A Hindu Perspective on Islamic Jihad (and the Pakistan Mentality)

Escalations between India and Pakistan are escalating rapidly after Muslim terrorists killed 40 Indians in Kashmir in a jihad attack days ago. India responded by launching airstrikes killing hundreds of jihadis. Pakistan then reportedly shot down two Indian fighter jets.

Jihad on India is not new.

Source: The Pakistan Mentality: Why it is dangerous and why it must be crushed | IndiaFactsIndiaFacts h/t Terror Trends Bulletin

The first Islamic invasion of India took place in the year 638 CE. With reinforcements from Iraq, Syria, Persia and several other Middle Eastern kingdoms, a large and powerful flotilla attacked Sindh, the Indian province closest to Arabia. The naval forces of Sindh soundly defeated this Islamic armada. Over the next 72 years, fourteen more attempts by nine Caliphs ended in utter failure. The Arabs lost such countless numbers of men in these campaigns – which were conducted both via land and sea – that the Caliphs declared India a no-go zone for Muslims.

However, in 710 CE the Arabs mounted a last-ditch invasion led by Mohammed bin Qasim. In 711 CE the Muslims tasted their first victory on Indian soil when they took the frontier town of Debal after a bitter battle. Like numerous previous campaigns, initially this one too seemed like it was going to be a disaster for the large Muslim horde against a small frontier city. The Hindu soldiers put up a valiant fight and were at the point of defeating the Muslim army when the Buddhist citizens of Debal betrayed the defenders during the battle, saying that as Buddhists it didn’t matter to them whether Hindus or Muslims ruled Sindh. They quickly learned their mistake when the victorious Muslim army massacred every single one of them along with the Hindus.

It was in Debal that the first recorded conversion of a Hindu took place. This man was promptly named Maulana Islami and sent, with a Syrian noble, to deliver a message to the court of Raja Dahir, the ruler of Sindh. According to the Chachnama, when the two entered Dahir’s court, the Syrian bowed low to salute, but the newly converted Indian Muslim refused to observe the mandatory diplomatic courtesy.

Dahir recognised him and asked him why he was not observing the court etiquette, and the latter said that with his change of religion his loyalty now was to “the king of Islam”. Change of religion had resulted in change of nationality. According to the late historian and politician K.R. Malkani, “The Pakistani mentality was born.” (1)

Pulwama and the Pakistan mentality

The Pakistan mentality involves:

  • An implacable hatred of Hindus (as well as the less numerical groups such as Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, atheists and Christians).
  • The defining belief that India is an ex-Islamic country that needs to be forcibly or demographically returned to Muslim control.
  • Unwillingness to accept India as a Hindu majority country.
  • Willingness to destroy themselves if in the bargain they can destroy India or at least cause it major damage.

This mindset is not confined to the geographical boundary of Pakistan; it is a syndrome which can be found among large sections of Muslims across the length and breadth of the Indian subcontinent. Among many Indian Muslims it is, of course, particularly ingrained.

So why are Hindus hated? Because for over 14 centuries India resisted efforts to pass through Islam’s digestive tract and become a distant memory. The price of this struggle was colossal – hundreds of millions of Hindus were killed, all the ancient Indian universities were razed and hundreds of thousands of temples were demolished. But even more painful was the extensive loss of territory including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. And yet India remains thriving – a living, breathing symbol of Islam’s definitive defeat by the polytheists.

For many Muslims of the Indian subcontinent, the very presence of Hindus is an act of intolerance. This is the crux of the problem, and this intense hatred of Hindus finds itself reflected in the vile language of Adil Ahmed Dar, the Kashmiri terrorist who blew himself up in a truck full of explosives, killing 45 CRPF jawans. According to Dar, Hindus are “cow urine drinkers” who must be killed so that an Islamic Caliphate can be established in India. The “cow piss” reference is frequently tossed at Hindus by Pakistanis who are clearly envious of India’s economic and scientific progress. Ironically, the Hadiths record that Mohammed, the founder of Islam, prescribed camel urine to his followers suffering from various ailments. (2)

Trojans within

It is fashionable among Indians leftists and liberals to say that Kashmir is on the boil because of poverty and lack of economic development. If poverty is the cause of terrorism, why don’t Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have large-scale terrorist movements? Clearly, this segment of society lacks the grey matter to connect the dots.

Again, the left-liberal cabal, with funding from their ISI handlers, (3) argues that Kashmiris should be allowed to decide their destiny and either become independent or join Pakistan. By that logic, Muslims in districts of Kerala, Bengal and Uttar Pradesh where they are a majority can ask for freedom to secede. There will be complete chaos all across India if every Muslim – or Christian – majority area is allowed to secede.

At any rate, allowing Kashmir to become independent won’t solve the problem. Islamists like Dar won’t be placated by the withdrawal of the Indian military from the region. Next, Kashmiri leaders and terrorists – speaking through their Pakistani controllers – will demand the incorporation of Jammu and Ladakh with Kashmir. The jehadis will want Punjab, Haryana and Himachal. Then Delhi as it was the capital of the Mughal Empire. Capitulation is incremental: Russia lost Ukraine the day it surrendered East Germany.

The reason Kashmir remains volatile is that Kashmiri Muslims treat the state as their private sanctuary where they can do pretty much what they please. Kashmir’s special status has set a very bad example for Muslims in other parts of India. The unpardonable failure of the Indian state to protect the Kashmiri Pandits from murderous Kashmiri Muslim mobs, leading to the exodus of more than 500,000 Hindus from the Valley, has emboldened Muslims in other parts of India to employ similar strategies. They have developed the belief that if the Indian government didn’t protect the Kashmiri Hindus despite having 30,000 troops in and around the Valley, then Hindus are fair game in areas where the Indian Army has zero presence.

A stark example is Kairana, just over an hour east from Delhi, where Muslims systematically forced hundreds of Hindu families to flee the Uttar Pradesh town. (4) Such demographic aggression has picked up pace in every region in India where Hindus have dipped below the 60 per cent mark.

Malayali Muslims are no doubt salivating at the prospect of their community reaching the 50 per cent point in Kerala. Coupled with the abysmal growth rate (1.6 per cent) of the Hindu population in the state and the comparatively fast growth rate (2.9 per cent) of Muslims, the latter are set to be the majority community in Kerala in a couple of decades. (5)

Since Malayali Muslims have adopted a particularly fanatic strain of Wahhabi/Salafi Islam, and are sending their boys to fight in Syria in droves, it is very likely that ethnic cleansing of Hindus will be on the agenda in Kerala once Muslims attain majority status.

Again, in Assam two years ago illegal Bangladeshi settlers attempted to march through Assam, demanding Kashmir style special rights for Bengali Muslims. Thankfully, the Assam Police didn’t hesitate to give the protest leaders a sound thrashing and the marchers turned tail. (6)

The fact that illegal Bangladeshi settlers are emboldened to try and replicate the Kashmir model in Assam is a pointer to the danger lurking in appeasing Muslims and awarding them with special status. Don’t forget that in 1947, Muslims comprised just 25 per cent of united India’s population and yet they forced Partition.

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3 thoughts on “A Hindu Perspective on Islamic Jihad (and the Pakistan Mentality)

  1. “Poverty and lack of economic development” as seen by the Left rather than the barbaric doctrine of Islam itself reveals they’re stupendously ignorant.

  2. How about the Indian army sending in trucks and buses,filling them with every Muslim in India and transporting them to the Pakistani border? Their choice should be to stay in Pakistan or be killed. The Muslims deserve no more mercy than that seeing how barbaric they have been for 1400 years. Brute force is the only thing they respect. It’s about time they have respect for others shoved down their barbaric throats. A huge dose of their own medicine is in order. Lets see how they would react being the recipients of violence for once.

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