defendant breached that trust, deliberately disobeyed the law, and ignored requests by KDHE and EPA to bring his laboratory into compliance with statutes and regulations designed to protect the public and the environment.”

For years, the defendant knowingly stored hazardous waste with no regard to the serious public health and environmental dangers it posed,” said Special Agent in Charge of EPA’s criminal enforcement program for the EPA Regions covering Kansas Jeff Martinez. “Even when told to stop his dangerous practice, Mr. el-Sherif continued to ignore the risks. Yesterday’s guilty verdict should send a clear message that EPA will hold accountable those who willfully violate the law.”

The Causing Fitna blog traces el-Sherif’s familial lineage to the Muslim Brotherhood, his friendship with convicted Muslim terrorists and infiltrators of local politics in, Kansas City American Muslim Council – Creeping Sharia.


7 thoughts on “Kansas: Muslim leader who illegally stored hazardous waste costing taxpayers $760k gets probation, fine

  1. That radioactive waste is Halal so no problem!

    How do we let potential enemies of America have such business’s here??? How many critical operations are run and controlled by moslems? and when will they use their positions to create chaos and destruction in our country?? At this moment we are training islamic enemies in our colleges with the technology to destroy us.
    Proscribe islam or be a slave or worse under sharia!!!!!

  2. Yeah, nice. Just keep coddling them, catering to them, bowing down to their every wish and whiny, sniveling commands. It will get America far. That the Democrats and their globalist puppeteers wish. Make America Great For Them! And, we’re kust going to let them do it?

  3. Muslims are Not willing to Assimilate. Americans will go to War before we Allow Muslims to impose their sick laws on America or her Citizens.
    They all need to be shipped back to where they came from.

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