Oregon: Koran instructor sentenced to 4 years prison for sexual abuse of underage girls

Muhammad Laftah Hasan

Source: Quran instructor sentenced to four years in prison after pleading guilty to sexual abuse | KCBY

BEAVERTON, Ore. – A Quran instructor from Corvallis was sentenced to four years in prison Friday after he pleaded guilty to sex abuse charges.

According to the Washington County District Attorney’s Office, Muhammad Laftah Hasan pleaded guilty to first-degree attempted sexual abuse and third-degree sexual abuse.

Tigard police began investigating Hasan in 2017 after a parent contacted officers with concerns that he abused their daughter. At the time, Hasan was running the American Islamic Center for the Holy Qur’an in Tigard. The victim was taking lessons from him.

Detective Kevin Dresser from the Tigard Police Department determined the abuse began as early as 2016. Detectives also learned of a second victim who reported similar abuse by Hasan.

Hasan was arrested at his home in Corvallis in December 2017 on eight counts of sexual abuse.

Investigators say Hasan has worked with children in several Oregon and Washington communities. Detectives fear there could be additional victims who haven’t yet come forward. Anyone with information about additional abuse should call law enforcement immediately.

In addition to the four-year prison sentence, Hasan will undergo 10 years of post-prison supervision, submit a DNA sample, and register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. He will also pay more than $5,000 in restitution and is ordered to have no contact with minors except for his daughter. Hasan will serve five years of probation.

From our previous post on Hasan:

Muhammad L. Hasan, 50, was taken into custody on Wednesday on seven counts of sex abuse after two girls under the age of 14 reported him.

The abuse allegedly started in 2016 when the girls were clients of Hasan.

Police suspect there may be more victims.


3 thoughts on “Oregon: Koran instructor sentenced to 4 years prison for sexual abuse of underage girls

  1. What kind of parent would NOT have taken immediate “serious” action against that pedophile? Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES would that piece of trash been able to walk around after doing something like that to my young daughter.

    • The problem is this is common in Islam. The child was likely Muslim as well. Thank God she is in America where her perpetrator will be punished. In the Middle East they commonly use little children, boys and girls, for sex.

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