Minnesota: Muslim immigrant who raped 10-year old girl gets just 12 years prison

An update on this 2015 post, Minneapolis: Muslim refugee brutally rapes 10-year-old girl, media hides facts, that has been commented on extensively in the last few months. The trial took place in 2016 but garnered no national attention. He’ll be back on the streets in about four years.

Source: Prison for mentally ill man who raped girl, 10, in Mpls. apartment building – StarTribune.com

Ahmed H. Abdi, 35, of Minneapolis, was given a 12-year term Tuesday by Hennepin County District Judge Juan Hoyos on a charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct in connection with the assault in October 2015.

With credit for time in jail since his arrest, Abdi will serve a little more than seven years in prison and then be placed on supervised release for another 10 years.

“This is a horrendous crime committed against an innocent young girl,” County Attorney Mike Freeman said Thursday. “We need to keep Mr. Abdi in prison and off the streets.”

Abdi’s attorney, Lindsay Siolka, said her client showed “a tremendous amount of remorse at the sentencing … and he apologized to the girl and her family.”

Abdi was found competent to stand trial, and said during sentencing that he was amenable to treatment while incarcerated.

According to court records filed before the rape, Abdi has a long and sometimes violent history in connection with mental illness and is someone who “engages in grossly disturbed behavior … and he poses a substantial likelihood of causing physical harm.”

During one hospitalization, the court records continued, he “demonstrated poor sexual boundaries with female hospital staff,” attempted to leave without permission, refused to take his medication and engaged in “intense staring at staff and other residents.”

On Aug. 6, 2015, roughly nine weeks before the rape, the court ordered Abdi back to the University of Minnesota Medical Center for treatment. A week later, a letter from U Medical Center clinical treatment coordinator Anna Burke to the county attorney’s office endorsed Abdi being provisionally discharged again, writing that he “has endorsed readiness for discharge, no longer meets the criteria for inpatient hospitalization and is in agreement with the discharge plan.”

On the day of the assault, people outside the Riverside Plaza complex in the 1600 block of S. 4th Street flagged down police after they heard screams from the third-floor hall and saw the girl crying.

According to the criminal complaint, the girl told officers that a man followed her into an elevator, got out at the same time on the third floor and went with her to the east hallway. He then reportedly asked her what her name was and extended his hand. When she shook it, he refused to let go and ordered her not to move. He then raped her, the complaint said.

Relying on the girl’s description, police spotted the man on surveillance video entering the elevator with the girl and determined his identity.

Abdi Criminal Complaint (PDF)

Based on his known history of violence and crime, this Muslim refugee should be deported immediately, and should have been deported long ago, before he raped a 10-year old girl.

In fact, he never should have been allowed to enter the U.S.A.

12 thoughts on “Minnesota: Muslim immigrant who raped 10-year old girl gets just 12 years prison

  1. And he’s going to be back on the streets in just 4 years from now!! How many more little girls will he rape before he gets caught, again? Yours? The only one punished here is the victim. A 10 year old little girl ruined for life, when life in prison is what this depraved muslim should get. And you can thank the Socialist Democratic Party USA in congress for bringing him into our country in the first place! Just look at this monster and imagine what that child went through. Congress is responsible for this, and all other attacks by muslims on our children, and it’s congress that must be held accountable!!

    • I disagree with a life sentence. Why should my tax dollars continue to support him for his entire life. No….what should have been part of his sentence was immediate deportation upon his release with no appeals available.

  2. Well…It’s Minnesota..

    Let’s bring more FAKE “refugees” like this to Minnesota.. Just add to already saturated third world insane asylum in Minnesota.. Yea…good plan..

    Welcome to OUR Minnesota nightmare America..

  3. Well…It’s Minnesota.. The home of “The Group Hug”..

    Let’s bring more FAKE “refugees” like this to Minnesota.. Just adding to already saturated third world insane asylum in Minnesota today.. Yea…good plan..

    Welcome to OUR Minnesota nightmare America..

  4. It’s not mental illness as authorities would have us believe it’s Islamic doctrine found in the Koran, Hadith, Sunnah (Sira) where rape, pillage, and murder of the Kaffir are all divinely commanded.

    • Muhammad said that Men have the right to have sex with women you posses with your right hand. When the child (older than Aiesha) took his she was his slave and qualified. Insanity,no Islam,yes.

  5. At the very least, when he is released he should be sent back to the shit hole he came from and any family members he has as well.

  6. The only way to eliminate the problem is to eliminate the problem completely.
    • If we don’t, the cancer will just keep growing.

  7. A nice thin blade, slid into the back of the neck at the base of the skull. He won’t even be able to scream, as everything will be paralyzed, End of problem

  8. First off I think that Anna Burke should be fired and her license suspended due to her incompetence of knowing a threat or not a threat in her patients
    Why is this guy not serving time permanently in jail for all of his crimes prior to this or deported at the very least maybe the People Finder him incompetent should stand trial for his crimes because they continue to let him off the hook it is time we hold immigrants responsible for their actions and their crimes just like we hold American citizens accountable enough is enough

  9. 1)Why usa government not make New law to down citizinship And child born not gived citizinship directly but after 25 year… If proov good migrants………
    2)migrants burqa zones in all europe those Mafia migrants in united nation… Why??? Koz burqa zones in middle eastern zones only from aa..rab gaulf.. And its mean they are : not from the war zone And if we let that they are persecuted as opinion for this reason they go refugee this is also not correct koz they not gailed for thier opinion..koz in Aa.. rab gaulf they prison the women for thier opinion And rape them also.. And if we let that they register in the un forms that came for job also not correct koz they not need job those kinds in the middle east koz they not allow them to work koz women in thier religious tradition must not left home……. This mean that they are : Mafia migrants like venzuela mawdoro government who bring migrants from middle eastern iran by his iranian assistance PM……………… Un forms must re check by experts……….
    By the way burqa fashion always presnt muslims brotherhoods idlogy the terorist party in egypt who attack all christians in middle east and europe And africa and who suport boko harm groups in africa and middle And who responsibl on all rapes operations in Europe today………….and all the mosques in the weast today witch the weastern world build it from muslims brotherhoods schools = boko harm And all muslims in africa zone from muslims brotherhoods the terorist party in egypt who attack all christians in middle east and europe And africa and who suport boko harm groups… For this reason tourist s in middle east always attacked And europe same koz same groups in relegion……….

    God bless you all……


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