Texas: Terrorists in the “Best Small Town in America”

Source: Terrorists in the “Best Small Town in America” – Understanding the Threat

Denton, Texas was ranked the Number 1 “Best Small Town in America” by Rand McNally and USA Today in 2012.

Today, Denton and Denton County are home to several terrorist front organizations, including the Islamic Society of Denton.

The Islamic Society of Denton was formed in 1980 and opened its doors in the summer of 1981 as a subsidiary of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

The By-Laws of the Muslim Brotherhood state they were created to “establish Allah’s law (sharia) in the land” and “fight the tyrants and enemies of Allah as a prelude to establishing the Islamic State.”

In other words, the Muslim Brotherhood has the same objective as Al Qaeda and the Islamic State.

The Islamic Society of Denton’s website has a section entitled “Human Rights in Islam.”

In this section, the Islamic Society of Denton states, “It is important to point out here that enforcement of the laws about human rights in a Muslim society is linked inextricably with the sincere commitment to the implementation of Islamic laws and principles in letter and spirit. Some people take only what serves their own interests. Others may just pretend that they are implementing some Islamic teachings and principles but, in reality, are trying to destroy or distort and manipulate Islam from within, and hamper just implementation of Islamic laws. They are not examples of the defense of the human rights in Islam.

In other words, the Islamic Society of Denton defines “human rights” as the implementation of sharia (Islamic Law), which is contrary to the International Declaration of Human Rights, the U.S. Constitution, U.S. Federal Code, and Texas state laws.

Furthermore, under the section “The Judicial System in Islam” the Islamic Society of Denton publishes the entire Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam, in which “human rights” is also defined as the implementation of sharia (Islamic Law).

The last two articles of the Cairo Declaration read:

Article Twenty-Four:   All rights and freedoms listed in this Declaration are comprehensible within the framework of Shari’ah laws and principles.Article Twenty-five:  Shari’ah laws and principles are the only source for the interpretation or clarification for any article of this Declaration.”

The Islamic Society of Denton is making clear to muslims that human rights is only viewed through the lens of sharia (Islamic Law).

With this in mind, here are a few of the items directly from authoritative Islamic Law:

“Jihad means to war against non-muslims…jihad is a communal obligation (o9.1)…jihad is personally obligatory (09.2)…” [Reliance of the Traveller, Islamic Sacred Law, o9.0, published in Beltsville, MD]

“When a person who has reached puberty and is sane voluntarily apostatizes from Islam, he deserves to be killed.” [Reliance of the Traveller, o8.0]

“Beheading. This is execution by decapitation and is applied in hudud to persons convicted of apostasy.” [Islamic Criminal Law: The Hudud, p220, Malaysia, Sidahmad]

“The following are not subject to retaliation (4) a father or mother for killing their offspring or offspring’s offspring.”  [Reliance of the Traveller, o1.2]

“Crucifixion. This is to put to death by nailing or binding the offender’s hands and feet to a cross.” [Islamic Criminal Law: The Hudud, p225, Malaysia, Sidahmad]

“Permissible Lying…it is permissible to lie if the goal is permissible and obligatory to lie if the goal is obligatory.”  [Reliance of the Traveller, r8.2]

The Islamic Society of Denton, like the thousands of other Muslim Brotherhood organizations around America teaches sharia is obligatory for all muslims to follow, including the command that war must be waged against the non-muslim community until sharia is the law of the land.

Like many Muslim Brotherhood organizations around America, some muslims who receive this message act on it.

The Boston Marathon Bombers were supported by the Islamic Society of Boston as well as the Muslim American Society.

Nidal Hasan, who killed 14 people and wounded 32 others at Fort Hood, Texas, was supported by the Dar al Hijra Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia. The Muslim Brotherhood’s Dar al Hijra also served as home base for two of the 9/11 hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Hani Hanjour.

The Islamic Society of Chattanooga produced Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, who killed four (4) Marines and one (1) Navy sailor in Chattanooga, Tennessee on an attack at recruiting depots there.

The Muslim Students Association has produced numerous terrorists not the least of which is its former National President Abdurahman Alamoudi who now sits in federal prison as a former financier for Al Qaeda.

All of these terrorists (“jihadis” in Islam) all believed they were commanded by allah to wage war against non-muslims, which is exactly what Muslim Brotherhood organizations teach.

The Islamic Society of Denton is no exception.

In 2016, one of its trainees, Peshwaz Azad Waise, made “terroristic threats” at a local hospital and courthouse in Denton, Texas.

While the long-standing leader of the Islamic Society of Denton, Imam Mohamed Fouad, tried to distance himself and the mosque from Waise’s terrorism, Fouad did say that “unlike Christianity, Islam does not allow just anyone to preach scripture. Those who teach Islam are supposed to be scholars trained extensively in the religion.”

So Fouad knows sharia and knows it is obligatory to lie if it advances Islam. Fouad also knows jihad is obligatory and, therefore, what Waise did was lawful in Islam.

All Muslim Brotherhood organizations like the Islamic Society of Boston, the Muslim American Society, the Muslim Students Association, the Islamic Society of Chattanooga, the Dar al Hijra Islamic Center, and the Islamic Society of Denton all have three (3) things in common: (1) they all teach it is obligatory for muslim to wage war against non-muslims; (2) they all have had jihadis violently act out on their teachings; and (3) they are all still operating in American communities.

See the 400+ archived posts involving sharia and jihad in Texas in the Creeping Sharia archives, here.

14 thoughts on “Texas: Terrorists in the “Best Small Town in America”

  1. People and nation who know nothing about their enemy will perish.
    If you know and do not do any thing You are doomed .
    You are welcoming enemy in house n. .While whole of middle east is now on death bed due to local converts called muslim follower of islam.
    Look at some human minds they are part of death and still welcoming death .

  2. Now we know they’re there,but why are they still there? The MB by-laws against the US mean nothing to us. It’s time we enacted, and enforced, bye-bye laws against the MB!

  3. Hard to believe the fine rural Texans would tolerate these morons, but then again, a lot of America is sound asleep at the wheel. One day they’ll wake up and say “What the neck?” Too little, too late????:-):-)

  4. America is INSANE: The obama so poisoned America that we are tolerating open enemies within. We must prosecute our sedition and treason laws to the full extent. It is very clear islam has only one focus and that is to destroy and conquer us to implement their accursed shariah. In their own words: “It is obligatory to lie if the goal is obligatory.” [Reliance of the Traveller, r8.2]
    They have placed enemy agents within our government at many levels. Those agents must be purged and executed if necessary to stop the spread of the shariah.
    What shall we do? We must treat the moslems as Christians are treated in moslem controlled countries.. Nothing less will permit our survival under the constitution! Death to islam!
    Proscribe islam or you will be slaves or worse under shariah!

    • That is one statement that I agree with. FULL conviction of all Moslims in America. We will be fair and give them all 60 days to move back to their shitia Laws Countries and not come back or be executed on the spot. This is not tolerance we give them, it is submission they demand of America. They refuse to be Americans, are not Americans, and will not assimilate. All they have to do is renounce the book Quran and burn it right there, and denounce all Muhammadan convictions or be executed if after they refuse to leave in 60 days.

  5. 1980…. Well that didn’t take long. The problem is it’s gonna take another 1000 years to get rid of it….
    Do we really wan’t to wait that long Texas?????

    • Ban the Quran in America as a Terrorist training manual. That’s it. They will leave before they submit to America’s Laws.

  6. So…what some are quite oblivious to, is the fact that just because we don’t observe or hear about them going to “WAR” with non-muslims, (that’s us, the infidels) doesn’t mean that they are not actively waging war on us right under our noses inside our own communities. For example, covertly sabotaging water and/or food supplies. casually scouting weakness and vulnerabilities within municipal leadership in advance of a plan to get muslims elected to public office, (IT’S HAPPENING NOW FOLKS, JUST LOOK AT MINNESOTA). these barbaric a-holes are already “camped out” in America’s back yard, and now the US Congress is bringing up abolishing the 2nd amendment????????!!!!!!!!! Stay Frosty, People!!

  7. Muslims having their way messing on Texas. Just a shit hole state. Texans are bigger losers than muslims. Texans are islam’s goats.

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