U.S. to provide nearly $10M to Maldives – where non-Muslims can’t become citizens

Source: U.S.-Maldives Cooperation

The U.S. government applauds Maldives’ commitment to advance justice sector reform, good governance, rule of law, transparent public financial management, anti-corruption, growth of civil society, responsible infrastructure development, and education. We welcome the opportunity to deepen engagement with Maldives in support of common priorities and a shared vision for the Indian Ocean region, and today announced the intent to work with Congress to provide $9.75 million in new funding for public financial management, rule of law, governance, civil society strengthening, and vocational training. To date, our expanded outreach and assistance to Maldives encompasses:


  • U.S. Department of the Treasury collaboration with the Government of Maldives to initiate assistance on debt strategy and domestic debt management.
  • Initiation of a USAID program-based budgeting pilot with Maldives’ Ministry of Finance to promote public financial management best practices.


  • Initiation of a Development Objectives Assistance Agreement to facilitate sustained collaboration between Maldives and USAID.
  • USAID-administered civil society youth and women’s economic and social empowerment programs.
  • Continued USAID programming to improve management of coral reef ecosystems and build Maldives’ economic, social, and environmental resilience.


  • $7 million to support maritime security, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, and military professionalization.
  • Conclusion of a memorandum of agreement on the implementation of a $2 million program to enhance aviation security in Maldives.
  • Ongoing upgrades to passenger screening systems at Maldivian ports of entry.

Rule of Law

  • Deployment of a U.S. Department of Justice short-term legal advisor to support capacity building at Maldivian criminal justice institutions.
  • Deployment of a U.S. Department of the Treasury team to assess Maldives’ technical assistance needs related to combatting financial crimes.


  • Ongoing panels, film screenings, workshops, and volunteer activities through the American Center in Malé that encourage Maldivian youth to develop their entrepreneurship skills and engage on community issues, including environmental concerns.
  • Plans for five International Visitor Leadership Program exchanges in the next year.

As we’ve pointed out numerous times, Maldives has been becoming more sharia-compliant, not less, so why are U.S. taxpayer dollars going to this regime? And why are we bringing Muslims who adhere to the sharia to the U.S. via so-called leadership exchange programs?

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