A Month of Islam in America: January 2019

A new year but more of the same from followers of Islam. And a reminder that it’s been going on for a very long time, even in the U.S.

January 19, 1973: Four Sunni Muslims Kill Cop, Take Hostages in Brooklyn Plot for “a Holy Crusade”

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January 2019

Jihad & Terror

Arizona: Muslim arrested for jihad attack on Phoenix cop, now charged with aiding ISIS (VIDEO)

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office says Ismail Hamed provided “advice, assistance, direction or management to the Islamic State of Iraq” and ISIS on or about Jan. 7.

California: Somali Muslim Refugee Who Tried to Run Down Jews at Synagogue Charged with Attempted Murder

Mohamed Abdi Mohamed, 33, of Seattle, allegedly yelled racial epithets at the men as they left Congregation Bais Yehuda on 360 N. La Brea Ave. Nov. 23. Mohamed then tried to hit the two men with his car as they were walking on a sidewalk, prosecutors allege. He then tried to get away, but ended up hitting another vehicle and was ultimately arrested.

Florida: Fort Pierce Resident Sentenced to Prison for ISIS Related Threats

Charlton Edward LaChase, 28, of Fort Pierce, Florida, was sentenced yesterday to 18 months in prison, to be followed by three years of supervised release, by U.S. District Judge Robin Rosenberg, after previously pleading guilty to two counts of transmitting threats through interstate or foreign commerce (Case No. 18-24011-CR).

According to the court record, LaChase sent text messages professing his support for ISIS and threatening to kill several people while committing acts of terrorism and mass murder.

Georgia: Muslim arrested for plotting IED, anti-tank rocket attacks on White House and other D.C. buildings

Hasher Jallal Taheb of Cumming, Georgia, was arrested in Gwinnett County accused of plotting to destroy the White House and other Washington D.C. government buildings.

Taheb allegedly said he planned to travel to “hijra,” a term said to refer to Islamic State territory and he was selling the car to fund the trip. But he didn’t have a passport.

He allegedly told the informant he wanted to attack the White House and Statue of Liberty in jihadist attacks.

Michigan: 3 Muslim immigrants arrested for plan to join Islamic State (ISIS)

Three Michigan residents were arrested Monday afternoon for conspiring to support ISIS, federal authorities said.

Muse Abdikadir Muse, 20, was arrested by law enforcement officers during security screening at the Gerald R. Ford Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan, after checking in for the first of a series of flights to Mogadishu, Somalia. His 23-year-old brother, Mohamud Abdikadir Muse, and their 26-year-old brother-in-law, Mohamed Salat Haji, were arrested in the airport terminal soon after, according to a criminal complaint filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan.

All three men are naturalized U.S. citizens who were born in Kenya and currently reside in Lansing, Michigan.

Ohio: Muslim indicted for Fourth of July al-Qaida car bomb plot in downtown Cleveland

Demetrius Pitts, 49, is charged with attempting to provide material support to al-Qaida. The FBI said Pitts corresponded with an undercover agent and scoped out an area to park a van full of explosives near Voinovich Park on Independence day.

He also liked this location because it was near a U.S. Coast Guard station, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the Celebrezze Federal Building, according to federal prosecutors.

Pitts also goes by Abdur Raheem Rafeeq and Salah ad-Deem Osama Waleed, authorities said.

Texas: Muslim convert who tried to become English teacher for ISIS indicted

A Texas man captured in Syria has been indicted on charges that he attempted to provide himself as material support to the Islamic State group, the Justice Department said Friday.

Warren C. Clark [aka Abu Mohammad al-Ameriki], 34, a convert to Islam and former substitute teacher from Sugar Land, Texas, previously admitted to seeking a position teaching English at a university in the Iraqi city of Mosul, which ISIS has occupied for more than three years.

Abu Mohammad al-Ameriki
Two American jihadis captured fighting for ISIS in Syria, militia says

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) captured two Americans in Syria who are suspected of being ISIS fighters, the militia said in press release Sunday.

The militia identified the men as Warren Christopher Clark (Abu Mohammad al-Ameriki) and Zaid Abed al-Hamid (Abu Zaid al-Ameriki).

The SDF said Clark is originally from Houston, but it gave no specific location in the United States for the other man’s origin.

D.C.: CAIR’s national outreach manager an avowed supporter of terrorist group Hamas

A senior official of the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) who spoke last week at an event celebrating the election of three Muslim members of Congress is an avowed supporter of the U.S.-designated terrorist group Hamas.

Jinan Shbat (who goes by “Jinan Deena” on Twitter), CAIR’s national outreach manager, tweeted her support for the Palestinian terrorist group in June, expressing her preference for Hamas over the Palestinian Authority, which governs the Palestinian areas of the disputed West Bank.

Tlaib, left, Shbat, right

Maine: Vigil for man killed by Somali Muslims…is attacked…by Somali Muslims

A vigil for Donald Giusti turned into a brawl on Knox Street, right across from Kennedy Park and the Lewiston Police Department, according to Lewiston police.

Giusti’s family said they were just trying to celebrate what would have been his 39th birthday, when things took a violent turn.

Donald Giusti was killed in June, after police say a similar brawl broke out in Kennedy Park, leaving him badly beaten.

Islamic Rape & Violence Against Americans

D.C. Koran teacher at mosque coerced underage girl for sex, shared jihadi propaganda with students
Oregon: At least 5 Saudi students vanish while facing rape, other charges
Texas: Muslim Leader Accused of Sexually Grooming Teen Girl Also Faces Polygamy Allegations
Texas: Teacher arrested trying to sell underage relative for sex in Morocco
New York Imam: Wife-Beating Is Permissible…But Only To Hurt Her Dignity (VIDEO)
Florida: CAIR-Sex Predator Shuts Down Facebook Page
Ohio Becomes 28th State to Criminalize Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Immigration Jihad

D.C.: Pakistani who smuggled nearly 100 Middle Eastern illegals into U.S. is deported
Minnesota: Mankato Muslim Charged for Stabbing Man Outside of an Uber
New York: Coney Island Strip Known as “Little Pakistan” to be Co-Named After…”Founder” of Pakistan
New York: NYPD Says ‘Muslim Community Patrol’ is Not Sanctioned
Oklahoma: Gun range fights to exclude members of terror-linked group CAIR
Texas: Muslim couple convicted of keeping African girl as slave for 16 years
U.S. immigration services approved visa requests for thousands of child brides and fiancees from 2007 to 2017
U.S. military releases American-born Muslim ISIS fighter in Bahrain; passport canceled but U.S. citizenship in tact
Wisconsin – Barron, another Somali Muslim enclave in America

Illinois: MAS-ICNA Conference Hosts Islamic Supremacist and Terrorist Speakers in Chicago

Sharia Adherents in Elected Office

Indiana’s Muslim Congressman Envisions 35 Muslim Reps in Congress by 2030
Michigan: Muslim congresswoman takes photo with pro-Hezbollah activist at swearing-in ceremony
Michigan: Muslim Democrat Tlaib Did Not Use Jefferson’s Koran, Used Her Own
Michigan: Muslim Democrat Tlaib vows to impeach ‘motherf***er’, swears in on book that says ‘don’t take Jews & Christians as friends’
New Jersey: Dem Governor postpones State of the State at mosque with imam facing deportation for Hamas links
NYC: A Sculpture Celebrating Saudi Arabia Erected on Ground Zero
Washington: Amazon bows to terror-linked CAIR, removes products with Islamic writing

Litigation & Judicial Jihad

NYC: FDNY to pay $224k to Muslim firefighter who threatened colleagues

Fraud for Jihad

Michigan: Dearborn: Muslim hailed for first halal Sonic restaurant arrested in $1.2M health care fraud scheme
Michigan: Muslim Gets 3 1/2 Years Prison for $1.8M Fraudulent Tax Preparation Scheme
New York: Long Island Taxi company owner defrauded Medicaid of $200,000
New York: Muslim psychiatrist on trial for health care fraud opens new practice
Ohio: Muslim and Son Arrested in $2.7M Food Stamp Fraud and Running Illegal Slaughterhouse
Pennsylvania: Muslim with a gas station, 4-bedroom house, a Mercedes and more than $58k in bank charged with Medicaid fraud
U.S. Foundations Keep Funding CAIR Despite Terror Links and Pro-Terrorist Rhetoric

Despite the growing body of evidence:

Why Does American Media Shill for Islam?
Apologists for Sharia and Islam in the West

PS: Those are just some of the highlights we learned about during the month of December! Please note due to the shutdown of non-essential government agencies, the DOJ is not reporting on federal convictions so there could be many more indictments, arrests and convictions not listed here.

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