Ohio: Muslim convert charged with a hate crime for synagogue mass shooting terror plot

Damon Joseph aka Abdullah Ali Yusuf

Source: ISIS-supporting Ohio man charged with a hate crime for plotting to shoot up a synagogue | h/t religionofpeace.com

A man accused of plotting a mass shooting at a synagogue in Ohio has been indicted on a federal hate crime charge.

Damon Joseph, 21, was indicted Tuesday on charges that include attempting to provide material support to ISIS and attempting to commit a hate crime.

The Justice Department says that his plan was never carried out.

Instead, he was arrested in early December after he received two AR-15 rifles from an undercover agent.

His plot came to light after being inspired by a gunman who killed 11 people at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh the October.

Investigators say Joseph, who converted to Islam, talked about wanting to kill as many people as possible at a synagogue in the Toledo area.

Joseph said his decision about which synagogue to attack would come down to ‘which one will have the most people, what time and what day. Go big or go home,’ according to court documents.

Authorities became aware of Joseph after seeing photos of knives and guns and praising ISIS on his social media accounts.

In September, agents asked him whether he hated people in America.

‘Oh yeah, definitely,’ he responded, according to court records. ‘The gays the Christians the Catholics the Jews you name it.’

Records show that he had narrowed his plot to one synagogue and showed the undercover agents pictures of the house of worship and described to them details of his plan.

He told the officers he wanted to start the killing inside the sanctuary and wanted to make sure he executed the rabbi, records show.

Joseph’s plan was to carryout the shooting on the Sabbath so he would cause maximum bloodshed, records show.

His attorney declined to comment.

6 thoughts on “Ohio: Muslim convert charged with a hate crime for synagogue mass shooting terror plot

  1. Don’t screw around with him, take him out to the square and behead him after boiling him in pig blood. Time to show these Sharia nitwits what’s with it!

  2. He is a good moslem, he is striving to follow the teachings of the koran and adhere to the teachings of Mohammed. Surely he wish’s to be a martyr and earn his 72 virgins in heaven. His actions are mirrored by the 1.5 Billion of the moslem faith.
    Certainly nothing wrong with that!

    • jerrys- I got a good laugh from your post. Never ask a follower of the alleged prophet where in the koran they find 72 virgins mentioned and then remind them that if it isn’t in the koran it isn’t valid because the koran is perfect. Never ask if they believe the sun sets in a mud puddle and there are people around it. That’s in the koran and so it must be true.
      Ask them to show the actual number of people who classify themselves as muslim and discover that’s a bogus figure and is only possible if you count pets and wildlife as being muslim

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  4. What must happen is the man needs education. There are videos out there from people like the “apostate prophet” which lay out plainly the number of ways the koran is wrong, and provable so.
    You cannot seriously believe that a god that created the Earth would tell someone it is flat and the sun sets in a mud puddle with people around it.
    There are just so many examples of how ridiculous the claim that a god told a guy who did nothing to qualify as a prophet that kind of crap.
    He must be exposed to those videos 24/7 and possibly he will see how ridiculous his chosen “religion” is.

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