Minnesota: Christian Pastor Arrested at Mall of America Faces Hearing and Trial After Talking to Muslims

Source: Ex-Muslim Christian Pastor Ramin Parsa, Who Was Arrested at the Mall of America for Sharing His Testimony, Faces a Hearing and a Trial in His 7-Month Legal Ordeal

Ramin Parsa, an ex-Muslim Christian pastor who was stabbed in Iran, imprisoned in Turkey, and then arrested in the Mall of America for sharing his testimony with interested Muslim women, faces a settlement conference in March and likely a trial in April. The state of Minnesota has continued to prosecute his case, even though the Mall of America was wrong to accuse him of trespassing in the first place.

In late August 2018, Parsa was visiting the Mall of America in Minneapolis, Minn. Two Somali-American women spoke with him and asked him if he was still a Muslim. When he said he was not, they asked him to explain. At this point, another lady complained to mall security. Security took Parsa into custody, holding him handcuffed to a metal chair for four hours without water, and then turning him over to the police.

While the Mall of America seems the main culprit in Parsa’s story, the state of Minnesota has taken up the case. “Actually in my hearing documents, it says ‘state of Minnesota vs. Ramin Parsa.’ So the state is my oppressor,” the pastor told PJ Media on Thursday. He also shared a report from his lawyer detailing the results of a pre-trial hearing that took place on December 11.

“Pastor Parsa’s pre-trial hearing was held on December 11, 2018 but the matter was not resolved,” the lawyer wrote. “The city attorney’s office is continuing to prosecute Pastor Parsa for allegations of misdemeanor trespassing.”

On the short end, Parsa’s legal battle will last seven months. Yet it seems unlikely the state of Minnesota will drop the case that easily.

“A settlement conference is scheduled for March 7, 2019, where there will be further negotiations and legal proceedings regarding Pastor Parsa’s First Amendment rights and the charge,” the lawyer added. “A jury trial has been set for April 29, 2019, in Minneapolis in case the matter is not resolved before that date.”

While the Mall of America and the state are prosecuting Ramin Parsa for misdemeanor trespassing, the pastor recalled mall security telling him his real crime. After speaking with the women — and being interrupted by the third woman — the pastor went to grab some coffee with his friends.

“When we came out of the coffee shop, three guards were waiting for us, and they arrested me right there,” Parsa told PJ Media back in September. “They came after me and arrested me, and said, ‘You cannot talk religion here.'”

Parsa told security he was a pastor. “They told me, ‘We arrested pastors before,'” he recalled, still shocked by the answer. “It was something normal for them, they were used to it.”

Parsa said his confinement in “mall jail” reminded him of the KGB. Yet the Mall of America’s hostility to a Christian pastor sharing his testimony seemed even more familiar to the Iranian refugee.

“I’ve gone through this before — in Muslim countries I was arrested for passing out bibles,” Parsa said. “I didn’t expect that would happen in America. As a citizen in America, I have rights. They denied my basic rights.”

The pastor compared his mistreatment in Minnesota to the persecution he faced in Iran and Turkey.

“When I became a Christian, I was stabbed, I ran away from Iran. I went to Turkey for two years as a refugee. We had a church and we were passing out bibles. I was arrested,” Parsa recounted. He mentioned Pastor Andrew Brunson, an American pastor imprisoned in Turkey and charged with terrorism. “They thought the American government was paying us to pass out bibles. I said I wish they would,” he remarked, wryly.

When at last he came to America, he was relieved. “With tears in my eyes, I was so thankful to be in America, where I can express myself, nobody can stop me or oppress me for my faith… and then this happened to me,” Parsa said.

Ramin Parsa became famous after capturing video of a plane crash in Mexico on July 31, 2018. As the plane crashed, Parsa’s video recorded him saying, “In Jesus’ name! In nomine de Jesus!” Miraculously, all 103 people on the AeroMexico flight survived.

“It seems like the only people who can be bullied are the Christians,” Parsa said, noting that if the constant mockery aimed at Christians were to be redirected toward Muslims, “it would be an outrage.” He wondered why the LGBT activists do not request same-sex wedding cakes from Muslim bakeries. “In Muslim countries, they kill the gays. They throw them off the building. I saw with my own eyes, people being executed.”

“Christians are being persecuted and bullied, and nobody says anything to defend them,” the pastor said.

The answer is simple in Minnesotastan for those willing to admit the truth.

More on Parsa here and be sure to check out our 2018 recaps of the Islamization of America. Part 1 and Part 2.

20 thoughts on “Minnesota: Christian Pastor Arrested at Mall of America Faces Hearing and Trial After Talking to Muslims

  1. Should America make the most destructive decision in its short history, to allow its Christianity to be replaced with islam, so will America be replaced. God does not like to be mocked!

  2. This is a disaster for our country. We are a Christian country and should not allow narrow minded islamist to infiltrate this nation. This is what happenss when they do. Denial of religion not “Freedom of Religion.”

  3. I’m disgusted with the way things are going on this country. Christians are now vilified and silenced as the Muslims scream “Islamaphobia” if someone disagrees with them. They’re infiltrating the govt and slowly using our laws, twisting them to turn against us. If something isn’t done, we will no longer be a Christian nation but one under Islamic rule. May God have mercy on us.

  4. In Minnesota, the somali’s on top of all the welfare benefits receive $2200. a month for every man, woman and child. This was given by idiots in the state dept for ???? It gives those vile somalies more purchasing power than Americans. The smell is vile!
    The American – American

    • Hey jerry you are one very DISGUSTING HUMAN infact RASICT. I live within mn and i am very well aware of whats going on with the somali community here. And on behalf on them i think it is very unfair that you judge people who came here to better their childrens future and want the best and safe future for their family like every other immigrant trying to escape unsafe habitats. And why do you believe that WE Simply cannot EARN OUR MONEY. If you really knew what was within MN you wouldnt say the because every other block THERES A SOMALI business.

      • Hey Miya, what are you? A pedophile worshipping, inbred bulging forehead, violent freeloader Somalian? We don’t want your violence, your Mohammed, YOU! Go back to Somalia Shariah land where you belong.

      • Miya, I lived in south Minneapolis for 3 years. Where do you live? The Somalians are a dirty, disgusting and disrespectful breed. They live like pigs, I’ve worked as maintenance on other places where they live. I speak from knowledge and first hand experience. I’m also a veteran who was involved in the American evacuation from Iranian 79-80. Dogs were given nor respect than women, is that what you want? If so, go live there.

    • MARIAH
      Dont use the words we Christians because not all Christians are simple minded idiots. That are so shallow and dumb enough to say boycott the mall when it is a policy within its the mall. Do you even know the meaning of BOYCOTT but at the end of the day no one cares because everyone has there own opinions.https://www.mallofamerica.com/security

      • The 1st Amendment of the Constitution is not a policy.

        Simple minded or uneducated?

        Did you come for the money? Have you read the Constitution?

  5. I will not live in fear just because some muslim’s might be offended! I will never trust anyone who worships a murdering, raping, pedophile! If they want to live under sharia law then get the hell out of America and go live in a country that lives under sharia law!! We will never, ever accept sharia law in our country! It’s OK for those sick twisted people to persecute Christians but the minute we share the truth about the evils of islam everyone gets their panties in a bunch! Make no mistake, the #1 agenda of islam is to dominate the world and eradicate all other religions! #SayNoToIslam

  6. Islam is a theocracy….it is not a religion nor is it a race, it should not be in our nation as its a legal judicial system that applies only to Muslims, arresting the Pastor because he was talking to Muslims violates his right to free speech however under Islamic sharia law it is forbidden for Muslims to speak, learn or ask about the Jewish faith or any other faith that may lead to the Muslim leaving Islam, what you have in Minnesota is a Islamic population living under sharia law not the Constitution and trying people under sharia, this needs to stop. Islam must be removed from America or we’ll a civil war with Islam inside of America, Islam should have never been allowed to enter……you can thank a democrat for the allowing of Islam into America under LBJ and Ted Kennedy.

  7. I hope he fights the case as hard as he can. I can relate. I was arrested at an open house at the Denver Islamic Society for passing out leaflets and trying to talk to people, all of which were First Amendment protected activities, and I was then assaulted but since I went alone I had no witnesses. I was charged with Trespassing and Disturbing the Peace. Three Islamic leaders from the mosque where Anwar al Awlaki achieved fame and was the spiritual advisor to five of the 9/11 hijackers, the Fort Hood shooter and inspired other terrorists, testified against me. I represented myself at trial and was found not guilty of trespassing, after all it was a publicly advertised open house, but guilty on the disturbance charge. I appealed all of the way to the Colorado Supreme Court and lost, could not appeal to Federal District Court because my sentence had been probation and it had expired and did not think my chances were good in the US Supreme Court of them even hearing the case, despite the fact that there were clear Due Process and First Amendment mistakes made trial court ruled that if I mentioned the First Amendment they would find me in contempt.

  8. If he looses he should appeal all the way to the US Supreme Court for 1st Amendment Rights, and then sue the Mall, Individuals, and State, plus Individuals. If he wins he should still sue and make everyone pay.

  9. Mall of America? Or Mall of Islam? I will never shop there. Let us know the result of this case. Is there any opposition to this? Petitions at least?

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