Unidentified Middle Eastern investor buys ‘911’ student-housing units across the U.S. in sharia compliant deal

It’s surely a coincidence that a Middle Eastern investor structured a sharia-compliant deal in the U.S. for 911 units, right?

Source: Sharia-compliant deal includes Amherst student-housing complex – The Buffalo News h/t religionofpeace.com

Sharia-compliant lending has come to Buffalo – sort of.

A student-housing complex in Amherst is part of a large international transaction, in which a Florida-based student housing management firm is partnering with an unidentified Middle Eastern investor that bought into properties in several states.

Colonie Apartments, a 184-unit community at 2061 Sweet Home Road near University at Buffalo‘s North Campus, is one of six properties that are part of the deal. It was valued at $14.03 million, according to a deed filed with the Erie County Clerk’s Office.

What’s unusual is that the joint venture between Vie Management of Miami and the foreign asset manager is structured to comply with Islamic laws governing finance, which prohibits payment of traditional interest. That’s a growing but still lesser-known area of specialty in the United States that has become increasingly important as Muslim investors become more active around the world.

As part of the venture, a Dallas-based commercial finance firm arranged a $75.385 million loan over 10 years that meets the Sharia requirements.

In all, the purchase includes 911 units with 2,059 student housing beds in Alabama, Florida, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania and Texas. Besides Colonie, the other properties serve University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Ala., Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Fla., Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Mich., Penn State University in State College, Pa., and Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. Colonie is the third-largest of the properties.

The founder /CEO of the management company that structured the deal is Harold “Ari” Rosenblum.

8 thoughts on “Unidentified Middle Eastern investor buys ‘911’ student-housing units across the U.S. in sharia compliant deal

  1. “It’s surely a coincidence that Middle Eastern investor structured a sharia-compliant deal in US for 911 units, right?” The middle east investor, most likely from Saudi Arabia or Iran, is ‘unidentified’ because he bribed your elected officials to allow this travesty!

    The bribed members of congress are those in Pennsylvania, Florida, Michigan, Texas, Alabama, New York (of course New York!). If the next 911 attack on the US occurred in DC at the halls of Congress IN SESSION…

  2. What happened to “Never Forget” after 9/11, people? Look at the newly elected people around the country! WTF is wrong with half of our population? Are their lives so insulated and easy that they cannot see evil and death knocking at the door, and sneaking in the window at the same time?

    These muslims laugh and laugh and will tell you all about their plans to take over Europe and America, and how foolish we are for letting them do it. It is not a hidden agenda. They use libtards and cries of racism to ensure their takeover, and they feel extra justified in enslaving or eliminating Christians and the liberals because we clearly are so pathetic and weak

    Our politicians arent doing Jack shite to prevent the islamic takeover of the world, and most are actively supporting it, voting for it, and taking money indirectly for it. Hell, they wouldn’t even get past being a small town school board official if they tried to fight it because of the cries of Islamophobia. We need to elect people that will say something, and we as the common people need to start by not being afraid to speak up and demand change while we still can.

    Germany, Sweden, France, and the UK are lost. They will be complete islamic shitholes soon, as opposed to just the large sections that are now. When will people fight? When will that fight come to the US and Canada? Are YOU ready to fight for our way of life? War is coming. Educate yourself and anyone that will listen.

    Be an American and stand up for what’s right in this world with your daily actions and words. Help and love your neighbors in big and small ways wherever possible, even if they are liberals. Live an honorable life, even if you arent part of organized religion. Buy American. Hire American. Vote for like minded people Be the change we need, starting with yourself.

    I will be part of the Knights of the Original Templar Order when called upon. I am ready. It wont be shieds and swords this time.

  3. That’s basically free money handed out to a profit making venture. This means that while making large profits, the investors incur no risk of financial hardship, whatsoever. Should be illegal. Is there no end to the level of insanity Western nations will put up with, as we sell ourselves down the river to moslem fascists?

  4. Wake up America!!! LIBERAL institutions have truly lost their way. Screw sharia!! If these jokers want sharia law, they should go to school in a sharia compliant university.

  5. In all, the purchase includes 911 units .
    This is the equivalent of a stranger entering your home, crapping on your carpet, and is now rubbing Your nose in it.
    No Mohammad! Bad Dog!

  6. “911 units”!!! Well GOOD GOLLY, MISS MOLLY!!!! I’m SHOCKED, I tell you, SHOCKED!!!! Maybe we should all join hands and sing, CUM BY YA–or better yet, Bye, bye, Miss American Pie…. We can all thank our brain-dead liberal leftist FOOLS like Chuck and Nancy for this stealth JIHAD takeover!!! Truth be told, America, as we have known her, is DEAD in the water–doomed, as long as we kowtow to these MUZZRAT SCUMS!!!!! TIME TO THROW OUT THE TRASH!!!!!

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