Virginia: Moroccan Immigrant Sentenced to 5 Years Prison for Assault on ICE Officers

Source: Moroccan Man Sentenced to Prison for Assault on Federal Officers | USAO-EDVA | Department of Justice

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – A Moroccan man was sentenced today to 5 years in prison for assaulting federal law enforcement officers and failing to depart the United States.

According to court documents, Zakaria Taoufik, 40, staged a violent outburst on a Royal Maroc passenger flight at Dulles International Airport as ICE officers attempted to execute his lawful removal to Morocco. Taoufik was being deported following of an aggravated felony conviction. Once aboard the aircraft, Taoufik screamed threats and obscenities, and repeatedly slammed his head into the on-board entertainment screen in front of him until it shattered. He assaulted the ICE officers escorting him, attempting to head-butt and bite them. He spat deliberately into the face of one of the officers, hitting him in the eye and also hitting another officer in the eye. Taoufik knew that he had an infectious disease at the time he spit at and attempted to bite the officers. As a result of his highly disruptive conduct, the captain ordered him off the plane. This was Taoufik’s second successful attempt to prevent his removal, as he previously foiled an earlier attempt to remove him from Atlanta in October 2017.

Five more years on U.S. taxpayer’s dime…will he evade deportation then?

He must have been a real winner. There were at least three different sets of mugshots of Taoufik in North Carolina. A separate news report stated that Taoufik claimed to be HIV positive.

…Taoufik claimed that he is HIV positive and that his life may be in danger if he returns to Morocco

Court documents show that once on the plane, Taoufik was buckled into his seat, “in physical restraints,” and started to scream at the crew and the officers.

“When other passengers started to board the aircraft, Taoufik began to bang his head against the onboard entertainment screen in front of him, shattering the screen….Taoufik was ultimately able to unbuckle his seat belt and began to rise out of his seat attempting to bite, kick, head-butt, and spit on” the ICE officers, according to the court docs.

Taoufik also reportedly hit an officer in the face, and after about 30 minutes, was ordered off the plane by the captain.

HIV positive and tried to bite officers…

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